New Coastal Colors from Fireclay Tile

Fireclay Tile.Global Collection

The Global Collection: Fireclay Tile Captures Must-See Destinations Around The Globe

The world’s most beautiful destinations have inspired the release of The Global Collection, which includes seven bold new hues for spring – now available from Fireclay Tile. 

The ocean-inspired hues are glazed on Fireclay’s signature 70% Recycled (red) clay body with an engobe underlay, creating energizing tones with a subtle crackle finish.

Fireclay Tile upholds their commitment to sustainable manufacturing with the spring launch. Their Recycled (red) clay body is made up of 70% recycled materials, including post-consumer waste up-cycled from curbside-recycled glass bottles, waste porcelain from toilets and bathtubs, and other manufacturer’s pre-consumer waste, including granite dust and spent abrasives.

Like all Fireclay products, the collection is made by hand in California.

Bora Bora: From billowing variation to delicate crazing that moves throughout, this deep teal tile has all the exotic allure of a tropical Tahitian retreat.

Bora Bora

Adriatic Sea: Evoking visions of warm Mediterranean waters gently crashing onto Italian shores, this blue tile features dusky undertones and rippling variation. Conjuring breathtaking waters, this evocative blue tile both refreshes and inspires. Crackled detail and variation lend added depth and allure.

Adriatic Sea

Azul: Spanish vibes abound in this richly toned blue tile. Tinges of variation reveal this Mediterranean-inspired hue’s handcrafted nature.


Naples Blue: Based on a romantic coastal city that has endured throughout the ages, this turquoise tile’s variation and crackled detail echo Naple’s ancient origins.

Naples Blue

Glacier Bay: Wake up your space with remarkably refreshing light blue tile. Fine and delicate crazing adds cool texture to this bright and irresistible hue.

Glacier Bay

Salton Sea: A pale gray tile with light blue undertones, this quietly elegant hue is all the more alluring with its rippling shades and fine crackling.

Salton Sea

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Fireclay Tile produces ceramic and glass tiles, handmade in California since 1986. As a Certified B Corporation, Fireclay Tile meets higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Founded by Chief Ceramicist Paul Burns, it manufactures tiles with regionally sourced and recycled materials, made to order. The tiles are designed for residential and commercial environments (including Whole Foods and Google) and available in an extensive range of vibrant colors, patterns, and sizes.

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