AMQ Introduces Cluvo, a Height-Adjustable Desk That Hits the Mark on Style and Price

AMQ Solutions today introduces a feature- and style-packed height-adjustable desk with options that value-minded customers have been told time and again aren’t possible at an entry-level price point. With the unveiling of Cluvo, AMQ sets the record straight regarding this type of conventional thinking.

The AMQ team knew from the start that for Cluvo to stand out as a market leader they had to tackle the following:

  1. Height-adjustable tables are generally viewed in the marketplace as all looking and performing the same.
  2. The adjustment speed for electrical height-adjustable desks have not been improved and most desks are standardizing on a speed 1.3” to 1.6” per second. (Slow for users expecting desk height to change in conjunction with a position change.)
  3. Designers and end-users are hungry for product solutions that are visually appealing, highly functional, and different from the norm.

Being acutely aware of the above, AMQ’s design team set out to create an aesthetically appealing, electric-powered, height-adjustable desk with performance features not currently found in the entry- to mid-level market segment. And in keeping with AMQ’s well-known value proposition, all desks in the Cluvo line can be ready for installation within 10 days of order entry.

“Customers have been conditioned to accept what’s out there as ‘good enough’ simply because it goes up and down,” says Ryan Vander Ploeg, AMQ’s Vice President of Product Development and Marketing. “We didn’t want Cluvo to just be ‘good enough’. Based on our research, there is so much more we know customers are looking for, and our understanding of height-adjustable desk technology enables us to seamlessly address those needs.”

The new Cluvo height-adjustable desk offers a plethora of features unique to the category that include the following:

  • assembly time of less than 10 minutes – a feature important to dealers who factor assembly time and cost into their final customer purchase price.
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • rapid height adjustment speed of 2” per second – even when fully loaded to 300 lbs.
  • height adjustability that meets the BIFMA ergonomic height range to support the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male.
  • a telescoping understructure that can support work surface widths from 46” to 84.”
  • a radius worksurface edge that softens the overall shape.
  • 13 work surface finishes
  • 2 frame finishes with the option to mix and match feet and leg sleeve colors to customize the design.
  • a deluxe handset with an LED display that gives users the ability to personalize the display and add reminders to sit, stand, and move.

“We knew price was a primary driver for this class of office furnishings, but that didn’t scare us,” says Vander Ploeg. “We were confident our expertise in the height-adjustable desk market – combined with the economies of scale we’ve mastered over the past three decades – would result in a desk that offers customers a full suite of performance features and aesthetics.”

The end result is Cluvo: a height-adjustable desk designed for organizations looking for clever features to support the productivity of their employees. With AMQ’s finger continuously on the pulse of the small- to medium-sized business market, Cluvo’s programmability features are a perfect fit for SMB workers who are increasingly spending more time in the office – and desiring a customized, dedicated workspace while there. Cluvo actively supports this customization with a more inspired, inviting design, including a handset that allows for truly personalized settings and speed and weight support that’s essential to enhanced productivity.

Cluvo joins newly reinvigorated Activ Pro, AMQ’s flagship height-adjustable desk, which recently underwent a transformation of its own to relaunch as Activ Pro 2.0. This AMQ workhorse still incorporates everything businesses love about Activ Pro – with even more functional features. Activ 2.0 offers an updated BIFMA height range to support the widest number of users, a 40% faster install time, and cable management built into all its bases – all at the exact same price point as before.

Together Cluvo and Active Pro 2.0, along with Amobi Desk, address the full breadth of the ever-growing height-adjustable desk market.

About AMQ

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