Andreu World Awarded OK BIOBASED Seal of TÜV Austria For BIO® Thermopolymer Material

The Spanish manufacturer has achieved a four-star certification of the seal marking it as the highest percentage of renewable raw materials and sustainability

International leader and Award-winning Global manufacturer Andreu World is excited to announce that the brand has been granted the OK BIOBASED seal of TÜV Austria for their BIO® Thermopolymer material. As sustainability continues to be a driving factor for the furniture industry this international certification guarantees that the in-house developed bioplastic is fully renewable, and was created of natural origin without the use of any carbon content. The certification is awarded based on a star system one through four and is rated on rigorous laboratory testing requiring the material to have a minimum of 30% total carbon content, and a bio-based carbon content of at least 20%. Andreu World was awarded a four-star rating distinguishing the BIO® Thermopolymer material with over 80% renewable raw materials, granting it the highest level of certification of the OK BIOBASED seal of TÜV Austria.

“We are proud and honored to have received the certification of a four-star rating of the OK BIOBASED seal of TÜV Austria,” states Jesus Llinares, CEO of Andreu World. “The BIO® Thermopolymer material is a groundbreaking alternative to plastic and is designed with the circular economy in mind. This certification demonstrates our commitment not only to sustainability but also to our company’s investment to offer more sustainable options to consumers and cement Andreu World’s place as an innovator within the industry.”

The BIO® Thermopolymer material is predominantly used in Andreu World’s Nuez Lounge BIO® collection, a sustainable lounge chair, designed by renowned Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. The lounge chair uses bioplastic material specifically for its three-dimensional shell and is 100% recyclable. The BIO® Thermopolymer is a compound of natural origin that is obtained from biomass and is added with natural fillers and plant-based additives produced in nature by the bacterial fermentation of sugar. The property is a high degree of biodegradability in different situations and, in fact, it also decomposes in anaerobic conditions when in contact with seawater. This material offers other additional benefits that increase its performance. It has a high resistance to UV rays and climatic agents such as rain, humidity and high temperatures. Additionally, it does not stain and is easy to clean and maintain. The Nuez Lounge collection’s carbon footprint is that of wood and the chairs’ other components – foam, fabric, and bases make the product not only 100% recyclable but easily separated as well. It is an innovative collection with its use of materials and technology and aims to contribute to the creation of more ecological interiors without sacrificing design and functionality. The armchair has been designed by taking into account the principles of the circular economy, both for the development of the products and for the production itself. Andreu World has opted for the use of a bio-based, 100% biodegradable, and compostable polymer specifically developed to ensure long life, pleasing aesthetics, and high-tech performance.

In recent years Andreu World has continued to lead the sustainability movement within the industry and the certification of the OK BIOBASED seal of TÜV Austria marks the company with its ninth environmental certification further solidifying the company’s mission. The manufacturer was most recently given a Cradle to Cradle Certification ensuring that 100% of their collections are in the circular economy as their components can be repaired and recycled. To achieve this, the company has increased its investment effort in research, development and innovation, developing its own sustainable materials and its own fabrics. With the company’s continued goal and commitment to achieving 100% of materials and processes into the circular economy by 2025, the BIO® Thermopolymer is one step closer to their goal. Andreu World will continue to advance their initiatives and dedicate their effort and work as an organization to improving the quality of life in our environment, supporting sustainability, quality, and innovation.

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About Andreu World

Andreu World is a global company of family origin. For more than 65 years, the company -National Design Award- has developed a solid industrial culture based on the manufacture of high-quality seats and tables and great comfort for work, corporate and public spaces, also for outdoors, hotels, cafes and restaurants. With a firm commitment to transmitting the culture of design, she works with internationally renowned designers and architects and throughout her career, she has been awarded with recognized international design awards such as Red Dot Design Award, Best of NeoCon, Wallpaper Awards, and the National Design Award.Good design, production capacity, and commitment to sustainability are also its hallmarks. The company has promoted a culture of responsible production with the environment that allows it to manufacture its products only with woods from certified and reforested forests of its own cultivation that have the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. It has 26 mono-brand showrooms worldwide and shared exhibition spaces of the brand distributed in Europe, Oceania, Asia, and America