3form Announces their Just Label for Company-wide Social Justice

3form becomes one of five manufacturers to hold the Just Label.

Materials manufacturer 3form proudly announces their Just Label, a nutrition label for socially just and equitable organizations. Reviewed and awarded by ILFI (International Living Future Institute), the Just Label reports on 22 social justice indicators allowing companies to evaluate their current policies, create a baseline for future improvements and provide transparency to their employees and customers. Few companies have pursued the Just label; 3form is one of 168 organizations and one of only five manufacturers to publish their Just Label.

3formʼs sustainable material innovations have received a number of environmental honors including the Declare Red List Free certification and Greenguard Gold certification, but being a Just organization highlights the companyʼs ongoing commitment to their 400+ employees. From diversity inclusion efforts to robust health and wellness programs, Just acknowledges the companyʼs ethical practices and policies and further demonstrates 3formʼs dedication to transparency.

3formʼs Salt Lake City headquarters.

“We have labels that acknowledge our products, the Just Label acknowledges our people,” says Ryan Smith, 3formʼs Chief Creative Officer. “Weʼre excited to bring our company culture to the forefront and set a benchmark for our future efforts with full transparency.”

Started by ILFI, Just is a nutrition label for ethical companies. The organization rates entrants on a report card with six categories—including Diversity & Inclusion, Equity, and Employee Health—and twenty-two sub-category items. Entrants can earn up to four levels in each item, scaling from policy implementation to full-scale practices. To achieve any level is an accomplishment, but 3form was thrilled to receive levels three or higher in Diversity & Inclusion Engagement, Full-time Employment Equity, Pay Scale Equity, Positive Products, and more.

“Iʼve always been proud of our ongoing efforts to create a truly equitable place to work,” says Smith. “When you work for a company that is eager to be this transparent, itʼs a good place to be.”

The gym inside 3formʼs Salt Lake City headquarters.

Becoming a Just organization was not achieved overnight. Itʼs a culmination of twenty years of employee equity policies, benefit programs, and health and wellness initiatives across 3formʼs Salt Lake City headquarters, North Carolina factory, and Seattle-based LightArt headquarters. For example, 3form has on-site Salt Lake City facilities including a gym and health clinic for employees and their families to use without taking time off of work. The company also holds an annual celebration called Greenweek where they educate about sustainability through company-wide activities and conferences. 3form meets Just diversity requirements across all locations, with minorities representing one-third of the overall workforce. Plus, nearly one-third of 3formʼs leadership team is headed by women. Grounded in 3formʼs internal Align initiative, the companyʼs drive to create an equitable, supportive workplace is steeped into their DNA.

“Building a culture that makes coming to work enjoyable has been a big part of 3formʼs past and future,” says 3formʼs Vice President of Marketing, Karli Slocum. “As a manufacturer, we want to hold ourselves to the highest standards for our employees and those in our communities.”

The journey isnʼt over. Every year, Just Label recipients have the opportunity to improve their employee equity and achieve new levels. Now that 3form has their social justice metrics on display, Just provides the framework to pursue more equitable programming and employee benefits. Itʼs a challenge for any company to take an honest look at their internal practices, but itʼs courageous to share them with the world. 3form believes transparency is the best way to hold themselves accountable and forage a pathway toward a more equitable future.

About 3form

3form, a Hunter Douglas company, is a design-driven materials solutions company offering breakthrough sustainable products that help bring projects to life. Their approach promotes craftsmanship, community, sustainability, and respect for the environments where we work and live. The 3form product portfolio ranges from innovative materials to sophisticated turn-key solutions. The full 3form family includes 3form, LightArt and 3form Elements.