Allseating Becomes the First Canadian Manufacturer to Achieve LEVEL®3 from BIFMA in the Seating Category


Through the Trusted Sustainability Certification, Allseating Has Reached the Highest Level of Responsible Product Manufacturing Across All Product Categories

Allseating, a leader in the design and development of cost-effective and highly ergonomic seating solutions for the office, education, hospitality, and healthcare industries, is pleased to announce that the company has earned LEVEL®3 certification for all three product categories — seating, tables, and casegoods — across all product lines. Allseating is proudly the first Canadian-based company to achieve LEVEL®3 certification in the seating category.

BIFMA e3 is a Furniture Sustainability Standard developed by furniture industry stakeholders and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This is a voluntary standard that established measurable performance criteria in the areas of environmental, health and wellness, and social impacts. The standard is credit or point-based, with certifications starting from LEVEL®1 up to the highest LEVEL®3, which Allseating has been awarded.

“Allseating is dedicated to producing the highest quality products and improving the lives of our customers,” said Paul Vendittelli, President of Allseating. “Through this certification, users of our products can be confident knowing we are reaching the highest standards of product sustainability.”

Following the structure of the USGBC’s LEED® rating system, the LEVEL® sustainability certification provides information on indoor air quality, material composition, issues related to life cycle assessments, social responsibility, and ecosystem impacts. LEVEL® 3 is the highest sustainability achievement a product can reach and is similar to a platinum ranking in the LEED® rating system.

Sustainability and carbon footprint reduction have always been important to Allseating. One initiative has been the solid waste diversion program set up to identify ways to minimize whatever is generated, reuse materials wherever possible, and recycle whenever feasible. Allseating’s goal is to recover more than 50% of overall waste generated throughout its business and operations in partnership with recycling and waste management services. Since 2012, the team has implemented new standards to achieve LEVEL® 3 across all product lines. This year marks an important milestone for the company and a continued path for a sustainable future.



For 40 years, Allseating has been a leader in the design and development of solutions that adjust to the needs of customers in the office, educational, hospitality, and healthcare industries. Our

100,000-square-foot facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is home to our broad line of seating solutions. Whether it’s through innovative designs or comprehensive service programs, we’re always working at making people feel comfortable and productive.

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