Litetronics® Announces its Professional Series: LED Bulbs for New and Retrofit Commercial Applications

Litetronics-Omni A19,BR-R,LED PAR Prof Series-Background

  • Four major bulb types redesigned, re-engineered for higher efficacy and performance.
  • New LED families yield up to 87% energy savings in commercial, institutional, industrial interior applications for any facility. Double or better average operating life of energy-saving fluorescent bulbs in same installations.
  • LED Omni A-19 model also meets V1.1 Energy Star requirements for omni-directional beam angles.

New Product Introduction:  The Professional Series from Litetronics® includes LED PAR lamps, BR/R, MR and Omni A-19 models.  All “excuses” for continuing to specify, buy and use ordinary incandescent, halogen, even fluorescent PAR, BR/R, MR or A-19 screw-base bulbs can now go away.  Forever.  They are completely obsolete.

Litetronics®, the American-founded, family-owned commercial light-bulb specialist now in its 45th year, introduces The Professional Series — four individual families of highly energy saving, long operating life, white-light bulbs.  All eight models fit new and retrofit installations in commercial, institutional and industrial interiors.


Design:  Litetronics® In-House Design and Engineering team.

Manufacturer:  Litetronics® International, a U.S. company supplying state-of-the-art LED and other energy-saving bulbs of many kinds to commercial markets for well over four decades.

Product Applications:  Litetronics® new LED PAR electronically manages lamp heat to increase reliability, operating life and light output.  Each of four models — PAR20, PAR30, PAR30LN and PAR38 — have the most current chip-on-board technology for consistent light-color rendition.  A centrally-located light source resembles halogen in its cool-white light output.

LED MR MiniReflectors are offered in MR11 and MR16 models.  Both are available in familiar bi-pin base configurations.  MR16 also available in a GU10 base.

Concurrently, Litetronics®’ new LED BR/R easy-retrofit screw-base bulbs have generous-size, nearly-invisible, integral heatsinks on each of three models.  Each quickly replaces incandescent and CFL medium-base reflector lamps in recessed light cans and track lights.  They provide the warm light color, and high color rendition, of familiar incandescents with up to 87% energy savings, up to 12x operating life are fully dimmable.

Last, but not least, Litetronics® new LED Omni A-19 bulb also yields up to 87% energy savings compared with 40- to 60-watt incandescent bulbs in similar installations.  Omni A-19 produces even, comfortable light output in all directions; meets stringent new V1.1 Energy Star requirements for omni-directional beam angles.

Product Description:  LED PAR has uniform E26 medium screw-base ends that fit any standard new or existing PAR fixture housing.  The MR series is offered in 3.5w and 7w versions, fit gimbal ring and other MR types.

LED BR/R reflector bulbs exude sleek, contemporary designs with wide-perimeter frosted lenses and no “hot spots.”  Besides much greater energy savings, BR/R has 25,000-hour or more typical operating life.

LED Omni A-19 looks like familiar A-19 incandescents . . . minus bulky heatsinks or unattractive cooling fins typical of other A-19s.  Light distribution is 300 degrees, spread evenly in all directions.

Contact Information:  You are invited to learn more about the new Litetronics® The Professional Series LED bulbs for new and retrofit applications.  Visit our company online at  Litetronics® is now located at its new, larger industrial-park facility, 235 E. 171st Street, Harvey, IL 60426.  Telephone toll free: (800) 860-3392, or (708) 389-8000.  Fax: (708) 371-0627.  Email: