Arborite Breaks into the Residential Market with Maison Collection


Panorama and Welcome Home Introduce Arborite to the Residential Market with Kitchen-Focused Product Lines

Arborite is bringing its material expertise to the residential sector with Maison, a new family of products designed exclusively for the kitchen. Maison, which launches across both the US and Canada in 2016, will be the umbrella for curated lines focused on the residential consumer and specifically, the kitchen. To start off, Maison will encompass the Panorama and Welcome Home series, pairing the luxurious aesthetic of natural stone with the versatility and convenience of high-pressure laminate. Panorama’s full-scale scans capture the unique imperfections and veining of true stone, while Welcome Home’s neutral palette emulates composite stone.

“Maison shows Arborite’s commitment to offering solutions for any design, including kitchens,” explains Arborite President Salvatore Rivera. “Panorama and Welcome Home will help the residential market access an elegant aesthetic at an accessible price point – offering a high-pressure laminate construction that is easy to clean and maintain, which are top priorities in this setting.”

Panorama was first launched to the Canadian market with six patterns in 2013. As part of the Maison launch, all original Panorama designs are now available to the US, as well as are a range of new patterns and the Welcome Home line, which are available in both markets.

The Panorama series uses full scans of hand-selected stone slabs, including travertine and marble, to create non-repeating designs with unique veining and coloring in 13 designs. Welcome Home features small-scale stone looks, such as granite and quartz, and recreates their appearance for the home in 31 patterns and colorations.

New Series Uses Real Stone Slabs To Create An Authentic Look Ideal For Kitchens

Arborite.Panorama2Arborite is bringing their Panorama series of true-to-life stone look laminates to the kitchen as part of their new Maison collection. This residentially focused line celebrates the genuine scale and veining of luxurious granite and marble often sought after in homes, but with the sustainable, easy-to-maintain, and affordable benefits of laminate. To fully capture this look, the Arborite design team painstakingly selected real stone slabs to create the resulting laminate, which showcases the grand scale and elegant imperfections found in the original stone.

Arborite President Salvatore Rivera explains, “We took great care with this series to make the designs true-to-nature. By sourcing real stone as the basis for patterns, we are providing an accurate representation of each piece’s individual character.”

Panorama is a part of the larger Maison collection, which currently features exclusively stone looks designed for use in the kitchen. Capturing a range of popular design aesthetics, from contemporary looks to those with a rustic edge, Panorama’s 13 stunning patterns perfectly replicate full-scale stone slabs.

“Maison showcases Arborite’s commitment to offering solutions for any design, particularly kitchens,” continues Rivera. “Panorama will help the residential market access a sophisticated aesthetic at an accessible price point.”

Highlights of the Panorama series include:

Arabescato Marble conveys the sweeping elegance of luxurious Italian marble with a richly veined surface of ivory and white. Arabescato Marble features flattened and elongated streaks and was used on the walls of the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles.

Antico is an eye-catching granite, which defines its aesthetic with prominent veining and a rustic coloration. The beautiful granite offers intense gold and gray undertones that suit Mediterranean-inspired kitchens.

Cinder Slate highlights an understated elegance and sophistication, inspired by a rich and stately slate. Slate is a fine-grained rock composed of clay or volcanic ash, with its color determined by the minerals found in it. Arborite’s specially selected slate originates from the Atlas Mountains between Tunisia and Morocco.

Cityscape Loft’s modern, wet cement look is ideal for urbanites in search of a low-maintenance, industrial-inspired surface.

Industrial Loft evokes the glazed look of oxidized metal, combining light and dark shades with a matte texture for a chic, modern effect.

Magma Brown Granite showcases the power of crystalline black and earthen granite with earthy flecks of gold. The exotic granite includes sweeping waves of intense shades of rust and brown, mimicking the appearance of lava flow.

Mont Blanc Marble emulates the crisp, clean white hues of natural marble and stuns with its distinct crystalline structures rooted in large-scale veins.

Roman Travertine was inspired by an Italian travertine, which Arborite recreated this cool white and grey combination.

Saint Laurent Marble demonstrates an uncommon depth of color and detail, putting forth a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic. Crisp veining and dramatic color add high-end appeal.

Santa Cecilia recreates a granite stone alive with light, featuring honey highlights and burgundy bursts. Santa Cecilia granite provides a natural, high-end appeal to any setting with more subtle movements to its surface.

Tuscan Travertine, a deeply layered stone look, recreates the signature pits and troughs of travertine for a calm and serene pattern in a rich, creamy ochre.

Typhoon Bordeaux Crème is a light granite with russet veins that create movement and elegance throughout the design.

Typhoon Bordeaux Greige emulates a Brazilian granite coursing with dark, burgundy grains and glinting mica accents.

Panorama accompanies the small-scale Welcome Home series in the residential Maison collection. Panorama first launched in Canada with six designs, but this new addition brings the complete spectrum of designs to all of North America.

About Arborite

With over 60 years of experience in decorative high-pressure laminate manufacturing, Montreal-based Arborite delivers inspired contemporary surfacing solutions. The company excels in supplying designers, architects, and specifiers with the perfect laminate for any space, allowing them to choose from a range of premium textures and over 200 colors. All Arborite laminates are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified, and over 50% of their product offering is certified by the FSC.