10th annual Winter Stations launches open call for 2024 competition

Calling local and international designers to capture the echoes of Winter Station’s artistic legacy and its enduring impact

Winter Stations launches its 10th annual design competition, marking a milestone year for the international design competition. Reflecting on the past decade, the theme chosen for the 2024 edition is Resonance. The open call invites designs that invoke the artistic legacy of one of Toronto’s most unique public art installations and the enduring impact of Winter Stations.

Building on a strong legacy, Winter Stations was launched by RAW Architects, Ferris + Associates and Curio in 2014 to capture the imagination of local and international designers by challenging them to transform the utilitarian lifeguard stations along Toronto’s beaches into whimsical works of public art. Attracting over 8,000 visitors annually, the competition creates an inviting and engaging scenery. The competition has seen entries from over 90 countries.

“We are excited to be launching the 10th annual Winter Stations competition and bringing a milestone opportunity to showcase artists from around the world here in Toronto,” says RAW Design, Architect Dakota Wares-Tani. “The theme for this year’s competition invites a reflection into the 10 years of Winter Stations and the impact a public art program can have. We encourage anyone interested to submit their design before December 1st.”

the (Home) by Scott Shields Architects, Canada
Photo credit: Phil Marion

The event will once again be taking place outdoors in the expanse of the beach, with designs conceptualised to be experienced up close and from afar, and in person and virtually. Registrations are now open for the 2024 competition with the deadline for submissions on December 1, 2023 at 11:59pm EST and winners to be announced early January.

As with other years, all 2024 installations will be temporarily constructed for six weeks and must be able to withstand the rigours of Toronto’s winter weather. Installations will be unveiled on Family Day Weekend in Canada (February 19, 2024) and will be available for viewing until March 31, 2024.

The competition is open to all entries around the world, and there is no fee to enter. The winning teams will be rewarded $2000 (CAD). For more information visit: http://winterstations.com/competition/

2024 Theme: Resonance

Over the past 10 years, Winter Stations has become a vibrant tapestry of art, innovation, and community. It’s a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the lasting impact it leaves on our lives.

In the spirit of celebrating a decade of resonating with our hearts and minds, we are thrilled to announce the theme for the 2024 edition of Winter Stations: Resonance.

Resonance captures the echoes of our artistic legacy and the enduring impact of Winter Stations. It invites us to reflect on the moments that have left a lasting mark, the installations that have stirred our hearts, and the memories that have become part of our collective narrative.

This year, in an exciting twist, we are asking designers to embark on a remarkable journey of reinvention and reimagination. We want you to breathe new life into the echoes of the past by recreating, reimagining and reinventing cherished installations from Winter Stations history.

Visit our archive and choose a previous installation as a source to inspire your designs.

Let the brilliance of Resonance guide your creative process as you explore the rich tapestry of previous installations infusing them with fresh ideas, innovative approaches and your unique artistic vision.

As with other years, we ask our designers to conceptualise their station to be experienced up close and from afar, in person and virtually, as we continue to acknowledge the potential for in person and travel restrictions. Furthermore, given unforeseen circumstances regarding our installation sites, stations should be designed structurally independent of the lifeguard stands and be suitable for both a sandy beach environment and a flat urban surface.

Delighthouse by  Nick Green and  Greig Pirrie, United Kingdom
Photo credit: Jonathan Sabeniano

Winter stations is currently open to sponsors who are passionate about giving emerging artists and designers the opportunity to showcase their work and launch their careers on an international platform. Sponsorship will cover the cost of materials and labour that are sourced locally and sustainability, supporting local businesses.

Important information:

Competition Deadline: December 1, 2023

Winners announced: Early January, 2024

Opening Night: February 15, 2024

Beach Exhibition: February 19, 2024 -March 31, 2024

Where: Kew and Woodbine Beach, Toronto Ontario, Canada

For more information, please visit winterstations.com.