A Unique Perspective on Pattern & Texture from Innovations

Introducing the Perspective collection from Innovations

Innovations’ Perspective Collection is now available, presenting our unique take on pattern and texture. The collection approaches natural settings through the lens of an artist, capturing different perspectives while experimenting with a range of brushstroke techniques. Whether it’s a closeup of a magnolia bloom, a colorful mosaic, or a tranquil mountain landscape, each digitally created design comes to life when printed on a material that enhances the brushstrokes of the artwork, adding dimension with a natural woven grasscloth, elegant metallic highlights with silver foil, or a pearlescent fabric finish.


Summit evokes the awe and beauty of a majestic mountain range, with tonal colorways that form peaks and valleys with a painterly twist. The mural gives the impression of a hand-painted wall, with bold swirls of paint applied over a pearlescent fabric-faced vinyl. Whether in blue, gray, maroon or green, it conjures the atmosphere of a stunning mountain view.


Falls is a mural of cascading bold strokes of black, brown, green or blue elegantly layered over a striking white background. Drops of color gracefully glide down the wall in varying intensity like the ebb and flow of a waterfall, giving a sense of energy and motion like an expressionist painting.

The bold patterns in the collection make an impact in any space, with large murals that add a painter’s touch and abstract twists that create a captivating presence on the wall.  Using precise ink lines, grand, sweeping brushstrokes, or impressionist- like dots of color, the layers of artwork and texture artfully blend together in stunning new ways.

For more information and to explore all 6 new designs in the collection, please visit innovationsusa.com.

About Innovations:

For over 45 years, Innovations has been committed to forward-thinking design and creating wallcoverings that transform interiors. With everything from natural wovens to luxe textiles and elevated vinyls, Innovations’ versatile assortment explores materiality and technique without compromising durability.

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