3form Releases New Collection of Its Award-Winning Flagship Product, Varia

The Utah-based manufacturer is making material selection quicker and easier

Award-winning materials manufacturer 3form is excited to announce a design collection for its flagship line of resin, Varia, introducing a curated palette of patterns and colors to make the challenge of material selection less time consuming, but no less creative.

Varia is 3form’s flagship product line, known for its ability to be formed into beautiful shapes, and allowing designers to create virtually any look by adjusting color, pattern, and translucency. However, custom designs take a considerable amount of time to specify, and designers are increasingly asked to do more with less. In response, 3form considered how to more effectively assist designers in their material choices. The result is a Varia collection assembled by 3form’s VP of Design, a former Nike Director of Design, expertly pairing color and pattern. The new Varia Design Collection is providing options that embrace the high design and even higher performance that designers have come to expect from 3form products.

We recognized there was an opportunity to streamline the creative process for designers when using the Varia platform. The Varia system allows for enormous creativity but we understand it can sometimes feel overwhelming. For Spring 2020 we’ve curated a collection that leverages color and pattern, and provides a really good entry point to the Varia system. We believe this will allow designers to more easily work with the Varia platform. Christian Darby, Vice President of Design, 3form

3form materials have always brought color to life within the built environment. Whether a designer is looking for strong, saturated colors for hospitality, calming cool tones for healthcare, or a span of sophisticated neutrals for a corporate setting, these colors offer plenty of choice and were designed to pair well with each other.

This collection is, however, more than a beautiful tool. Varia is at the center of 3form’s recently launched, ambitious sustainability program: Align. The program represents the culmination of 17+ of commitment to sustainability and a promise to continue to pursue every effort to be an environmentally & socially responsible design company. The company now boasts multiple products with Declare labels including Varia, as well as Chroma and Sola Felt. All of these items are Red List Free, which is the highest level of Declare Label certification.

The design collection includes 43 total patterns and 14 colors. Varia panels are offered in 4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 10′. All dimensions and squareness are subject to a 3/16″ tolerance. 5′ x 10′ is also available, though some restrictions apply. Varia is available in gauges from 1/16 inch to 1 inch. 3form recently updated their website to make it easier for clients to find the all the right materials in one place, enabling online sample ordering, and making the ordering process as smooth as possible. The lead time on the new collection is two weeks.

Coconut Husk – Coastline
Dance – Iced Mint
Varia color samples

About 3form

3form, a Hunter Douglas company, is a design-driven materials solutions company offering breakthrough sustainable products that help bring projects to life. Their approach promotes craftsmanship, community, sustainability, and respect for the environments where we work and live. The 3form product portfolio ranges from innovative materials to sophisticated turn-key solutions. The full 3form family includes lighting studio, LightArt, and glass and contract surfacing manufacturers EFI and Springboard.