Aimée Wilder Looks to the Cosmos in Eudaimonia Collection

Cosmic Balance Between Earth, Sun, and Moon Exists in Fabric, Wallcovering, and Rug Offering

Aimée Wilder explores Eudaimonia, a Greek word commonly translated as happiness or “human flourishing,” in her collection of wallpapers, fabrics, rug and accessories. From the effects of the Moon on the evolution of the natural world to the impact of astrological phenomenon, Wilder captures the many ways surroundings can influence our psychological state, and contribute to overall wellness.

“This collection was born through finding balance and stability in my own life,” says Wilder. “Once I learned that living to work instead of working to live, along with incorporating methods like Vedic meditation and natural healing into my daily routine, was able to create a peaceful environment around me, I hoped to thoughtfully reflect that feeling in each design.”

Eudaimonia consists of two wallpaper and fabric patterns, Pyramide du Soleil and Earthlight, with an additional rug pattern, Eclipse. All three patterns reflect the natural balance between the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon, evoking the beauty of cosmic balance. With this collection, Wilder introduces a new construction for commercial fabrics, tested for 50,000 double rubs and available with a range of protective coatings including anti-microbial and stain coating. In addition, for the first time, Wilder will offer wallpaper printed in Brooklyn, New York, where she resides and operates her design studio.


Pyramide du Soleil: A subtly optical pattern manifesting the ancient Sun’s shadow and its balance with the earth, Pyramide du Soleil features pyramid and Sun as they represent the illusive quality of time. It integrates pyramids and circles with sophisticated diagonals and horizontal stripes, inspired by the continuous synchronicity that exists between the earth and the Moon.
Wallpaper colors: Aquifer, Granite, Hanna, Juno, Lyra, Matrix, Nova, Obsidian, and Solar
Fabric Colors: Dorado, Halo
Wallpaper Repeat: 9” x 7.75”

Earthlight: Waxing and waning across this wallpaper and fabric design, the Moon cycles through phases in an eye-catching, geometric pattern. Named for the scientific phenomenon in which sunlight reflected from Earth’s surface indirectly illuminates the otherwise dark side of the Moon, Earthlight is sure to brighten any space.
Wallpaper colors: Airglow, Ashlar, Atlas, Basalt, Comet, Earth, Galaxy, Helium, Luna, Neptune, Oberon, Stella, Vega
Fabric Colors: Astra, Leo, Sol, Starr
Wallpaper Repeat: 27” x 37”

Eclipse: The inversion of colors in this rug design suggests the effects of an Eclipse, a harbinger of change in the daily life that acts as a guiding hand when questioning one’s path. With a boldness that invokes a new take on a vintage aesthetic, the Eclipse rug comes in a range of warm tones that will add a welcoming touch to a room.
Rug Colors: Obsidian, Mars, Harvest

Eudaimonia wallpapers are pigment-printed by hand on clay-coated, FSC-certified paper and sold by the roll and can be customized into large format murals. For higher traffic environments, it is also available on contract vinyl and a range of Type II substrates. Eudaimonia fabrics are created on jacquard looms in a commercial-grade rayon-cotton-nylon blend that meets and exceeds the industry standard with 50,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek Abrasion Test. Kicking off the implementation of the company’s new commercial fabrics program, both Earthlight and Pyramide du Soleil are available in a range of custom colors subject to minimum order.The Eclipse Rug is available in both hand-knotted Tibetan or Nepalese wool, silk and other natural materials, or a flat weave construction composed of 100% New Zealand wool with 100 knots per inch. High traffic commercial rug constructions are also available, such as wall to wall axminster and tufted area rugs. This collection includes printed accessories such as pillows, cushions, tote bags, and yoga bolsters.

About Aimée Wilder

Wilder was born and raised in New York and graduated from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2001. She has held positions as a designer for several iconic firms including DwellStudio, Martha Stewart Living, and The Gap. Transfixed by the world of textiles and design, she launched her namesake wallpaper brand at New York’s ICFF in 2009 after her first fashion licensing contract with Vans in 2008. Known for bold designs and a playful aesthetic, Aimée Wilder has expanded its line to include home textiles and handmade rugs, as well as accessories such as pillows and poufs.