3form Announces Karli Slocum Joining the Company as New Vice President of Marketing

Karli Slocum

The Illinois State University graduate will enforce 3form’s Utah-based team with her long track-record of  ROI-centric  successes,  with  a  focus  on  implementing  marketing  strategies  that align with 3form’s core business objectives–including brand strategy, product marketing and digital marketing.

Making good use of her fifteen years of experience in marketing, the 2018 Women in Tech Finalist is a marketing-wit powerhouse. Starting out with an HR Tech company, moving into biotech, and now arriving in D&A, Karli has a track-record  of  consistently  building  strong,  multi-faceted marketing teams and generating significant increases in both presence and business. Karli has  a unique ability to isolate and irreverently focus on the factors that are creating revenue, driving   growth in significant and quantifiable ways. During her time with Myriad, she grew revenue from $3.5M in 2011 to $70M in 2018. Karli’s time with CareerBuilder kick-started their international business and grew it into a $30M revenue stream in under two years. Each step in Karli’s career has been focused on ROI and empirical growth, and as a result, Karli and her teams have been recognised by several institutions for their work (the Above and Beyond award with CareerBuilder.com, the Dream Team award with Myriad Genetics, the Commercial Execution Award with Myriad Genetics, and the Commercial Leadership award with Myriad Genetics). Karli is a trailblazer, excited to pave an innovative way forward at 3form.

“Karli’s skills and experience align with 3form’s overall objective  of  integrating  leading-edge materials into an increasingly digitized design environment. Karli is a terrific overall addition to the 3form executive team–a proven leader of people, a results-oriented executive, and a collaborative team member.” –Talley Goodson, President and CEO, 3form.

About 3form

3form is a design-driven materials solutions company offering breakthrough sustainable products  that help bring projects to life. The 3form-approach promotes craftsmanship, community, sustainability, and respect for the environments where we work and live. The  product  portfolio 3form has built ranges from simple materials to sophisticated solutions.