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We’ve heard a lot this season about hemp’s potential to change the world, but that’s easier said than done.

This episode we’re back in the Bluegrass State talking brass tacks with farmers who are dealing with the growing pains of a burgeoning hemp industry. We hear from the folks at Harrods Creek Farm in Goshen, Kentucky about the pitfalls and stumbling blocks they’ve encountered as they scale up an industrial hemp operation on their farm. They are dedicated to creating more environmentally sustainable farming practices and see hemp as a cornerstone of that growth… as much as they’re committed to growing hemp, they’ve found the plant to be difficult to work with as it requires tender love and care and expensive machinery.

Harrods Creek is up to the task but collapses on the processing side of the industry and the tightening grip of Big Ag have made hemp for fiber and hurd a risky endeavor. They are leading the charge in creating an industry that prioritizes people and planet so that we might all live better.

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