Best of NeoCon 2017 – Part 3 – Architectural Products, Carpet/Flooring, Coverings, and Textiles

Architectural Products, Carpet/Flooring, Coverings, and Textiles Category Winners

>Acoustic Panels & Solutions

-GOLD: BuzziPleat by BuzziSpace: Designed by 13&9 and BuzziSpace, BuzziPleat is a new acoustic solution that delivers sound control with architectural edge. The collection of wall and hanging pendants reinterprets ancient techniques used in fashion design, like smocking and pleating, to create large-scale yet lightweight sculptural forms made of sound-absorbing BuzziFelt.

Acoustic Panels and Solutions: GOLD: BuzziSpace – BuzziPleat

-SILVER: Snowsound Diesis by Snowsound USA: Diesis is a free-standing or hanging drape structure that acoustically corrects the nearby environment. Snowsound-Fiber acoustic structures derive their name and patented technology from the sound absorbing properties of freshly fallen snow. The fabric is designed to primarily absorb mid-range and low-range frequencies while reflecting some high-range waves for proper acoustic balance.

Acoustic Panels andSolutions:SILVER: Snowsound – Diesis

>Architectural & Decorative Glass

-GOLD: Transcend™ by Suzanne Tick by Skyline Design: Transcend responds to changes in how we use and experience space today, as we seamlessly transition from one spatial function to the next – between interior and exterior, from public to private, from open to quiet areas. Transcend allows six etched and printed patterns on glass to intersect, overlap or fade using different techniques, thus facilitating a fluid experience of interior environments. It consists of three fading geometrics and three technical textures that relate the collection to the materiality and construction of buildings, evoking the subtle fading and textural variations found in brick, stone and metal. Transcend also won the Gold and Editors’ Choice awards in the Wall Treatments category.

Architectural and Decorative Glass: GOLD: SkylineDesign – Transcend

-GOLD: Altos Landscape by Teknion: Altos Landscape is a wall system that is horizontally planned with a functional collection of wall-integrated furniture. This combination gives opportunity for layered off-module planning applications that maximize the usable space in an environment, and minimize the necessary cost of architectural product on the floorplate.

Architectural Products: GOLD: Teknion – Altos Landscape

-SILVER: CARVART by Soema by Carvart: CARVART by Soema is an all-encompassing collection designed for commercial bathrooms in corporate offices, hospitality spaces, healthcare environments and institutions. Bringing the handcrafted technology and European design to the U.S. through a partnership with Italian producer Soema, it includes cubicles, access doors, lockers, and sink walls made up of glass, stone, phenolic and high quality fixtures.

Architectural Products: SILVER: Carvart – Carvart by Soema

>Carpet: Broadloom

-GOLD: Apace by Tarkett North America: Apace is a woven 12’ width broadloom carpet, constructed using CrossWeave Technology to impart face fiber volume with commercial durability.

Carpet, Broadloom: GOLD: Tarkett North America – Apace

-SILVER: The Outskirts Collection by Bentley Mills: The Outskirts Collection focuses on the boundaries between home and office, the personal and professional, capturing a subtle yet sophisticated integration of work and play. Designed as a system, its products work together or apart – inside and out of the collection – to infuse the look and feel of luxe comfort into any commercial interior.

Carpet, Broadloom: SILVER: Bentley Mills -Outskirts

-EDITORS’ CHOICE: Night Vision by Bentley Mills: Night Vision brings to light an innovation in yarn technology, illuminating the floor in soft striations of monochromatic color. Variegated yarns alternate between low and high luster, mixing color within the angled design in unexpected ways. Bold patterning and subtle ombré effect – available in a range of gradient color combinations – combine to give the broadloom a dimension that morphs the design as you move across it.

Carpet, Broadloom: EDCHOICE: Bentley – Night Vision

>Carpet: Modular

-GOLD: Lichen by Mohawk Group: The Lichen Collection, inspired by natural assemblages of multi-hued, multi-textured lichens, is the first floorcovering to achieve Living Product status. Just as lichens play a regenerative role in their ecosystem, so the Lichen Collection actually gives more resources back to the environment than it uses during its entire life cycle. It was designed in collaboration with the founder of the Living Product Challenge, Jason McLennan.

Carpet, Modular: GOLD: Mohawk Group – Lichen

-SILVER: Emergence by Shaw Contract: Mood-setting or playful, Emergence aims to surprise as color and pattern appear from an elusive background. It is a rich, botanical design that takes its abstract direction from the art world to subvert realism in an aesthetically engaging form that contrasts tranquility with buoyancy – a lush landscape of tonality and pattern, light and shadows.

Carpet, Modular: SILVER: Shaw Contract – Emergence

-INNOVATION: Collaborative Collection by Bolyu: TREEBARK and BARKLEY are the first members of the Collaborative Collection, which combines images from nature and imagination to create complex designs. It features Thrive™ yarn which has 75% recycled content and a product to CO2 ratio of 1:4, said to be the lowest in the industry. TREEBARK is inspired by trees that convert CO2 into building blocks; its pattern, color and texture are intertwined to evoke the image of a dense, thick forest with rays of light from the sun creating shadowing on foliage and tree bark. BARKLEY mimics Treebark as a far-reaching view of what is real and what may be imagined, a random pairing of color and texture creating overall yet smaller organic elongated elements.

Carpet. Modular: INNOVATION: Bolyu – CollaborativeCollection

>Carpet Fiber

-GOLD: ECONYL® Pure by Aquafil USA: ECONYL® Pure fiber is the world’s only fiber available for piece dye that is made of 100% regenerated nylon. Discarded fishing nets and other ghost gear rescued from the ocean floor along with carpet fluff from spent carpets and other nylon waste is transformed into nylon 6 bulk continuous filament yarn that is so pure that it is white and ready to be piece dyed into any color. While traditional industry recycling processes can result in material degradation, Aquafil’s process is said to return the nylon waste back to its virgin state without any degradation or loss of quality, and it can be regenerated an infinite number of times.

Carpet Fiber: GOLD: Aquafil USA – ECONYLPure

-SILVER: Continuous Color™ by Bolyu: Continuous Color™ is a pioneering accomplishment in patented fiber cabling and heat-set process that allows products to achieve a space-dyed appearance with 100% solution dyed fibers. It entangles two or more strands of solution-dyed nylon fiber in varying color combinations together in accordance with a pre-selected and changeable pattern. Cabling the strands in a tight or loose entanglement achieves a short or long space-dye effect. Designers can have pin-dot placement of color or large pools of color specifically or randomly placed in a 100% solution-dyed textile floor with both sustainable benefits and cost savings.

Carpet Fiber: SILVER: Bolyu – Continuous Color

>Flooring: Hard-Surface

-GOLD: Lineate by Mohawk Group: Lineate enhanced resilient tile collection combines ombrĂŠ gradations of color with textile-like striations for a richly dimensional visual. Cool and warm neutrals are combined with on-trend color pops and a linear texture. The color ebbs and flows across the plank to give the illusion of depth on a flat surface.

Flooring, Hard Surface: GOLD: Mohawk Group – Lineate

-SILVER: Subtractive Layers by Patcraft: Subtractive Layers uses foundational methods of art to explore new ground. Inspired by a subtractive process that adds dimension by removing material, the collection includes two 12×24’’ tiles, Remove and Withdraw, available in 20 colors between the two patterns. With every subtraction, texture is multiplied, color magnified and composition unified.

Flooring, Hard Surface: SILVER: Patcraft – Subtractive Layers

>Space Dividers/Partitions/Screens

-GOLD: Universal Height-Adjustable Screen by KI: The Universal Height-Adjustable Screen was created with modesty and privacy in mind. The Screen is easily affixed to a worksurface or table, allowing users to move the screen to the position the want. The surface is tackable and can be specified with with acoustic PET felt or colorful opaque acrylic.

Space Dividers: GOLD: KI – Universal Height Adjustable Screen

-SILVER: Aura™ by SiS Ergo: Aura got its name from four words: Acoustic, Unlimited, Recycled, Adjustable. Acoustic properties create a sound barrier to help keep noise levels down in an office environment. Aura’s flexibility offers unlimited configurations. Made from 99% recycled polyester felt – 50% from recycled water bottles – the 9mm panels are environmentally friendly. Snap on attachments allow for easy user-adjustability in the field.

Space Dividers: SILVER: SiS-Ergo – Aura™

>Surfacing Materials & Finishes

-GOLD: Compact Wood by National Wood Solutions: Compact Wood is said to be the most impact-resistant, architectural grade wood solution available for both interior and exterior applications. The solid panels are manufactured from thermally fused materials that create a compound that is impact-, chemical-, and water-resistant. Applications include bathroom partitions, lockers, tabletops, shelving, signage, counters, windowsills and exterior cladding. The 4’x10′ sheets cut like wood panels and feature a wide array of edge details. Compact Wood is Class A fire rated and available in 18 natural wood species with custom species available for a small minimum.

Surfacing Materials: GOLD: National Wood Solutions – Compact Wood

>Textiles: Upholstery

-GOLD: Loft Collection by Pallas Textiles: Industrial interior design reveals – not conceals – building materials, giving classic looks an edgy undertone. It combines time-honored yet contemporary pieces with a range of other aesthetics that are as much about style as function. The Loft Collection evokes this coherence of contradictions by giving chic vintage aesthetics an urban edge.

Upholstery Textiles: GOLD: Pallas Textiles – Loft

-SILVER: Raw Materials Collection by HBF Textiles: Designed in partnership with Elodie Blanchard, Raw Materials aims to make the office a ‘second home’ by adding warmth and humble designs to the workplace. The six new fabrics range from natural and simple tones to abstract and spontaneous patterns, meant to capture the essence of the yarn engaged. Double Stitch, Sideways, Outdoor Check, and Italian Wool can be used with simple line furniture and lighter woods in an open, airy office environment. Scribble XS and Scribble XL are woven versions of Ms. Blanchard’s stitched and painted artwork.

Upholstery Textiles; SILVER: HBF – Raw Materials Collection

-INNOVATION: PRFM by Carnegie: PFRM is an activewear-inspired upholstery collection from Carnegie in collaboration with Gensler. The designs take inspiration from the strength, durability and boldness of modern athletic apparel. The eight-pattern collection aims to deliver function, comfort and durability through high-performance material technology.

Upholstery Textiles: INNOVATION: Carnegie – PFRM

>Walls, Movable

-GOLD: SQAPE by Maars Living Walls: SQAPE is a high-quality steel wall system. All functions are fully integrated in the wall, resulting in a sleek surface with a concealed door, no visible doorframe, integrated door handle, and no visible hinges because of its pivot construction. The acoustic performance of SQAPE goes up to STC = 62dB and has been approved for 120 minutes fire resistance to European standards. Since SQAPE is made of steel, the wall has the advantages of being sustainable, magnetic, stable, and hygienic.

Movable Walls: GOLD: Maars Living Walls – SQAP

-SILVER: Acoustical Sliding Door by Maars Living Walls: Acoustical Sliding Door is third-party-lab tested to seal the entire door for superior acoustic performance, keeping sound in (or out) up to 35 decibels. It is comprised of soundproof glass and seals on all four sides – top, bottom, left and right. When closing the door, a special profile catches the door in between two sealing profiles/gaskets. The bottom part of the door uses a drop seal, which provides additional soundproofing. The door can be integrated in all of Maars Living Walls’ systems.

Movable Walls: SILVER: Maars Living Walls -Acoustical Sliding Door

>Wall Treatments

-GOLD: Transcend™ by Suzanne Tick by Skyline Design: See description in Architectural & Decorative Glass, above.

Wall Treatments: GOLD: Skyline Design – Transcend™ by Suzanne Tick

-SILVER: Wall Coverings by DuChateau: DuChateau wall coverings are an artful play of geometry, representing a re-imagined natural world that highlights the beauty of positive and negative space. Light and shadow dance across the natural tonalities of the wood. This product line features rich surface treatments and 13 bold colors.

Wall Treatments: SILVER: DuChateau – Wall-Coverings


-EDITORS’ CHOICE: -GOLD: Transcend™ by Suzanne Tick by Skyline Design: See description in Architectural & Decorative Glass, above.

Wall Treatments: EDITORS CHOICE: Skyline Design – Transcend™ by Suzanne Tick

>Window Treatments

-GOLD: Drapery and Sheers Collection by Innovations: This collection of 16 patterns, re-launched and expanded this summer with 80 new colorways, addresses the full range of design needs: solid sheers, dim-out draperies, textures and large-scale designs. Most are double-width, up to 130 inches wide for floor-to-ceiling continuous installations. The textiles are all fire-retardant, woven with combinations of FR polyester and Trevira CS. Innovations was the only 6th Floor winner, not listed as an official NeoCon exhibitor.

WindowTreatments: GOLD: Innovations – Drapery and Sheers Collection

-SILVER: Net Works by Carnegie: A collection of new draperies by Creation Baumann for Carnegie, Net Works draws inspiration from activewear, a fashion movement founded on high performance fabrics that move with the body. The Networks Collection uses the latest in knit technology to create three simple and vibrant nets that move and drape beautifully.

Window Treatments: SILVER: Carnegie – NetWorks

-INNOVATION: WhisperShade® DC Electronic Drive Unit by MechoSystems: The WhisperShade® DC Electronic Drive Unit is a powerful and very quiet low-voltage motor for shades, compatible with the MechoNet™ roller shade automation system. It features customizable preset shade positions and rotation speed, plus built-in networking capability.

Window Treatments: INNOVATION ;
MechoSystems – WhisperShadeÂŽ DC Electronic Drive Unit