Allsteel & Gunlocke Renovate Their SF Showroom

Redesign Celebrates Workplace Solutions with Hospitality Focus

Allsteel Inc. and The Gunlocke Company LLC, leading office furniture manufacturers and sister brands under HNI Corporation, celebrate a newly renovated showroom in San Francisco that explores product solutions for a purpose-driven design. Launched in May 2019 and located at Four Maritime Plaza, the refreshed San Francisco space, designed by Charlie Greene Studio, is a hospitality-forward destination. The showroom focuses on inspirational and flexible social spaces that incorporate thoughtful, agile solutions from both brands and encourage larger conversations around the nature of work.

The integrated, multi-brand space opens with a gallery-like amenity lounge to provide a warm welcome, and sets the stage with large-scale lighting, plants, and printed canvases visible from the plaza. The showroom includes technology integration for knowledge sharing, an eclectic color palette, and designated break areas to support well-being and community at work. Featuring three distinct product pavilions, Allsteel and Gunlocke spotlight different modes of organization to support solo, team, and community areas.

“In working with Charlie Green Studio, there was a lot of collaboration between their team, our sales staff and our local dealers to understand the market needs. What we learned is that in the San Francisco market, amenity space is incredibly important to the functionality of the workplace. The entire center pavilion of our showroom is dedicated to be a place where we can entertain our customers or a place that our members can work throughout the day” says Diane Collevechio, VP of Marketing at Allsteel, about the showroom.

“We were very intentional in creating a blended solution,” says Jason Hall, Creative Director at Charlie Greene Studio, about the showroom redesign. “This really is a co-blended space. Thinking about how the two brands can elevate each other was a big part of the design effort. By mixing Allsteel and Gunlocke together in an intuitive way, we have designed a showroom that looks like an actual workspace. It’s truly integrated in a way that we would design a space for a customer.”

About Allsteel

Since 1912, Allsteel Inc. has offered a world-class, comprehensive range of workplace products and solutions. We simplify the office planning process by helping our customers align their workplace strategy with their business strategy. The result is fit-to-business solutions that deliver meaningful change in a way that works for them today, as well as tomorrow. Headquartered in Muscatine, IA, the company has showrooms in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington,

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