Allsteel | Gunlocke: Latest Launches

Allsteel – Approach

Allsteel’s Approach product line has been expanded to increase the platform’s capabilities with private-office enhancements and new models that make Approach a go-to workstation, desking, and storage solution. On-trend products for workstations make it possible to specify Approach throughout the workspace, providing utility and value for any style, footprint, or floorplan. The ability to use the same product in all workplace environments simplifies specification, ordering, and long-term inventory management for organizations while ensuring a consistent aesthetic with high durability and unexpected functionality across their facilities.

Enhancements to the Approach line include built-up desks, support pedestals, various tower options, additional storage solutions, and more. Applying the same focus on space efficiency that made Approach an optimal solution for private offices, these additions round out an on-trend suite of products for workstations. Height-adjustability is available in a variety of applications, regardless of the user role, and extensive storage options provide essential functionality for all spaces. Approach furniture also provides investment value by offering the ability to expand or condense based on evolving company and user needs. A curated range of 13 solid and woodgrain laminates, as well as multiple choices in pulls and feet, provide greater aesthetic control over designs that will stay beautiful for years to come.

Gunlocke – Silea Split Top

Silea Split Topfrom Gunlocke is a new height-adjustable work surface that intuitively supports wellness in the workplace. Designed by IDA Design Principal Mitch Bakker, this new addition creates a separation of work zones that encourages social distancing and improves functionality, all without compromising on aesthetics. Silea Split Top takes advantage of vertical space to maximize the floor plate while maintaining a comfortable distance between the guest and the occupant. That the design is adjustable further allows teams more flexibility in choosing the configuration that best supports the task at hand. For example, the clearly defined yet attractive boundary created in Silea Split Top’s bi-level configuration inspires confidence among social-distancing visitors and teams.

In addition to superior utility, the Silea Split Top offers the clean lines and modern proportions that characterize the full Silea line. Ultra-modern and ultra-scalable, Silea offers the variety needed to specify an entire floorplate from one line, or seamlessly integrate new solutions into an existing environment. Silea Split Top is available in veneer, laminate, or veneer with a painted chassis, and is easy to specify as a complete, L-shaped model.