officeinsight’s NeoConnect 2020 Product Preview: 11th Floor

Welcome to week three of officeinsight’s first ever

NeoConnect 2020 Product Preview!

Floor 11

>Allsteel (1120)

Allsteel: Rise
Allsteel: Rise

The Rise Modular Seating Collection features a range of forms and sizes, including a chaise, a 120-degree corner seat, an arm perch, a soft wall, an ottoman, and a half-width ottoman providing the ability to create myriad configurations for a variety of spaces and functions. Designed to create ways for people to gather and share ideas, Rise elements can be combined to create comfortable seating arrangements of one, two, or three-tiers. Rise provides spaces for teams or individuals who want to get away from the traditional workstation home base. Configurations are quick and easy to change, so Rise can be used to turn structured spaces into flexible ones. Add laptop and nesting tables, plug-ins, worksurfaces, and different seating heights to make Rise an ideal solution to comfortably share space with one another, even when focusing on individual projects.

>Arc|Com (1194)

Arc|Com: Urban Muse
Arc|Com: Urban Muse

The Urban Muse Collection sought to visually capture some of the ideas and imagery that are influencing modern urban planning. Pattern Infrastructure finds its inspiration in the imagery associated with the redesign of gridlocked streets to reduce the primacy of private cars.  Pattern Infrastructure’s winding and connected grid-like structure is reminiscent of city blocks and garden layouts and is a nod to the importance of the connection between ecological systems and public infrastructure. Pattern Evolution is a stylistic nod to the transformation of urban surfaces. This pattern’s stable linear grid provides a framework for the shifting colors and textures beneath – not unlike the architectural framework that is transformed through the integration of plant-based materials. Pattern Transform is the solid coordinate that supports the collection’s color story. All three patterns are manufactured with bleach cleanable polyester, tested to Wyzenbeek 100,000 double rubs and come with a Stain Resistant finish.

Arc|Com: Ensemble Collection
Arc|Com: Ensemble – Grass
Arc|Com: Ensemble – Sky

With the introduction of the Ensemble Collection, the Arc-Com Design Studio delivers a lovely, color coordinated, bleach cleanable trio of products that meet Healthy Hospital Initiative standards.  Comprising three patterns (two high performance polyurethanes patterns Arabesque and Cadence and one privacy curtain-pattern Harmony) this collection offers designers a beautifully coordinated grouping of organic pattern and texture. Patterns Arabesque and Cadence are both high performance, polycarbonate, ink resistant polyurethanes stocked with the WriteOut finish and tested to seven weeks of hydrolysis. Arabesque offers a graceful, midscale, stylized botanical design that never becomes too literal. Cadence is a gorgeous textured coordinate that is reminiscent of a fine linen. The exact coordinate ground color of each Arabesque colorway can be found in pattern Cadence along with a further nine best-selling colors to this classic textured palette. Pattern Harmony is a privacy curtain woven with Arc-Com’s proprietary X-Static antimicrobial yarn system that is Healthy Hospital Initiative compliant. Its leafy motifs seem to slowly drift and float as they meander across its width, becoming less dense as they move toward the textiles edge.

Arc|Com: Talavera

Pattern Talavera finds its inspiration in the ornately patterned, hand painted Spanish and Mexican clay tiles. Talavera tiles originate from the Spanish city of Talavera de la Reina. Talavera de la Reina was home to many potters and the intricate graphic designs of the tiles come from the Arabic-Andalusian influence in ninth century Spain. Spanish potters migrated to Puebla, Mexico in the 16th century and Talavera de la Reina’s style of Talavera tiles became well known in Puebla. Talavera tile factories became prevalent throughout Mexico in the 18th century. Today Puebla is still home to traditional pottery workshops that craft Talavera tiles. But pattern Talavera modernizes the classic Spanish/Mexican-influenced geometry through the use of innovative weave structure and color. A crisp outline frames the motifs. The color within is placed strategically to deliver combinations that both attract and delight. The creative combination of lustrous, matte and heathered yarns adds a tremendous amount of surface interest to this textile. As a result of extensive yarn sourcing by our design studio, Talavera has been engineered to be compatible with bleach. The ability to be cleaned and disinfected with bleach, combined with a superior stain resistant finish and a 125,000 double rub abrasion result, allows pattern Talavera to be used in virtually any interior setting. The 11-sku color palette addresses a multitude of market segments. Sophisticated neutrals, blue greens, a modern purple, a masculine navy and a bright primary are all included.

Arc|Com: Armor & Valor

Armor and Valor is a companion series of a striking, bold feature design, paired with a subtle, minimalistic complementing texture. Hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature, architecture; fashion and interior finishes and accessories. The hexagon provides inspiration for a modern interpretation of the Armor wall surfaces design. Fine vertical yarn wall finishes have always been desired for their minimal ability to provide a subtle wall finish. Valor provides a crisp, sophisticated and minimal vertical yarn inspired wall surfaces texture, providing a striking and colorful companion to Armor. With a color palette encompassing 12 color tones Armor and Valor provide texture, color, dimension and depth to adorn walls across myriad market segments in hospitality, workplace environments, retail, healthcare facilities and public space settings.

>Architex (11-117)

Architex: Tussar

Part of Architex’s Silicone Hybrids collection, the new Tussar textile features the cleanability of silicone and top-notch performance, like inherent Write-Off ink and stain resistance and high durability.

>BBF (11-115)

BBF: FoldingTrainingTables

Bush Business Furniture’s Folding Training Tables instantly turn any open space into an educational and collaborative work environment. The folding tables are designed to be set up quickly and put away easily while requiring minimal storage space, making them perfect for virtually any office, school or conference room. Dual-wheeled casters roll on any surface for effortless mobility, and the study table’s wheels can be locked in place upon finding the perfect configuration for the next meeting or lecture. Choose from Hansen Cherry, Mocha Cherry, Storm Gray and White finishes.

 >Beaufurn (1159)

Beaufurn: Aura

The Aura Lounge Chair is a modern twist on a classic design. A unique profile, all around comfort and firm support define this stylish chair. Set upon a round wooden base, the   chair rotates a full 360º. A medallion with metallic finish accentuates the simple, yet elegant design.

>Cumberland (1171)

Cumberland: Isla Double

 Isla Double offers inviting comfort and infinite modularity for informal settings and fluid spaces. Encouraging frequent change in position rather than enforcing a single posture, Isla seating can work to fill or divide space, and direct flow and movement between spaces. The Isla Double’s concise vocabulary of modular sections can be interchangeably combined to create dynamic and flowing layouts, ranging from expressive half-round configurations to arrangements featuring relaxed and subtle curves. For Defne Koz and Marco Susani, the process of design always begins with an understanding of people, and how their behavior and lifestyle evolve over time. For Isla, that inspiration came from observing the changing nature of work – its transition from occurring only in formal, rigidly defined spaces to activities that have now become more free-form and fluid. “There’s a shift towards more informal collaboration and the coalescence between work and socialization,” Susani notes. “Isla was designed to play out the friction and balance between life and work. It evokes the familiar yet is not conventional.”

>Enwork (11-118)

Enwork: Alkalign

Enwork has launched a new, best-in-class, tech-friendly table collection. Alkalign is designed with robust wire management and power access with hinged access panels. Standard with multi-circuit power, deep-well power units, and heavy-duty steel legs. Alkalign creates beautiful, accessible, and functional spaces.

Enwork: Proxi Plus

Enwork’s Proxi Plus is a fast, simple, complete work table package. Industry-leading design and uncompromised quality ensure durable and quiet power, at your fingertips. The Proxi base is paired with a worksurface and all the options needed for a robust solution at an unbeatable price. Proxi Plus delivers a complete work table package with easy, one-sku ordering.

Enwork: COVID19 RR – Edge Desktop Screens

Enwork introduces a full line of COVID-19 Rapid Response Products designed to retrofit offices and get people back to work quickly. Everything you need from value-price and immediate, to adaptable and lasting solutions. Options for quick, effective retrofitting. Spanning from temporary recyclable cardboard screens, to freestanding screens, to permanent desk mounted screens. 25% of profits from COVID-19 Rapid Response Products will be donated to Heart of West Michigan United Way Coronavirus Response Fund.

>ESI (11-101)

ESI: Kata monitor arms

Envisioning a distinctive monitor arm with enhanced ease of use, ESI partnered with design firm Roger Webb Associates to create Kata, a new monitor arm series. Known for strategies that reshape and transform product portfolios, Roger Webb’s insight was essential to the Kata. The design team stripped away unnecessary attributes from the typical monitor arm. Working with wooden prototypes, they continuously reduced the clutter to get to the bare essence of what made an arm flex dynamically while also providing stability once a position was set, finally arriving at five points of movement. These refinements achieved an ideal balance between flow and support. Distinctive in appearance, the scaled down design of Kata emphasizes the key pivot points, making adjustment intuitive and effortless. The streamlined design allows users to smoothly and accurately adjust height and reach with fingertip sensitivity allowing for the most precise positioning with the least effort.

ESI: Amble LED Task light

Amble is a task light that provides lower ambient and localized pools of light, making it better for people by providing more comfort for the eyes. Task lights that provide movement do so through adjustable arms and pivot points, and Amble has achieved unequaled mobility and adjustability without any of the moving parts. With a 3-position base, Amble offers a variety of lighting settings. Each base position provides a different sphere of light to fit the user’s needs. Perfect for reading, writing or typing away on the computer, this simple and minimalist light is designed as one piece, offering a lean and elegant silhouette. The soft touch finish comes in four color options that work in any vibrant space. With just a touch and hold of a button, Amble can be dimmed to 20% of full intensity and cycled back to 100% or whatever feels right in between. An optional USB-A charging port is built into the base to easily charge devices on your desktop.

ESI: FlexCharge4
ESI: FlexCharge9

The FlexCharge series puts power within reach for any type of workspace – whether it is an individual desk, benching environment, collaborative area, or conference room. FlexCharge power solutions include both USB and AC outlets so users can conveniently charge any device. FlexCharge™9 is Ideal for worksurfaces in collaborative spaces and conference rooms. It meets spill-protection criteria, it is UL and cUL listed and comes with an 8.0′ power cord. An indicator light illuminates when built-in surge protection is active. There is a circuit reset button on the underside of the device. All models of FlexCharge are available in black, white and pink.

ESI: Motific Portable Tech Tables

The dynamic third space was the focus of the design brainstorm process that ultimately resulted in the design of Motific, a design that marries functional and seamless digital integration with almost any physical environment. Fluid. Intuitive. Modular. These became the flashpoint words of inspiration for Henner Jahns and his team at GECCO Design. The design language steered Henner toward a minimalist approach. Yet minimalism that’s too subdued can easily become commonplace, so Henner and his team had to focus on points of distinction – a shape that was different yet subtle. Through a careful process of ideation, prototypes and engineering, the design team finalized a product that balances understated elegance with highly remarkable features.

ESI: MP Slim Ped

ESI will also introduce new MP™ Series mobile storage pedestals The peds will clear all ESI table feet with glides to allow smooth integration as well as extra space under the desk. The peds come in two widths, sized to provide front to back legal or letter sized file storage. Heavy duty steel construction, box/file configuration with full extension ball bearing slides, locking casters with anti-tip function and an optional seat pad make the MP™ Series mobile pedestals perfect for at desk storage. MP™ Series mobile storage pedestals will be available in July 2020.

>Falcon (11-111)

Falcon: Sedera armchair

The Sedera side chair with casters is a lightweight, high-performance side chair in multiple styles and colors. Sedera features sleek styling and ergonomic design in reinforced polypropylene with a contoured seat pan that protects chairs as they stack – up to 15 on cart.

>Formaspace (11-124)

Formaspace: Capitol Storage

Capitol Storage is as sculptural as it is functional and offers a variety of custom options for personalization. The steel frame gives you that industrial edge Formaspace is known for.

Formaspace: 360 Gallery Panel

360 Gallery Panels provide a unique and highly customizable solution for space division. These steel screens are available in a variety of shapes and 24 different frame finishes giving you endless options for creative expression. We can assist you in creating a panel design, or you can provide your own if you want to make this the main attraction of your branded solution.

Formaspace: 512 Communication Board

512 mobile dry-erase boards can work as a communication tool and also serve as a barrier between desks. Move them around the office to share your ideas or when a protective screen is needed. The writing surface is baltic birch with non-ghosting dry erase finish.  Available in 22 standard finishes custom options.

Formaspace: InvisiShield

The InvisiShield provides a sleek solution for space division. Available in Transparent Acrylic Frosted Acrylic Non-Tempered Glass Tempered Glass. The glass option offers the additional feature of mobile communication with its dry erase capability while the acrylic version gives you a more cost-effective option with the same sleek look. These easy to clean panels can be customized to fit any space. When you want to maintain an open office aesthetic while adding a barrier, InvisiShield a good choice.

>Green Hides Leather Studio (11-114B)

Green Hides Leather Studio: Sierra

Sierra is a new addition to Green Hides’ Bleach Cleanable Leathers, meeting the CDC/EPA recommendations for Sanitizing and Disinfecting. The product features top grain leather with even coloration throughout the entire hide. Superior selection of Australian cattle hides are hand selected for Sierra. A gentle buffing and grain enhancement is applied to provide Sierra with a consistent grain structure throughout each hide and from hide to hide. Sierra is recognized industry wide for its clean surfaces and excellent cutting yields. Soft hand combined with superior technical specifications make this leather suitable for most high traffic interior applications from furniture, automotive and marine.

Green Hides Leather Studio: Windsor

Windsor is part of Green Hides Bleach Cleanable Leathers, meeting the CDC/EPA recommendations for Sanitizing and Disinfecting. Full grain leather exhibiting a beautiful antiqued two tone coloration. Antiqued effect is applied by local Artisans using a traditional hand wiping method combined with a secondary mechanically applied effect. Superior selection of New Zealand cattle hides are hand selected for Windsor. Luxurious soft hand and smooth supple surface make this leather the perfect choice for any classic setting. A light top coat is applied to provide protection and makes this leather suitable for most residential, contract and hospitality environments.

>Gunlocke (1126)

Briefing is a comprehensive collection of conference, collaboration, training, and occasional tables that provide an impressive range of options, styles, materials, and applications. The versatility of the collection allows for a custom and complimentary workspace, supporting individual and group work needs utilizing a single table line. Briefing offers a full spectrum of technology capabilities.

Gunlocke: Briefing – Conferencing

Small, modern conference settings or large, open spaces – Briefing Conferencing is not confined to the four walls of a formal conference space. Integrated power and sleek design deliver a wide range of flexible and interactive applications. Every detail has been crafted to inspire productive collaboration.

Gulocke: Briefing – Conllaborative

Briefing Collaborative was designed to connect people for productive gatherings. For spontaneous meeting spaces or open work environments, Briefing Collaborative was designed to adapt. The new line features durable finishes, unexpected materials, and tailored details.

Gunlocke: Briefing – Occasional

Briefing Occasional supports spontaneous meetings or brings functionality to lobby benches. It reaches well beyond formal areas to deliver a wide range of interactive applications. Spread out to work or simply set down a cup of coffee. Briefing is exactly what you need when you need it.

Gunlocke: Briefing – Training

Providing easy mobility and permanent configurations, Briefing Training helps shape any space for planned training sessions or spontaneous meetings. The line features durable surfaces, clean lines and varied finishes bring practicality and aesthetics to any space.

>HAT Contract (1130) & SIS Ergo (1169)

Hat Contract & SiS-Ergo: Nest in use and stowed at home

HAT Contract and SiS Ergo, leading workspace ergonomic brands of parent company Innovative Office Products (IOP), introduce Safe Spaces, a new initiative designed to meet the needs of the evolving workspace environment. Safe Spaces is composed of two distinct collections: the Office Collection and the Home Collection. Curated from HAT Contract and SiS Ergo’s extensive product offerings, solutions in each collection directly address the increased need for safety, wellness, human connectivity and productivity. Both the Home and Office product solutions were selected for their quick-delivery, easy set-up, simple cleanability. The launch marks the beginning of an ongoing effort to meet workplace and home office needs; additional products will be added to each collection as conditions evolve. The initial launch collection features a variety of dividers that promote health and safety, while also offering privacy and acoustical advantages. Included are HAT Contract’s Mesa Slide Divider, Wrap Divider and Acrylic Divider.

Hat Contract & SiS-Ergo: Nest in small group application at the office

Safe Spaces: Home offers three different workspace product options: mobile, adaptable or fixed solutions. End users can choose the best solution for how and where they want to work at home. An example of the mobile option is SiS Ergo’s innovative M nesting table. An ergonomic sit-stand solution, it comes on wheels and a 90-degree fold-down petal-shaped surface, making it easy to move and stow away. Featuring SiS Ergo’s minimalistic Danish-inspired design aesthetic, it quickly adjusts to a desired height without the use of power. At-home adaptability is made easy through HAT Contract’s Winston series, a retrofit solution that transforms any desk into an immediate sit-stand workspace. End users desiring a fixed solution can turn to HAT Contract’s Mid-HAT adjustable base and work surface. Its one-touch electric base creates the optimal ergonomic home office experience. Accessories such as mobile storage, monitor arms and power modules are also available through the Home Collection. More products will be added to the Home Collection soon.

>Hightower (1110)

Hightower: Ondarreta Shelving
Hightower: Ondarreta – Lana Wood Family

Hightower introduces Ondarreta pieces from the Basque region of Spain. “The new Ondarreta designs feel very residential,” noted Design Director Shawn Sowers, “and it’s relevant to bring these pieces to North America at a time when many of us have been working from home, relating with domestic surroundings. As we move into public spaces again – though they may be configured differently – I believe workers will value comfortable, crafted, familiar interiors more than ever.” The curation of more than 20 new options in seating, tables, and shelving are designed and manufactured in Spain with upholstering finish work done at Hightower’s North Carolina facilities. The Spanish pieces expand and compliment Hightower’s existing Ondarreta collections and are available Fall of 2020.

 >Hon (1130)

HON: West Hill casual lounge & Scramble tables

Thoughtfully crafted with a nod to mid-century modern design, West Hill™ casual lounge blends residential style with commercial endurance for an end product that is as functional as it is beautiful. From breakout spaces to reception areas, this modern office lounge line offers a selection of casual office seating, coordinating throw pillows and a variety of fabrics and finishes to create a comfortable, lived in space within the workplace.

Hon: Scramble Tables & West Hill casual lounge

Scramble Occasional Tables provide a resting place for every tablet, coffee mug, or notepad. Don’t scramble to find an open meeting room when you can move the tables you need around a lounge space. In collaboration with HON, the QDesign team of Tim Buchenberger and Rick Joutras created a table line with a complementary design aesthetic that can be used with a variety of HON lounge products. “We really wanted to create a product that gives designers the ability to mix and match options,” says Buchenberger. As a result, Scramble has a cohesive design with finish choices, size and scale that are perfect for any space.

Hon: Preside Table & Bench

All components of Preside products, from tables and benches to storage and power accessories, are available in multiple design options, including wear-resistant and durable laminates and a variety of paint options and bench cushion colors to bring color to your space. Preside tables are available in a variety of top shapes and sizes, including square, round, soft square, single tops and rectangle, arc end, boat or racetrack modular tops. Preside metal leg bases are available in both seated and standing heights and with wire management capability. Designed for flexibility to move your meet-up wherever needed, this range of tables covers.

Hon: Contain storage

Contain is designed to maximize your storage capacity and options with its versatile collection of pedestals, towers, laterals, lockers, wardrobes and credenzas. They work great alone and even better together. Redefining active storage, Contain works for both individuals and teams, allowing everyone easy access for snagging frequently used items. The only thing it won’t be able to contain is your excitement for how productive organization can be. While Contain is designed to hold pretty much anything, it doesn’t hold back on versatility. Supporting open plan workstations, private offices, benching applications, or even serving as short-term seating, Contain brings order to everywhere it’s needed.

>KI (1181)

KI: WiggleRoom Pods

WiggleRoom Pod brings balance to environments by creating an individual, distraction-free option within the togetherness of open-plan spaces. Featuring excellent acoustic properties, WiggleRoom supports privacy with sound-absorbing panels and a magnetically sealed door. WiggleRoom is a place for private phone calls, one-on-one video conferencing and focused work. It keeps conversations in and unwanted distractions out, featuring excellent acoustic privacy (decibel reduction of 30) with sound-absorbing panels and a magnetically sealed door. Designers are free to express a point of view, whether making a bold statement or seamlessly blending in. Designers can specify external panels in various combinations of steel, laminate and glass; magnetic inserts enhance acoustics and aesthetics. Select from a range of options for panel materials, surfaces, seating and accessories that enhance comfort and productivity.

KI: Calida high back lounge & Stools

Calida High Back Lounge Chairs & Stools bring residential warmth and international style to work and social spaces. It adds a social vibe and a touch of elegance to meeting rooms, private offices, lounges and cafes. Calida lounge chairs invite relaxation with soft lines and an embracing closed arm. Base styles include 4-star swivel in three color options or wood-leg in two finish options. The new high back and stools complement the full Calida collection.

KI: Ruckus – classroom with activity tables

Ruckus Desks & Activity Tables shake up the learning space and respond to change with minimal disruption. Ruckus creates adaptable learning spaces that transition with ease when change is needed. Users can configure Ruckus post-leg desks to bring people together for group work or re-configure them to accommodate focused and individual work. Five engaging desk shapes – OddQuad, E-Triangle, R-Triangle, Trapezoid, Rectangle – are available in a variety of dimensions. Choose from nine dynamic table shapes and choose your desired level of mobility with three base options: glides, casters or both casters and glides to allow wheelbarrow motion. As mobility needs change, Ruckus activity tables can adapt. The innovative leg design offers interchangeable, same-height casters and glides, which can be swapped in the field with no change in surface height.

>Magnuson Group (1170)

Magnuson Group: Green Light

Green Light brings nature indoors with freestanding and hanging planters, and now a new wall mounted planter.

MagnusonGroup: Parban – Polypropylene

Parban is an elegant, minimalist space divider featuring natural oak legs and two screen options: a semi-transparent aluminum mesh or translucent polypropylene.

MagnusonGroup: New Port High – Desk Mount

New Port High blends function and style to bring peace of mind and comfort to open work spaces. It’s a tool rail constructed of painted aluminum with a clear tempered glass screen. Two different mounting styles are available to secure it to worksurfaces: one for single sided worksurface edge (C-clamp) and another for between two worksurfaces. A freestanding model with two circular bases is also available.

>Maharam (1188)

Maharam: Shift

Part of Scholten & Baijings’s ongoing exploration of how color interacts with form, Shift utilizes an expansive gradient to transform a reduced grid along with any surface it upholsters. The pattern can be seen as a progression of three of Scholten & Baijings’s previous investigations of scale, grids, and dimensionality beginning with Blocks and Grid’s (2014) exaggerated approach to color blocking, followed by an investigation of color’s influence on the minimal geometry of the Bright Grid series (2015), and more recently, in the small-scale dimensionality of Mesh and Tracery (2017). Epitomizing Scholten & Baijings’s in-depth approach, Shift was developed using hand-cut paper models to experiment with the impact of layered color to create the illusion of movement. In the pattern’s translation to a woven textile, Scholten & Baijings opted for a dimensional matelassé construction for enhanced tactility and depth. Fluid transitions within ranges of pewter, sapphire, copper, and honey-suckle mark the studio’s acute sense of color while dramatizing graphic and architectural impact.

Maharam: Ample

Ample is a dimensional, architectural construction that began with the discovery of a technique from the automotive industry called Radio Frequency Bonding. “Typical of the Maharam Design Studio’s process, we often begin with a new technique or technology of interest and then work to find best ways to apply a new application as an upholstery. Guided by our studio and in-house textile engineer, we bridge technologies from other industries to pioneer new techniques.” Ample’s knit texture is bonded to a foam backing and then embossed with 1.5” linear channels. The process is done without adhesive, entirely through heat and pressure to create a very resilient structure. Using heat created with electromagnetic energy and the pressure from an engraved roller similarly used for embossing nonwoven textiles, Ample balances a technical, minimal structure with references to quilted upholstery. Bleach cleanability, acoustical properties and high abrasion make Ample ideal for both upholstery and panel application.

Maharam: Sinuous Rug

Sinuous is a new rug designed in collaboration with textile and product designer Simone Post. Based in Rotterdam, Simone is known for a research-driven and experimental process that often pushes traditional materials and techniques to unexpected outcomes. A study of how colors vibrate when next to each other, Sinuous explored many iterations to find a precise balance between colors. Woven in India of 100% wool, Sinuous is created by handtwining five colors of yarn into large twisted yarns, and then woven together with yarns of the same colors. A varied, twisted fringe dramatizes the liveliness and overall shimmering movement of Sinuous.

>Mayer Fabrics (1173)

Mayer Fabrics: Labyrinth

New to the Majorelle Collection, Labyrinth is reminiscent of the mazes found in formal gardens. The pattern takes you on a guided tour of rich, and playful color combinations in a beautiful, high-performance velvety textile. Labyrinth’s saturated jewel tones complement the more subdued, complex colors that are found throughout the collection. Available in 8 colors.

Mayer Fabrics: Quantum Collection – Gravity and Relativity, Tekloom products

Inspired by science and technology, Mayer Fabrics’ Quantum Collection, features six new high- performance fabrics. Patterns Gravity, Relativity and Static are innovative performance constructions called “fused hybrids” in which a woven textile is chemically bonded with durable TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) using a new technology called “Tekloom.” The result is an aesthetically beautiful textural quality with the extreme-performance attributes of a coated material. Patterns Matter, Molecule and Vector are polycarbonate-based, polyurethane coated fabrics with distinctive emboss and print features. An ultrasonic embossed technique (Molecule) and the use of a layered polyurethane (Vector) make these fabrics technically and aesthetically unique. The colors range from intense tones to soft neutrals.

Mayer Fabrics: Quantum Collection

All fabrics from the Quantum Collection are Graffiti-free, bleach cleanable, and impermeable to liquids. Additionally, they contain no DMF, phthalates, FR/Antimicrobial additives, or per-fluorinated chemicals. The Quantum Collection is certified to REACH and California 01350 VOC standards and is compliant with the Healthier Hospital Initiative. The Quantum Collection is ideal for high traffic areas in all markets with a focus on hospitality and healthcare.

>Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering (11-106)

Momentum: Light Collection

The Light Collection, Sina Pearsons newest introduction, was inspired by Norman Fosters glass dome above Berlins Reichstag building that provides a light-infused experience for its visitors and symbolizes the importance of transparency in government workings. The four high-performance, bleach cleanable geometric patterns in a variety of scales mimic the structures light and dark contrasting shapes and play with texture and color-with-neutral colorways. Easily used together in a single space, they also work with solids to create unexpected combinations of pattern and color. Inspired in part by the hues found in the works of iconic Bauhaus artists and designers, the collections 42 colorways include rich tones of classic red, blue and yellow, plums and greens mixed with black and grey, and warm/cool neutrals in dark and light values. Suitable for corporate, hospitality, institutional and healthcare environments, the Light Collections high-performance features include durability of 100,000 double rubs and, in the case of Light and Chameleon, increased lightfastness for outdoor application.

Momentum: Magnolia Home Contract wallcoverings – Landscape and Cultivate

Thoughtfully designed to inspire, the Magnolia Home Contract Wallcoverings collection by Joanna Gaines from York Wallcoverings, was created to help tell your story with beautiful and purposeful patterns that suit your unique style.  The collection’s two newest patterns are Landscape, available in 12 colorways, and Cultivate, available in 4 colorways. Raw silk weave and soft horizontal stria combine to create a canvas of subtle monochromatic color in the classic textural ombre of a landscape. Cultivate is a Phthalate free Type II wallcovering. The rugged weave of utility cloth lends a textural ground to this diamond geometric of organically inspired rectangular furrows.

Momentum:Silica Digital – Tao

Silica Digital is the next generation of Silica products. Silica is the most sustainable, highest performing, PVC free alternative to vinyl. This game changing product is produced from three simple components: silicone, a colorant and a polyester backing. Silica Digital can be used in all markets though it is especially suited for health and wellness environments with the most demanding performance and cleaning protocols. Silica Bauble and Silica Tao are digitally printed patterns of colorful stylized geometric designs. The artwork features a variety of textural effects which soften the graphic tendencies and reference yarns and weaves creating a feeling of dimension and surface interest. Each SKU features a mixture of colors and neutrals as well as both warm and cool tones to ensure maximum coordination possibilities. Produced of 100% silicone, zero PVC, no harmful chemicals and with 500,000 double rub durability makes Silica Digital extraordinarily sustainable.

>Nucraft (1166)

Nucraft: Epono Standing Height Table

Epono is an elevated twist on the classic parsons style table, with metal trim accents flush to its veneer frame highlighting the timeless silhouette of the table. Hardworking, clean and elegant, Epono is about polished simplicity. Epono was designed by Dani Arps and offers a variety of surface material options for a unique look including stone, glass, felt and linoleum. Available in standing height, features include bag hooks, subtop power, tabletop power, and modesty panel.

Nucraft: Two4Six Meeting Table

Two4six is a simple table design with an extensive array of top and base combinations, supporting many work styles and budgets. Designed by Joey Ruiter, the collection is light in scale, with a nod to industrial and Scandinavian design elements. From small huddle spaces and media tables to new 20’ conference table lengths, the Two4Six meeting collection is completed with a coordinating credenza, console and marker board. All Two4Six meeting tables include the robust power and data connectivity that is synonymous with Nucraft design.

>Okamura (1100)

Okamura: Finora

Finora is Okamura’s latest high-end task seating, imagined by ITALDESIGN and engineered by Okamura. Precision meets the soul in graceful symmetries and clean contours. This combination creates a chair that brings the beauty of lightness with full features for advanced workplaces. Every component of Finora is designed to combine style and functionality in one sleek form. The backrest sweeps into a simple curve with integrated armrests. Ergonomic adjustments provide full control to the chair, yet tucked neatly at the side of the seat. As a proper high-end task seating, Finora is intuitive, easy to use and comes equipped with all the functions from seat depth adjustment, adjustable lumbar support, and 4D Armrests. Finora is offered in a black or white body, with or without polished details, and offered either upholstered or in a wide range of mesh colors. Headrest and Jacket Hanger, both adjustable to fit your needs, are available as options.

Okamura: Finora
Okamura: Drape
Okamura: Drape

Drape is a new, privacy and acoustic solution by Okamura. Drape creates quiet, private work pods that are perfect for touchdown work or making phone calls. Two panel heights are available and constructed to absorb sound. They are covered with PET felt or fabric. Drape is designed to be compact with a small footprint but still provides maximum privacy by blocking the line of sight. Three configurations are available (from the typical box shape to a more unique hexagonal shape) as well as two different work-surface heights. The secret to creating configurations that are compact yet comfortable is by combining the 60° diagonal edge of the panels with the work surface. Accessories such as deskside power and ambient lighting can be added with discreet cable management. Let Drape quietly redesign your workspace.

>OM Seating

OM Seating: Werksy quilt collection

OM’s award-winning Werksy Collection chair blossoms with a dozen striking, new Quilt Collection colors designed by the OM Design Group and developed exclusively for OM. Available in a palette ranging from dusky DeerBrook to red hot Apple Orchard and calming Bermuda, the Werksy Quilt Collection adds another level of comfort and flair to a chair celebrated for its charm and function. The playful, versatile Werksy Collection is all about the individual. It is inspired by the unconventional ways people work. Paying tribute to classic form language while celebrating the simplicity of post-adjust-everything task chairs, Werksy provides excellent seating comfort without sacrificing its seamless surface flow and ultra-functional move-ability. The Quilt Collection adds additional warmth and comfort, perfect for these new #WerksyfromHome days. Werksy is available in four modes: Guest seating includes a natural waterfall backrest “ledge” that acts as an easy-access arm rest. The light task seating or hoteling chair includes a mechanism that enables a simple forward and backwards tilt for extra comfort. The stool offers a height-adjustable, turn-lock footring and a fixed motion mechanism that lets you Werksy above the fray. The group-work oriented rocking chair offers a confident, smooth ride through its forward pause-perch position into a full arc, rocking back motion to stimulate creative ideas and collaboration. The rocker also offers a unique height adjustable solution and an auto-return swivel for a complete movement experience.

OM Seating: OM5 Active – new colors

OM5 Active will also feature an array of reactivated colors. Mainstays Arctic White, Palladium Grey, and Modern Black are joined by Graphite, Navy Blue, Crimson Red, SeafoamGreen, and Canary Yellow. Popular and versatile, OM5 Active is a collaborative seating collection known for its dynamic ergonomics. Offered as a light task chair, a sled-based mid-density stacker, and a 4-legged side chair available with multiple options, OM5 Active promotes user-initiated motion by virtue of a self-weighing chair top that fully articulates. Designed by Francisco Romero of Phidesign, the chair is recognized as a go-to solution for collaborative workspaces, educational and training environments, and anywhere productivity and engagement are in demand.

>Pallas Textiles (1181)

Pallas: Dérive Collection – Nomad

Bold and modern, the Dérive Collection celebrates a visceral way of feeding the creative process, weaving stories out of thread. Rootless. Visceral. Wondrous. The French word Dérive means to take an unplanned journey, drifting through new places, letting the landscape and cityscape inspire you. It sums up the sentiment of travel and the sense of wonder that accompanies it. Some patterns are about the journey, while others personify the people who take it.

Pallas: Dérive Collection – Drift

Drift has a whimsical stitch effect and meticulous detail that creates a sophisticated crafted look. Inspired by the notion of mindfulness, Drift is a visual translation of a moment in time. It captures rich hues and the settling tones of peaceful landscapes in its 16 color stories. The random cadence of the tints and hues of Jaunt simulate a bird’s-eye view of cityscapes. With a soft hand and delicately tactile surface, this silicone/polyurethane hybrid textile offers beauty and quality. Jaunt is available in 15 vivid shades featuring rich primaries and delicate neutrals. The adventurous Nomad pattern speaks to exploration without boundaries. Its brazen geometry is distinct, playful and always on the move. Nomad’s modern vibe and intricate structural details come in 12 dramatic color schemes suited to any color aficionado’s eclectic tastes. Rogue is a bold free-spirited pattern that lauds the adventurousness of color and the beauty of simplicity. A subtle black dot detail gives it a techie edge. Rogue rounds out any color story with 25 contemporary hues, suitable for upholstery or wrapped panel applications. Trek’s dynamic motifs mimic mountains and paths, taking you on a visual journey that meanders through landscape and architecture. Trek is offered in 12 vibrant color schemes that are energizing and soothing all at once, while reinforcing the pattern’s dramatic sense of movement. Reminiscent of classic distressed leather luggage, Wander is the foundational textile in this collection. This phthalate-free PVC is offered in 21 quintessential shades and provides the performance characteristics necessary for contract environments without compromising its vintage aesthetic.

>Scandinavian Spaces (1191)

Scandinavian Spaces: Mopsy

Together with partner brand Karl Andersson and Söner, Scandinavian Spaces introduces Mopsy and Mill to the North American market. The durable and sustainable collections are handmade in Sweden with a focus on design and materials that will last a lifetime.

With a classic, functional design that feels a bit like home, the occasional table Mopsy is the perfect statement piece. Its overlapped combination of round and square shaped tops, set at different heights on the same leg frame, provide plenty of surface area without sacrificing floor space. A number of Mopsy tables can be grouped together in the same type of wood or color for a cohesive look, or in a combination of different types of woods and colors to create a delightful patchwork. Mopsy tables are also available in a large and small size, allowing you even more built in customization so it’s the perfect fit for any project.

Scandinavian Spaces: Mill

True to its name, Mill is a table created by milling down solid wood to create a modern classic with crisp, engaging lines that work in any room. Additionally, its solid wood surfaces can be sanded down and re-lacquered a number of times, making it suitable for use in settings where it is subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Its long-term adaptability and functionality also make it a sustainable piece that can grow and change with a space’s needs over a lifetime. With your choice of a round, square, or rectangular top and a number of different sizes and heights to choose from, Mill is a design chameleon, perfect for any space, any time.

Scandinavian Spaces: Bobby

Bobby is a modular sofa system made from FSC certified plywood with molded foam and plastic feet. Bobby has a reduced footprint in comparison to its older brother, BOB, which makes it perfect for areas where space is restricted. Bobby can gather around tables, be happy standing by himself, or assemble into a slender sofa thanks to strong magnets.

Scandinavian Spaces: Saga

Saga is a sound diffusing wall art system made from solid cork. It’s named after the Swedish word for fairy tale and combines classic style with modern function. Saga is offered as a collection of four click-connecting shapes; Arrow, Diamond, Hexagon, and Round – offering new possibilities for creative interior design. To install Saga the top row is secured to the wall using a plug and screw, tiles below are slotted into position and automatically shift into a correct hanging position.

Scandinavian Spaces: Render of planned NeoCon showroom

In response to the ever-changing climate of 2020, Scandinavian Spaces is finding new ways to celebrate design and inspire like-minded creatives. NeoCon was scheduled to take place June 8th-10th, in Chicago. With this year’s fair canceled, Scandinavian Spaces is sharing a virtual experience that will continue to bring the design community together in our new digitized world. Inspired by the ephemeral northern light skies of Scandinavia, their 2020 NeoCon showroom features forward-thinking designs and electrifying color.  Pulsing with energy, the space is adorned with furniture that embraces ergonomics and sustainability. Mimicking the aurora’s magnificent current of color – and with furniture as unique as the polar lights themselves – the showroom will pulse with passion for the brand’s core values of Color, Design, and Life.  Interested in checking out cutting edge furniture for the like-minded creative? Journey through the Scandinavian Spaces Virtual Showroom Experience to see what the Scandinavia buzz is all about. The virtual showroom can be toured via launching on Monday, June 8th 2020. To get early access to the virtual showroom tour, please contact:

>Sedia Systems (11-121)

Sedia Systems: IceCream

The SD20 Collection of dividers provide a better optimization of space while allowing activity to maintain at almost normal levels. Divider systems increase the capacity of your space while helping to provide a safe and healthy environment. Inspired by art, warmth and cheer, these beautifully designed and multifaceted divider systems are available in both floor and tabletop solutions.  Ice Cream is playful, fun and cheery, this line will bring added whimsy to your space. It’s also available in opaque solutions when added privacy is needed.

Sedia Systems: Sunset

Inspired by the warming sunset, the Sunset collection combines organic shapes with subtle, transparent colors to enhance your space.

Sedia System: Prism

Inspired by abstract art, geometry and color, Prism utilizes a simple line, providing character for those who love clean lines and pastels.