Andreu World presents the book Work Well Seated: Good Design is Good Business, Published by Lunwerg (Grupo Planeta)

Award-winning Spanish furniture manufacturer Andreu World has just released Work Well Seated. The company’s newest book reflects on the changes in office spaces and considers what makes a workspace that bring out the best in us.

The book presents the ever-changing world of the workplace and details how Andreu World leads the charge in producing high-end office furniture with the promise of comfort and sustainability. 

Work Well Seated explores 50 offices across the globe furnished by Andreu World – including McDonalds’ Headquarters, Uber’s San Francisco Office and Google’s office in Hyderabad, India – and examines what factors contribute to healthy workspaces including insight from the top design editors

Andreu World manufactures chairs, tables, armchairs and furniture that is defining the way work spaces will be in the future. More sustainable, healthy and comfortable. The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has led to a transformation of the office, accelerated by technology, with design as one of the tools for change. This publication brings together various examples that illustrate this along with the reflections of the editors of the most influential magazines, from Interior Design to Frame. It is part of the series that began with the book Eat well seated published by Planeta Gastro.

Fifty workspaces designed by top professionals who know the importance of working well seated, for companies and institutions such as: Amazon, Asharq TV, AstraZeneca, CaixaBank, Carlsberg, Qatar National Library, Garrigues, Google, McDonald’s, McLaren, Nvidia, Oracle, Pinterest, Uber, YouTube and Zeiss, among others.

We cannot know for sure what offices will be like in the future, but we do know what they were like in the still recent past. The office was the office and the home was the home. The unforeseen arrival of the pandemic caused by Covid-19 broke the barrier and a part of each place has crept into the other. Now houses are also used for work and offices have become more domestic. We are in a transition that would have been unthinkable in the 20th century. Technology, which had arrived to make our lives easier, is leading the way, and it turns out that it is changing our lives. There are many questions still up in the air, and in this publication we have asked them to the editors of the world’s most influential magazines and platforms specializing in interior design and workspace trends. From Cindy Allen to Robert Thiemann, as well as Marcel Benedito and Victor Feingold, in order to have the widest possible geographical representation. They agree that sustainability, health, flexible work and social interaction are the keys to the new office: more sustainable, healthier and also more comfortable. Hence its title, work, but well seated.

Andreu World manufactures chairs, tables, armchairs and furniture that is defining how workspaces will be in the future, workspaces which will have to take care of people, with design as one of the tools for change. Because when they are well designed, they can bring out the best in each of us. This book, published by Lunwerg (Grupo Planeta), brings together some fifty examples from around the world that illustrate this. It joins the series begun with the title Eat well seated (published by Planeta Gastro), with art direction also by Ramón Úbeda, and text by Álvaro Castro. Work well seated can be purchased in bookstores and online.

About Andreu World

Andreu World is a global company with family origins. For 65 years, the company – A Spanish National Design Award winner – has developed a solid industrial culture based on the manufacture of high quality and comfortable seating and tables for work, corporate and public spaces, as well as for outdoor, hotels, cafeterias and restaurants. With a firm commitment to spreading the culture of design, it works with internationally renowned designers and architects and throughout its evolution, it has been awarded prestigious international design prizes such as the Red Dot Design Award, Best of NeoCon, Wallpaper Awards and the Premio Nacional de Diseño. Good design, production capacity and commitment to sustainability are also its hallmarks. The company has promoted a culture of environmentally responsible production that allows it to manufacture its products only with wood from certified and reforested forests grown in its own plantings and certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council). It has 26 single-brand showrooms worldwide and shared brand exhibition spaces in Europe, Oceania, Asia and America.