An acoustical floor lamp that smartly utilizes space

BuzziJet Standing: BuzziSpace’s New All-in-One Acoustical Lighting Solution

BuzziJet Standing’s lampshade is made using BuzziSpace’s propriety acoustical felt material — its circular and wide shape also manipulates soundwaves to bounce back and forth, reducing noise even further. The aerodynamic design features a curved stem elegantly attached to a round flat base, which promotes optimal space use and extra legroom by fitting underneath desks and tables. An ideal fixture for office, hospitality, and other contract applications, BuzziJet Standing is available in a wide range of fabrics and colors to complement other furniture and decor pieces within any environment.


Designed with flexible and open spaces in mind, BuzziJet Standing is an acousitcal lighting solution that requires no installation, helps to save space, at the same time facilitates a welcoming ambiance – reinforcing BuzziSpace’s core mission to help create happier and healthier workspaces.


Following the great success and high acoustic performance of the iconic BuzziJet, there is a new member in the portfolio: BuzziJet Standing. It is a simple and stylish sound-absorbing floor lamp, designed with flexible and open spaces in mind, with the unmatched benefit of no installation. Wide in diameter, BuzziJet Standing’s aerodynamic design allows sound waves to bounce back-and-forth within its circular body, in turn reducing noise, while emitting warm ambiance from above with its tall, elegantly curved arch. In addition, its dimmable feature offers the opportunity to create different atmospheres.

BuzziJet Standing’s round flat base promotes optimal space use as it fits underneath desks and tables, at the same time doesn’t comprise leg room – an ideal fixture for office, hospitality and other contract applications.

BuzziJet Standing is available in a wide range of fabrics, allowing to easily match it with other furniture and decor to create a harmoniously-designed, well-balanced space.

BuzziJet Standing

BuzziJet Standing is a simple and stylish add-on to any lounge area or break-out zone. Designed with flexible and open spaces in mind, this sound-absorbing floor lamp brings personality to the space while creating a cozy and calm atmosphere. Its wide upholstered body and aerodynamic design, supported by an elegant curvy frame, will let you experience the importance of good acoustics.

Perfect curve

Discover the power of good acoustics with BuzziJet Standing. This functional floor lamp delineates a relaxed atmosphere from above and assures an acoustically well-balanced space, with the unmatched benefit of no installation. Create a warm space through its dimming feature.

With character

The final touch runs in our family: the red or black cable is intentionally pushed into the curved-shape frame, hiding all the screws and connections.

Mix and Match

Not only is this functionally beautiful floor light the perfect add-on to an already furnished space, but you can also match its fabric with your furnishings and décor. Be creative!

Choose your mood

It emits a warm, downwards glow. Now, you can choose from a more energized or intimate atmosphere by dimming the light and relax.


BuzziJet Standing suits a variety of applications: from office nooks above a workstation, hotel lobbies to reading corners.

About BuzziSpace

BuzziSpace creates solutions for happy and healthy spaces around the world. With a mission to improve wellbeing through human-centric design, the Belgian design brand provides original acoustic solutions, lighting and furnishings to meet the needs of the modern workplace—and beyond. Founded in 2007, BuzziSpace has grown into an award-winning acoustics leader. The Antwerp-based company has established an international presence with showrooms in Antwerp, New York, Chicago, London, Cologne and Aachen, and its own manufacturing facilities in Bladel (NL) and High Point (US).