Allseating is Proud to Support the Ontario Community and Share the Successful Career Development of Award-Winning Employee, Paul Nauss

Ministry of Skills, Development, and Training’s (MSDT) Successful Candidate Contest Awarded to Nauss, Sub Assembler at Allseating

Allseating, a leader in the design and development of cost-effective and highly ergonomic seating solutions for the office, education, hospitality, and healthcare industries, is proud to announce Paul Nauss, Sub Assembler at Allseating, as the winner of the Ministry of Skills, Development, and Training’s (MSDT) Successful Candidate Contest. The MSDT Successful Candidate Contest recognizes the most successful candidate in a job placement and support scenario.  Prior to his employment with Allseating, Nauss experienced homelessness and had to surrender his dog, Pluto, to qualify for a shelter. Now, Nauss is an excellent Allseating employee, is reunited with Pluto, and lives in his own apartment. Allseating is proud to have Nauss as a  member of the team and support his journey every step of the way.

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Nauss began working for Allseating when Carrie Clark, Human Resources Manager at Allseating, began seeking alternative ways to find talent and think outside the box for hiring within various departments. Through this search, Clark found The Bennett Edge. The service provider helps individuals with disabilities, or those who have experienced personal setbacks or life changing events, obtain and maintain employment with a commitment to providing excellent service. The Bennett Edge is also a proud member of the Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN) and an employment agency partner of Ready, Willing and Able (RWA).

Nauss’ journey is very unique. He possessed great motivation and wanted to work to move out of the crisis he was in. Allseating provided a work environment that not only was conducive to Nauss and his personal situation but also provided the opportunity for him to grow as an employee.

“We knew collectively with hard work on Paul’s behalf and the unwavering support from Michael at The Bennett Edge and his team, we would get here,” said Carrie Clark, Human Resources Manager at Allseating. “The feedback that I would get from the production management team is ‘oh my goodness if you can find me three, four, or five more Pauls please — he’s amazing,’” adds Clark.

Allseating and The Bennett Edge have worked together to hire five employees — all people who have endured tough times and needed an opportunity to get back into the workforce. Allseating is proud to support the community and maintains that a key brand mission is to be a part of an employee’s journey and growth. “People don’t realize that sometimes, if we can work together doing a simple task, then other larger tasks won’t be so difficult,” said Paul Nauss, Sub Assembler at Allseating. “I feel more confident when we work together. We get this done faster, and I find that this achievement makes me feel giddy inside.”

Allseating is proud to be working with the local community to help employ and develop skills with those in need.


For 40 years, Allseating has been a leader in the design and development of solutions that adjust to the needs of customers in the office, educational, hospitality, and healthcare industries. Our 100,000-square-foot facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is home to our broad line of seating solutions. Whether it’s through innovative designs or comprehensive service programs, we’re always working at making people feel comfortable and productive.

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The Bennett Edge is a Service Provider of the Employment Ontario network of programs and services. We help individuals with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment at no cost to the client or the employer. Our leading-edge approach to building successful partnerships begins with a commitment to providing excellent service. Focused on the strengths and skills of our candidates and the needs and expectations of employers, we strive to create partnerships that work.