Andreu World Joins B Corp Community

We are B Corp
Being B Corp is using the strength of the company to change the world

  • The purpose of the B Corp movement is to transform the global economy, promoting a paradigm shift in consumption and society, addressing planetary issues ranging from climate change, and social and economic equality, to transparency and ethical B Corp companies lead a global movement of people who are transforming society to make a positive impact on the planet.
  • Andreu World has just become a B Corp company for its compliance with high standards in terms of environmental and social performance, transparency and corporate Being a B Corp endorses Andreu World’s commitment to excellence, promoting the well-being and health of customers, employees, the community, the environment and the planet.
  • Andreu World leads the business transformation of the contemporary design furniture industry and has obtained an overall score of 103.7 in the B Corp Impact Assessment. The average score for companies completing the assessment is currently 50.9.
  • For Andreu World, the B Corp certification is one more step in the challenge we have launched to the global industry through the Circular Design® Challenge, on our way to the circular economy by 2025.

As a leader in this systemic change, Andreu World joins a growing community of organizations and companies that are contributing to redefining the meaning of business success. A success that is measured not only by economic benefits, but also by the wellbeing and health of people, communities and the planet, thus making the entire industry compete to be not only the best in the world, but above all, the best for the world.

The B Corp standard measures management performance across the enterprise and covers five key areas of impact:

  • Governance
  • Workers
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Clients

The B Corp seal is awarded only to companies that are leaders in their social and environmental commitment after passing a rigorous evaluation process through which companies must provide evidence of their good practices and incorporate their legal commitment to social responsibility in their corporate bylaws.

Andreu World is now part of a community of 7,088 companies around the world that have become B Corps. The B Corp community reflects the global economy with companies coming from multiple industries and sizes. These include other well-known brands such as Patagonia, Danone, Camper, Ben&Jerry, Triodos Bank and Ecoalf.

Eleanor Allen, Lead Executive at B Corp Global says “the world can’t solve societal problems with philanthropy and government funding alone. I believe in the power and influence of business: that when businesses are appropriately focused on doing good things for all of their stakeholders, they can really make changes. With the power and size of the economic system in the private sector, there is huge potential to harness business as a force for good”.

Circular Design® Challenge

The B Corp certification is another step forward in the shared challenge that Andreu World has launched within the sector through the Circular Design® Challenge, in order for us all to move forward together towards complete circularity, people’s health, social equality and sustainability on the planet. Jesús Llinares, CEO of Andreu World, explains: “We are putting all our present and future efforts into making the planet we inhabit more sustainable and healthier. But this is not enough in the face of the climate emergency we are facing. It is a challenge that requires a new industrial revolution in the way we design, manufacture and distribute globally. A challenge that we must face collectively, together with our suppliers and hand in hand with our competitors, because we are all citizens of this world.”

“A real change will only be possible if we have the same attitude of joining forces and openly sharing the technological advances that we can develop in order to be in a circular economy as soon as possible. We have set ourselves the goal of achieving this by 2025 and we want to spread this challenge to the entire global industry. Because we not only want to be the best in the world, but the best for the world”, emphasizes Llinares.

Andreu World Tamara table by Philippe Starck

About Andreu World

Andreu World is a global family-owned company. For 65 years, the company – winner of the Spanish National Design Award – has developed a solid industrial culture based on the manufacture of high quality and comfortable seating and tables for work, corporate and public spaces, as well as for outdoors, hotels, cafeterias and restaurants. With a firm commitment to spreading the culture of design, it works with internationally renowned designers and architects and throughout its history, it has been awarded recognized international design prizes such as the Red Dot Design Award, Best of NeoCon, Wallpaper Awards. Good design, production capacity and commitment to sustainability are also its hallmarks. The company has promoted a culture of environmentally responsible production that allows it to manufacture its products solely with wood from certified and reforested forests that have been certified by the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council). It has 30 single-brand showrooms worldwide and shared brand exhibition spaces in Europe, Oceania, Asia and America. Andreu World is a Carbon Neutral company and 100% of its products – 6,830 designs in the catalog – are designed and manufactured in the circular economy, with Cradle to Cradle certification, which certifies that all materials and finishes are free of restricted substances (BLS), manufactured without materials that are harmful to health. In addition, it has been “eco-designing” for more than a decade for durability and to give a second life to our products. It invests in R&D&I to achieve sustainable processes to create responsible designs. It produces its own 100% recycled, recyclable, sustainable and BIO® materials and was the first company to use bioplastics in the manufacture of furniture.