officeinsight issue for June 15, 2020

Welcome to week four of officeinsight’s first ever

officeinsight’s 2020 Product Preview!

Last week, many of you tuned into a variety of virtual NeoConnect events, organized by the NeoCon team as well as many companies and firms across our industry. We hope you enjoyed these virtual experiences – that you learned something new, and that you were able to connect with your peers in some way or another.

Alongside the NeoCon team’s pivot to a virtual event in place of NeoCon, called NeoConnect, we are proud to continue helping companies present their new products with our 2020 Product Preview – our own virtual walk-through of all the new products we would have seen in Chicago during a traditional NeoCon.

This week, we venture outside the walls of theMART to visit showrooms around Chicago, from the short walk across the street to 325 North Wells, all the way to the trendy West Fulton Market district. Stay tuned for next week, where we’ll feature companies located on theMART’s Floors 6, 7 and 14. Happy browsing!

This week we’ve also published the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) newly released guidelines for businesses returning safely to the office. Returning to the office is around the corner for many regions around the United States, and workplace design circles have a unique relationship to the dynamics of working during COVID-19. We encourage our readers to review these guidelines to keep abreast of current policies and to better educate their clients who are hoping to execute smooth transitions back to the office.

– The team at officeinsight


>Allseating (325 North Wells)

Allseating: Exchange
Allseating: Exchange
Allseating: Exchange

An epitome of versatility, Exchange is an innovative modular soft seating system composed of a concise set of a components that can be customized into near endless configurations – over 180,000 to be exact – easily change a sofa into four separate chairs with screen dividers to increase safety precautions as employees return to the office post-COVID-19.

Allseating: L1

Allseating’s L1 is an ergonomic task chair inspired by the L1 vertebra, the most superior of the lumbar vertebrae that gives reinforcement to the entire upper spine. L1 lives up to its namesake by providing the end user with back support and comfort for the entire day. L1 accommodates a wide range of heights and body types to ensure all employees are being supported throughout the extended time spent at their desks. Featuring excellent functionality with a softer design, L1 remains at an affordable price point, proving style, comfort and health should never be sacrificed for cost. An integrated seat slider allows for simple and intuitive calibration, with two-directional arms that invite users to maneuver them for optimal forearm and shoulder comfort whether it be up and down, or backward and forward. In addition, L1 comes with an optional adjustable headrest and lumbar, tilt lock and tilt tension, that enables easy adaptation based on the needs of each user.

Allseating: Mantra
Allseating: Mantra

Mantra is an adaptable seating solution suitable for a variety of executive spaces, including private offices and small conference rooms. Conceptualized by in-house industrial designer Nita Chakravarty, Mantra is characterized by a mid-century “infinity loop” that connects the seat, back, and arms all together in a way that is both functional and sophisticated. Inspired by the classic elegance of European design, Mantra features a slim profile and a signature detail, the infinity loop, which is available in solid oak or polished aluminum. As its name suggests, Mantra was designed to encourage focus with its inviting shape and comfortable seat.

Allseating: Prata
Allseating: Prata

The contract market is saturated with great conference chairs, but upon closer look, world renowned industrial designer Carl Gustav Magnusson identified a common shortcoming: ease of adjustment. Affordable and striking from every angle, Magnusson has set a new standard: Prata utilizes a proprietary mechanism concealed within its seat frame that allows a user to naturally adjust their position. It’s not enough for a chair to provide features; paying attention to details such as where a person’s arm falls as they sit, and understanding how they utilize buttons and levers, will ultimately result in a chair that encompasses not only features, but seamless, intuitive functionality.

Allseating: RecoveryPod
Allseating: RecoveryPod

The Recovery Pod is a new healthcare product in collaboration with industrial designer Nick Gillissie. Uniquely designed to meet the needs of healthcare institutions and triage centers, this seating solution is Allseating’s innovative response to the growing and changing demands of the healthcare industry. Equipped with USB charging ports, a side table, and privacy walls, the custom Recovery Pod was conceptualized using existing parts from Allseating’s modular soft-seating line, Exchange. The Recovery Pod can be easily and affordably reconfigured. Covers can be reupholstered, meaning at any time, it can be converted into seating for waiting areas, staff lounges, family rooms and more.


InteriorArts: Fresh Data, Black Fresh
InteriorArts: Fresh Data, Deep Bisect
InteriorArts: Fresh Data, Black Intel Coffee
InteriorArts: Fresh Data, Subterranean Concrete

Fresh Data is a collection of 20 modern design laminates featuring luxurious textures and sophisticated neutrals. The colors are of understated luxury, predominantly subdued and trending European tones as well as backed off neutrals and warm tones. These colorways, like a dark grey with gold micro speckling for example, sync with furniture and carpet selections. Bold surface textures make these new laminates especially unique, pertinent and worthy of specification. The Bisect texture is a sublime diagonal, adding to its shining metallic look. It is available in bronze, a brushed and stainless look. Additionally, “Fresh Data” includes three new matte anti-fingerprint finishes, in black, white and grey. These are performance laminates that are anti-fingerprint and highly scratch resistant. To create, innovative acrylic resins are applied with electron beam curing. The result is an opaque, light absorbing surface with a soft, smooth and futuristic touch. “Fresh Data” is available now from InteriorArts in oversize 4 x 10 foot sizes with the exception of #6070 Black Fresh, which is 4 x 9 foot size. It’s a standard grade laminate at .031” thickness. It’s sourced from Italy, produced under stringent European workplace and environmental standards, and is stocked in the USA by InteriorArts and sold through the company’s nationwide distributor network.

>Kimball (325 North Wells)

Kimball: Embra

The Embra collections consists of freestanding and modular lounge seating and sleep sofas. It’s intuitively designed with thoughtful details; accessible power, storage and surfaces and provides comfortable spaces and seating for family interaction and quiet reflection.

Kimball: Frill, David Edward
Kimball: Frill, David Edward

Frill, part of the David Edward Collection by Kimball, is a family of tables that can be placed together to form a striking table ensemble or can stand alone with pride. Available in three sizes and metal base color options, Frill epitomizes a sublime juxtaposition of style and beauty. The elongated and ornate design of the turned base makes Frill a stand-out piece. The goal in the design of Frill was to create a family of tables that when placed together form a beautiful coffee table or could stand alone next to the perfect lounge piece.

Kimball: Thatcher, David Edward
Kimball: Thatcher, David Edward

Also part of the David Edward Collection by Kimball, Thatcher is a rich, warm lounge chair that provides beauty at every angle. Thatcher was conceived by Chicago designer Elliot Eakin, whose designs are about more than just furniture. They embody the belief that beautiful furniture can and should still be practical, elegant and approachable. Thatcher was originally inspired by the Chicago river bascule bridges with a goal to design a chair that should be seen from all sides, making it a piece worth displaying in the center of a room. The cantilevering backrest is uniquely contoured to float over the seat providing a soft elegance with comfort that supports extended periods of sitting. Eakin wanted to try and capture that chaotic movement of air in an antique bellow by segmenting and turning the natural graining of the wood.

Kimball: Whittaker

Whittaker is a timeless, modular lounge collection that combines elegant simplicity with an industrial aesthetic. Whittaker is offered in one, two and three seat lounges with or without arms in both a tight back and pillow back option. Benches, corners and peninsulas are also available. Contrasting fabric can be specified on areas throughout each piece. New finish options include gold, rose gold and chrome, in addition to existing Kimball standard finishes are available. Side pillows are available separately for use on models with convenience or full arms. Power/USB modules are available and can be attached anywhere underneath the unit for technology access. Components can also be joined together via a ganging device. Whittaker is level certified and holds the Indoor Air Quality gold standard.

Kimball: Whittaker Health
Kimball: Whittaker Health

With Whittaker Health, designers can combine clean-out components together to form multitudes of different configurations that support patients, families and guests. The line is available in one, two and three seat lounges with or without arms in both a tight back. Benches, corners and peninsulas are also available. The models all come standard with clean-out cushions with arms that are available in convenience and full heights. Intermittent arms allow for greater flexibility and support for today’s health spaces. Contrasting fabric can be specified on areas throughout each piece. New finish options include gold, rose gold and chrome, in addition to existing Kimball standard finishes are available. Side pillows are available separately for use on models with convenience or full arms. Power/USB modules are available and can be attached anywhere underneath the unit for technology access.  Components can also be joined together via a ganging device. Whittaker Health is level certified and holds the Indoor Air Quality gold standard. In addition, it meets the Healthier Hospitals Healthy Interiors criteria Version 2.3 that requires the elimination of formaldehyde, perflourinated compounds (PFAS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), antimicrobials, and all flame retardants from healthcare facilities.

>Knoll (Fulton Market – 811 West Fulton)

Knoll: Antenna Workspaces – Desktop Surround End Screen With Bridge Panel

Antenna Workspaces® Desktop Surround, End Screens with Bridge Panel, is a new screen solution. With design details to coordinate with existing Antenna Desk screens, these full-depth screens on both sides of desktop with spanning back panel provide full workstation enclosure. The end screens are available in fabric, laminate, markerboard laminate, and glass. The bridge panel is available in fabric and laminate. Available July 2020.

Knoll: K-screen – Metal with Cork

K-screen Metal Screens are slim metal screens mount on desktop to provide enclosure. Magnetic surface offers a place to display notes, documents or personal pictures. Expandable back panel allows one screen to fit virtually any top size. The screens are available in steel, steel with cork, or steel with felt. Available June 2020.

Knoll: K-Screen – Acrylic Screen

K-screen Acrylic Screens are acrylic screens mounted on the desktop to provide enclosure while maintaining access to natural light and open sight lines. An expandable back panel allows one screen to fit virtually any top size. Available with back panels in acrylic, magnetic steel, and steel with cork or felt for additional acoustic performance. Available June 2020.

Knoll: MB Lounge

The re-introduced 1929 MB Lounge is part of Marcel Breuer’s extensive work using tubular steel, a revolutionary material in furniture construction at the time. The MB Lounge features a seemingly continuous, free floating frame, simultaneously reflecting a tensile strength and straightforward elegance. The chair combines an upholstered foam cushion supported by horizontal metal springs that provide slight movement to the back, along with natural oak armrests that have a clear lacquer finish.

Knoll: Pop Up Easy Screen-Side
Knoll: Pop Up Easy Screen – U-surround

KnollExtra Pop Up™ Easy Screens, in Side and U-Surround shapes, provide immediate, temporary enclosure at both sides and back of a desktop with easy installation. The telescoping center panel and non-handed corners allow one screen to fit virtually any top size. Standalone side screen creates division between adjacent workspaces in a benching configuration. Available now in corrugated cardboard and corrugated plastic.

Knoll Textiles: Destination Collection
Knoll Textiles: Destination Collection – Cabana.
Knoll Textiles: Destination Collection – Indoor/outdoor
Knoll Textiles: Destination Collection – Stripe it and Vice Versa

From KnollTextiles is the new high-performance Destination Collection with four bleach cleanable upholsteries, drapery, privacy fabric and three vinyl wallcoverings. “The Destination Collection takes its cue from what surrounds and envelops us in both architecture and nature,” said Dorothy Cosonas, Creative Director KnollTextiles. This performance collection balances abstract and structural elements beautifully.

>Spinneybeck/FilzFelt (Fulton Market – 811 West Fulton)

Spinneybeck/FilzFelt: Silent Silo with FilzFelt 100% wool exterior and interior
Spinneybeck/FilzFelt: Silent Silo, FilzFelt 100% wool exterior and interior
Spinneybeck/FilzFelt: Silent Silo, Spinneybeck Dukta flexible wood exterior

Silent-Silo is an office booth that thinks outside the box, conceived by iconic designer, Carl Gustav Magnusson. Silent-Silo was designed to take up a smaller footprint while maximizing functionality. And unlike most office booths, Silent-Silo provides sound absorption on the outside to soften sound in its surroundings and benefits the occupant with a quiet interior. This unexpected circular booth comes in standard 48-inch diameter size with available finishes of FilzFelt’s 100% Wool Design Felt or Spinneybeck’s Dukta Flexible Wood on the exterior and felt on the interior. Open the sliding acrylic door to activate the occupancy sensor and turn on the light and fan. The efficient worksurface can be mounted on the left or right side and includes a power outlet, two USB outlets, a cup holder, plus a bag hook that holds possessions within reach. Silent-Silo launches in July, 2020. / 

>Trendway (325 North Wells)

Trendway: Acrylic Screens
Trendway: Acrylic Screens
Trendway: Acrylic creens


Trendway’s new Acrylic Screens allow you to easily convert your open plan office to a more seclude environment. There are many options to choose from to quickly retrofit any space when it’s time to move teams back into the office safely.

Trendway: Aera Max Pro

Tackle harmful germs, viruses, VOC’s and odors with AeraMax Pro, a series of commercial grade air purifiers. AeraMax is a perfect solution to clean the air we share, and they can be integrated with all three of Trendway’s movable walls for a seamless solution. This line of professional grade air purifiers are proven leaders to effectively eliminate up to 99.9% of contaminants. Surface cleaning only goes so far; this sophisticated technology tackles the toughest germs for a healthier environment.

Trendway: Zadi

With its comfort and style, the Zadi Chair is just right for so many spaces, from the training room to the private office. Light and mobile, Zadi is perfect for the fast-pace of the modern workplace.

Trendway: Zona

Zona is a flip/nest table with a twist – when stacked for storage, Zona’s unique design rotates the legs to create a clean, simple profile.

>Unika Vaev

Unika Vaev: Bubbly

Bubbly is a high-performance bleach cleanable fabric woven with proprietary yarns from the Bella-Dura brand. The unique blending of a multi-textured boucle yarn, surrounded by a complex heathered slub yarn, allow for elegant depth and a soft tactile hand. Bubbly proudly passes 85,000 double rubs and is available in six different colors.

Unika Vaev: Bubbly & Suede Plush

Suede Plush provides the luxury and softness of a high-quality suede while performing at a higher level. This product is inherently ink resistant, stain resistant and resistant to liquids such as red wine and ketchup. Alcohol swabs or warm soap and water provide for ease of cleanability. Suede Plush is an ideal choice for heavy duty upholstery and panel applications while boasting 250,000 double rubs and 16 sumptuous color offerings.

Unika Vaev: dB Pillar
Unika Vaev: dB Pillar
Unika Vaev: dB Pillar
Unika Vaev: dB Pillar

The new dB Pillar Collection is a game-changer in the field of acoustic furniture. In combination with the material and the pillar design, the collection employs unique acoustic features that radically reduce the level of low frequency noise. dB Pillar is also unique from an environmental viewpoint; the pillars are filled with textile scraps from Abstracta’s factory. In the dB Pillar design, the Swedish designer Thomas Bernstrand explores the potential of an essential element of architecture to add new value and function to a space: the pillar. Since antiquity, the pillar has been used as support for buildings but also as an ornament or a monument. Thomas Bernstrand’s version of the pillar makes a playful reference to the latter. dB Pillar includes tables, stools and pillars available in various heights and features. The products are available in a wide selection of fabrics and colors. The tables include power outlets for phones and laptops.

Unika Vaev: ecoustic Sculpt Tile Collection – Zig
Unika Vaev: ecoustic Sculpt Tile Collection – Taper
Unika Vaev: ecoustic Sculpt Tile Collection – Cove

Three new refreshing designs compliment the ecoustic Sculpt™ Tile Collection. Sculpt is designed for easy installation in standard or slimline drop ceiling grid systems. The ecoustic Sculpt™ Tile Collection adds character and elevated design to any interior space. The three new tile designs are ecoustic Sculpt™ Cove, ecoustic Sculpt™ Taper, ecoustic Sculpt™ Zig. Cove creates a sense of visual tension via the articulation of two principal elements in concert. This choreography creates a striking ceiling tile design based on simple geometry that encourages the eye to look towards the sky. Designed by Large Arts Design, Taper is an elegant ceiling tile featuring reverse profiles that come together to form a strong leading point. This design provides a subtle variation of highlight and shadow compared to the more orthodox rectangular form of the Sculpt Classic Tile. Also designed by Large Arts Design, Zig is a sculptural ceiling tile that features geometric elements to create strong visual lines. Inspired by art deco form, the ecoustic Sculpt™ Zig creates a sense of movement and direction via its strong visual axis.

Unika Vaev: Trumpet

Trumpet functions as an inverted trumpet reducing noise while providing soft lighting. Trumpet is remarkably thin, resulting in an aesthetic elegance to any space wile contributing to noise reduction. The lighting solution was designed for a dining room in an Andorra ski-resort, which, on an average day is filled with 400 energetic kids with ski boots. Trumpet was designed by Cutu Mazuelos and Eva Prego for Stone Designs, whose work is influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian culture. Like many of their designs, Trumpet is characterized by simplicity and a careful attention to detail. ”It is not an acoustic panel with LED lighting; it’s a lamp with acoustic properties,” noted designer Cutu Mazuelos. Trumpet has a solid wood body and an acoustic core made from recycled waste fabrics and used PET bottles. It comes in two standard sizes in a wide selection of fabrics and colors. Custom sizes are also available.