officeinsight’s NeoConnect 2020 Product Preview: 10th Floor

Welcome back to the first edition of officeinsight’s 

NeoConnect 2020 Product Preview!

Last week, we debuted the first installation in our NeoConnect 2020 Product Preview – a virtual walk-through of all the new products we would have seen walking the 3rd floor of theMART during a traditional NeoCon. This year, of course, is anything but traditional due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And so, alongside the NeoCon team’s pivot to a virtual event in place of NeoCon, called NeoConnect, we are proud to continue helping companies present their new products with our NeoConnect Product Preview.

This week, we’re walking the virtual halls of theMART’s Floor 10, home to many exceptional manufacturers and a great crop of new products. Stay tuned for next week’s Floor 11 preview!

– The team at officeinsight



3form: DeskPartition

3form releases a new design collection of its flagship resin product, Varia, introducing a curated palette of patterns and colors to make the challenge of material selection less time consuming, but no less creative. Varia is known for its ability to be formed into beautiful shapes, and allowing designers to create virtually any look by adjusting color, pattern, and translucency. However, custom designs take a considerable amount of time to specify, and designers are increasingly asked to do more with less. In response, 3form considered how to more effectively assist designers in their material choices. The result is a Varia collection assembled by 3form’s VP of Design, a former Nike director of design, expertly pairing color and pattern. The new Varia Design Collection is providing options that embrace the high design and even higher performance that designers have come to expect from 3form products

As partitions become a workplace necessity to provide healthy separation of workstations, 3form has created a line of desk partitions that not only provide a surface that is made to withstand the demands of everyday use and rigorous cleaning, but an office addition that enhances the workplace through beautiful design. 3form is offering easy-to-install hardware that leaves no damage to the desktop when it is removed. The translucent desk partition utilizes Varia, a durable, architectural-grade resin. Varia contains 40% pre-consumer recycled content, is GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified, weighs half as much as glass while having 40x the impact strength, carries a strong fire rating, and comes with a Declare label. The partitions come in several levels of division, from a full wrap-around to a smaller, centered screen. Varia is easily disinfected and chemical-resistant, while able to enhance a space and match any aesthetic or brand with its multitude of pattern options including handcrafted artisan designs, biophilic interlayers, rich and modern textiles, digitally printed imagery, and 250 different colors. 3form’s desk partitions can be incorporated into an existing office setup with minimal disruption to the layout, offering a significantly more attractive and permanent solution than temporary plastic screens. Varia’s translucency allows for light transmission which can be adjusted based on pattern selection, creating customizable levels of privacy.

3form: New Collection For Varia

>9to5 Seating (10-109)

9to5 Seating: Sol

Sol is a new task chair specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s agile workplace. Sol features a flexible back, adjustable arms and seat, engineered to support a range of working postures for users on cell phones, tablets or laptops. Sol’s pivot back technology was created to enable the torso rotation and side-to-side movement necessary for sharing or reading screens beyond the desktop. Its upwardly tapered back addresses the need for seating that allows for free movement of the shoulders and arms for users of devices of all kinds. These innovations round out Sol’s other ergonomic design features, including adjustable arms, seat, lumbar and synchro mechanism. The new task chair starts at $925 list, is BIFMA LEVEL 1, GREENGUARD Gold certified and warranted to 300 lbs.


>AIS (10-1086)

AIS: LB Ledge
AIS: LB Ledge

LB Ledge is a new enhancement to the LB Lounge. LB Ledge helps designers create multi-purpose spaces with worksurfaces for focused work and proximity to gathering areas supporting small, collaborative groups. With the evolving needs of workspaces, LB Ledge provides areas for distanced social interactions providing users areas in height differentiation to perch or comfortably sit to join adjacent conversations. LB Ledge delivers additional seating for impromptu meetings with a sophisticated look and a minimal footprint. Available with one depth, and several widths, LB Ledge can be specified on the three back heights of the LB Lounge and provides designers with flexibility to accommodate a wide range of environments. With shared finishes, geometry and dimensions, LB Ledge integrates easily with AIS products. It is available in heights of 34, 42, 50” to align with AIS panels systems. Combine LB Ledge with bookshelves and provide users useable surfaces and storage for social and transition areas. Pair with Calibrate Series for LB Lounge corner and coffee table for a complete and comfortable destination area.

AIS: Refreshed Colors Materials & Finishes

AIS will also debut a newly refreshed colors, materials and finishes collection. Over 70 new, dynamic options have been added to its Grade A and B upholstery offering. The new collection focuses on refined textured plains and small-scale patterns in rich neutrals and vibrant hues. The refreshed palette is designed to coordinate with its existing mesh, paint, and trim options. Curated by industry leader, Kerry Rowe, a colors, materials, and finish consultant, the breadth of the new AIS textile collection represents collaborations with innovative textile partners resulting in a wide range of versatile options. “The foundation of this collection features sophisticated textures in a variety of updated color options.” said Kerry Rowe. AIS has actively updated its materials to inspire designers and respond to changing trends.

AIS: AISScreenSelections
AIS: Channel Supported Screen

AIS Screens are a simple way to provide enclosure, encourage social distancing, and create peace-of mind for employers and their employees returning to work. Three screen options are easy to retrofit on site and can help build for the changing needs of the future. The screens are available in a variety of materials, including laminate, whiteboard, vinyl, fabric (including antimicrobial), glass and clear Lexan™ polycarbonate options. The Slimline screens have a slim frame design and can be mounted surface undersurface, or side mount. Mounting surface choices of all AIS paint Grade A paint finishes. Channel supported screens are available in clear glass and Lexan polycarbonate with mounting surface choices of all AIS paint Grade A paint finishes. Options include surface and undersurface mount. Coming later this summer, PET can also be used here. With metallic silver frames, Clip Supported screens are available in clear glass and Lexan polycarbonate. A variety of mounting methods are offered, including surface mount, under surface mount and freestanding. The screens can be retrofitted on a broad range of AIS products including all height adjustable tables, Divi® Linear, Divi®, Matrix™, Day-to-Day® PowerBeam and Tables, Aloft®, and Oxygen®.

>Andreu World (10-132) 

Andreu World:.Hula Wood Barstool

Hula Wood Barstool, designed by Benjamin Hubert, has an oak or walnut wood and an injection swivel central base finished in different colors.


Andreu World: Alya Barstool

Alya Barstool adds to the Alya collection of fully upholstered lounge chairs with solid wood or metal bases. Its serene silhouette embraces the body, inviting you to relax into its form. The Alya is born from the lounge chair archetype, but from a completely modern perspective. The design was developed from an ergonomic perspective and is suitable for contract spaces and residential areas alike thanks to its high versatility and two backrest options.

Andreu World: Dado XL Curve

The Dado XL Curve adds to the Dado system of sofas created by Alfredo Häberli and conceived from modularity and an eye for detail. The geometry of the new components extends the possibilities of configuration: back to back, curved compositions; islands of seats for large public spaces or long lines capable of organizing the circulation of people and offering a moment of rest.

>Atlas Masland (10-102)

Atlas Masland: Hangout-Settle-In
Atlas Masland: Hangout-Stay Awhile

Hangout is a new collection of two styles available in both broadloom and carpet tile designed for the tenant improvement market. Manufactured with 100% solution-dyed Universal Fibers® type 6 nylon, Hangout offers two versatile all-loop patterns. Stay Awhile is a smaller scale tailored linear geometric pattern, and Settle In is a larger scale pattern with a disrupted grid. “Carpet for the tenant improvement market must be versatile and easy to use but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on style,” said Elena Córdoba, executive director of design, product development, and marketing for AtlasMasland. “We designed these linear, gridded patterns and then intentionally jumbled them up so that these products do not require pattern matching.” Hangout’s color palette includes an essential blend of six adaptable neutrals and grays that can be utilized in an array of environments. “Hangout provides a quiet backdrop that delivers an interesting floor that doesn’t compete with other interior furnishings and finishes,” said Córdoba. “I do see potential crossover application to the corporate market.”

AtlasMasland: Living-Achievements-Purposeful & Intrepid

AtlasMasland also introduces the Living Series, a carpet collection for senior living. In this collection, an exxtensive selection of broadloom and carpet tile patterns combines key elements of senior living, hospitality, and multi-family into one complete offering. Living Series has a program of dual portfolios entitled Achievements and Blossoming, which include a total of 16 coordinating patterns presented in 13 on-trend colors that are offered in both carpet tile and broadloom. “The Living Series is a response to marketplace demand for more modern

Atlas Masland: Revealed-Unmask & Unveil

and contemporary flooring designs for today’s seniors. Senior living communities are evolving and adapting to the expectations of well-traveled, sophisticated baby-boomers who want better flooring designs than muted pink and green florals,” said Elena Córdoba, executive director of design, product development, and marketing for AtlasMasland. “Because I am approaching that season of my life, The Living Series is very personal to me. I think of aging more as growing, and that’s why I named the portfolios Achievement and Blossoming.” Featuring a tip sheared and loop construction, the patterns from both portfolios are designed to be combined throughout a space for visual interest.

Revealed is a new collection of three bold modular carpet styles manufactured with Thrive® by Universal Fibers – “the most environmentally conscious solution-dyed carpet fiber in the world.” Inspired by the art of excavation where timeworn artifacts and rare fossils are discovered, Revealed blends rich colors and provocative styling intended for the workplace. Pattern Unmask resembles brushes of color found deep in the earth. Uncover translates the undulation of minerals, and Unveil is an elegant staccato linear pattern. All three patterns are offered in a palette of 12 neutral bases with pops of green and blue. The patterns are designed to stand alone or work together, and many of the colorways can be combined. Revealed is manufactured with Thrive which consists of 75% recycled pre and post-consumer material while reducing carbon emissions by 70%. As an early adopter, AtlasMasland was first to launch products with Thrive, and has since reduced carbon emissions by approximately 1 million pounds per year which translates to an annual offset benefit equal to all the trees in Central Park, NYC. In addition to the use of Thrive, Revealed features Sustaina™, a non-PVC, non-polyurethane, recycled backing system. The combined use of Thrive and Sustaina establish Revealed as the most sustainable modular carpet in the marketplace.

Atlas Masland: Room Service

Room Service is a collection of three broadloom patterns specifically designed for hotel rooms. “The styling for these three broadloom patterns is deliberately undefined and understated in order to provide a floorscape that complements a wide range of hospitality furnishings and finishes,” said Elena Córdoba, executive director of design, product development, and marketing for AtlasMasland. Room Service offers three distinct tip-sheared loop non-directional patterns. The yarn construction in these patterns create an ombré effect which causes a subtle undulation across the carpet. The color palette features versatile gray neutrals and rich charcoals with touches of warmth.

>Bentley Mills, Inc. (10-1098)

Bentley: Invisible Visionaries-Interlude
Bentley:Invisible Visionaries-Allegro

Inspired by all the behind-the-scenes masters of their crafts, Bentley created Invisible Visionaries, a new carpet collection spotlighting the details – and the designers – that come together to give light and life to everyday experiences. Invisible Visionaries specifically applauds the tremendous talent of costume designers with Allegro™ and Interlude™. With its nod to the fabrics of the trade, Allegro explores the juxtaposition of the delicate nature of what a dancer wears and the physicality of how that costume must perform. It’s grace and grit personified. While Allegro represents movement, Interlude examines craft, and the constant pleating and pinning that happens with each fitting. Interlude displays repetitive patterns that become altered with each use. “Costume designers are true artisans, yet their critical role in the success of any production is often overlooked and undervalued,” explains Ginger Gilbert, vice president of product design and development for Bentley. “Every costume must effortlessly fit – the scene, character, body type, director’s intent. It must capture vision, meet performance expectations, adapt to needs and align with styles. Allegro and Interlude are offered in 12 classic colors. Designed to perform, the products are made with Antron® Lumena™ Type 6,6 Solution-Dyed Nylon and feature the latest in tufting and color technology. Allegro and Interlude are available in 18-inch x 36-inch and 24-inch square carpet tiles and 12-foot, 6-inch broadloom.

Dress it up or dress it down, Suitable is a must-have, goes-with-everything design no matter the vision or project need: from education interiors to corporate offices, quick turnaround jobs to tight-budget projects. Its deeply textured pattern is reminiscent of tweeded plaid – classic yet contemporary. The product’s 14 colorways are just as timeless: rich neutrals threaded with modern pops of color. Part of Bentley’s Fast Track line, Suitable is available in 18-inch x 36-inch and 24-inch square carpet tiles and 12-foot broadloom. Suitable is Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM, NSF® 140 certified, CRI Green Label Plus certified and produced in a LEED®-EB:OM Gold-certified manufacturing facility. Along with

Bentley: Suitable

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Health Product Declarations (HPDs), Suitable also features the Declare® label and has achieved LBC Compliant status through the Living Building Challenge.

>Brentano Fabrics (10-1040A)

Brentano Fabrics: Traveler Collection

Echoing Brentano Founder and Design Director, Iris Wang’s love for exploration, 15 new introductions from the Traveler Collection are each informed by the design team’s interactions with talented artisans from across the globe. The Spring 2020 introduction embodies the emboldened spirit of distant lands and the sense of adventure they evoke.

Brentano Fabrics: Traveler Collection – Dorado

Showcasing the talents of Brentano’s creative young designers, the Traveler Collection features whimsical draperies, sumptuous, inspired pattern work and fundamental textures for everyday use. The intricate designs and jewel-toned palette creates an intimate, color focused journey, reflective of our interactions and experiences with some of the most storied and enchanting places from around the world. Two stunning in-house fabric designs take center stage in this diverse and adventurous collection of patterns inspired by our world travels. DORADO is a captivating upholstery fabric that plays with shifting shades of color to create multi-faceted, dimensional layers. The second, equally as stunning addition, OLYMPIA, draws inspiration from the sinuous beauty of Malachite. An upholstery fabric, Olympia features an artistic interpretation of the natural, flowing lines of this rare stone, and uses them to create a bold, space-defining graphic fabric.

>BuzziSpace (10-111)

Buzzi Space: BuzziTripl Desk
Buzzi Space: BuzziTripl Home
Buzzi Space: BuzziTripl WrapDesk

BuzziTriple is a new privacy panel collection by BuzziSpace that provides optimal concentration and safety at home and office. BuzziTripl is an easy-to-install desk and room partition collection that enables concentration and brings about peace of mind by feeling safe at work. With no set-up limitations, it is an ideal solutiion for the ever-changing ways we work and live. Improving concentration and promoting physical distance have never been so easy with the BuzziTripl privacy panel collection. BuzziTripl Desk and BuzziTriple Wrap Desk are developed with tabletop applications in mind. BuzziTripl Desk shields against noise and visual disruptions, while BuzziTriple Wrap Desk has the added benefit to convert a regular desk into a more private and cocooning space. Both versions offer separation and distance from people to ensure a healthier communal work environment and to mitigate safety concerns in today’s social climate. BuzziTripl Home’s side panels can be folded in for easy rearrangement and storage, made optimally for compact homes and families where working and living happen simultaneously. The lightweight solution is available in Low and High versions. BuzziTripl Home Low creates an intimate environment where concentration and comfort are desired while kids and others are around, whereas BuzziTripl Home High serves double duty as a screen to eliminate visual clutter that may appear in the background during professional video meetings as well as a room partition or a play room for the kids, while you are working. The BuzziTripl collection uses three layers of BuzziFelt, a BuzziSpace proprietary material made of recycled PET to capture and reduce sound. Offered in wedged and round corners, the panels are available in a variety of monochrome or bi-color options. Rounding out the collection is its tack-able surface, adding a layer of personalization and convenience to accommodate notes, photos, grocery lists, and more.

>Camira Fabrics (10-106)

Camira Fabrics: Oceanic

Oceanic is a fabric born of the SEAQUAL Initiative designed to combat marine plastic pollution and achieve a waste free environment. It is created entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic – from debris floating discarded in our seas, used to make SEAQUAL yarn, to bottles thrown away and destined for landfill. One small drop in the mission to clean both the earth and its ocean, this contemporary fabric is a recycled polyester with a purpose.

>Carnegie Fabrics (10-112)

Carnegie Fabrics: Xorel Artform Cascade And Connect

Xorel Artform Cascade and Xorel Artform Connect are new high performance acoustical panels configured in hanging screen formats to artfully separate space and address privacy and noise concerns in open environments. Xorel Artform is a versatile acoustical panel system that combines the beauty and performance of Xorel textiles with proven sound absorbing qualities to transform interior wall and ceiling spaces in form and function without disruption. Building on the noise reduction property of our panels, Xorel Artform Cascade offers a bold interior statement that effectively divides open spaces. Layered baffles form a beautiful cascade that diminishes the impact of interior sound. Xorel Artform Connect provides a superior acoustical solution for any open environment. Designed to beautifully divide space, our noise reducing baffles seamlessly connect for an easily installed interior solution.

Introducing Boost – the first furniture piece launched under Carnegie’s new Space division. Designed in collaboration with Rainlight Studio, we took up the challenge of creating a unique seating form based on Carnegie’s new Xorel Knit. The result is Boost Ottoman, a playful and colorful multi- layered form with innumerable design options. Boost was created to be durable and stylish in any space where people gather, create, and collaborate. The Boost Ottoman is built tough and doesn’t mind being pushed around… quite literally. Besides its unique shape, what sets Boost apart is the textile it was designed around – Xorel Knit. Its high-performance character makes Boost perfect for high use areas where the wear and tear of the workplace, health place or hotel space can take its toll. Xorel Knit covers Boost with the ability to resist abrasion, punctures and stains.

>C.F. Stinson (10-150)

C.F. Stinson: Balance with Sunbrella® Assure

Balance with Sunbrella Assure is the healthcare industry’s first textile collection that includes Sunbrella Assure ,which is a sustainably engineered fluorine-free technology that delivers water-based stain repellency and enhanced durability. Balance features obvious biophilic elements such as leaves and flowers, and more subtle references include nighttime constellations and landscape vistas. The soothing effect of strong symmetry is leveraged while the repetition of shapes establishes a predictability that is comforting. All patterns in the Balance collection are woven in the USA, and have achieved GREENGUARD Gold, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and Facts Silver Certifications, in addition to Prop 65 and Healthier Hospitals Initiative Compliances. The line features six textiles in 43 colors.

>Clarus Glassboards (10-1033A)

Clarus Glassboards: Tru Mount

Launched in November 2019, TruMount is Clarus Glassboard’s new hardware hanging system that streamlines the installation process for their most popular wall-mounted glassboards, Float™. “We considered the pain points associated with traditional hanging systems,” said Dony Dawson, VP of Design at Clarus. “Our passion lies in finding solutions to problems that others have given up on. TruMount streamlines glassboard installation for our customers, saving them both time and money. Our engineers considered the difficulty of working with uneven walls plus the damages derived from these installations. As a result, we developed a new, innovative hanging system that changes everything. Installers no longer need to drill additional holes in a wall when hardware adjustments need to be made. The all-in-one system allows installers to make adjustments as small as 1/16” in the X, Y, and Z planes before the board is even hung. This feature reduces time, cost, and frustration that is common with current installation hardware options. Learn more about the innovative design.

>Concertex (10-103)

Concertex: Warp Collection

The new Warp Collection is a digitally printed, bleach cleanable vinyl collection with a gentle ombre stripe.

Concertex: Tekloom-Flux

Concertex’s new Tekloom products – Apex, Parallel, and Flux – use Tekloom’s ground-breaking technology that chemically bonds a woven with the durable components of a coated fabric to create a new, fused textile. Suitable for the rigorous demands of all high-traffic areas, the Tekloom textiles are bleach cleanable, Graffiti Free, impermeable to liquids, and surpasses over 1,000,000 double rubs. The new textiles and coated fabrics are available in shades of warm and cool evergreens, crisp orange tones, and fresh mint hues. The product offerings also include bright, vivacious colors as well as a wide range of cool, confident shades of navy, and breathtakingly beautiful neutrals.

>GMi Companies – Ghent, Waddell, VividBoard (10-1060)

GMi Companies-Ghent: Prest Mobile Whiteboard

 From Ghent, the new Prest mobile whiteboard elevates the mobile whiteboard from purely functional to a beautiful piece of furniture. The prominent wood frame and matte black steel construction create an eye-catching combination that will contribute to the aesthetic of a space. Swap out one of the whiteboard surfaces for tackable fabric that provides a unique surface for collaboration and reduces noise. With multiple wood finishes and fabric available, Prest can be designed to fit seamlessly into any office. The combination of matte black steel and the wood frame create a symphony, with multiple wood and fabric options. The two-sided panel configurations present two options: 1) Porcelain Whiteboard and Porcelain Whiteboard, or 2) Porcelain Whiteboard and Acoustically-rated Fabric Tackboard. There are three stain options for the wooden frame: Natural Oak, Carmel Oak, and Driftwood Oak. Simple to maintain, the porcelain surface is bright white and easy to keep clean. The wear-resistant surface does not absorb ink, eliminating staining and ghosting that would otherwise result from repeated use. Designed for longevity, the porcelain enameled surface keeps the dry erase surface from scratching or denting. A magnetic accessory holder is included to keep all the essentials in one spot. Four colored markers and an eraser are part of the package. Prest’s heavy-duty locking casters allow it to move from carpet to hard floors effortlessly.

GMiCompanies-Waddell Define

Waddell is expanding its display and space division solutions with the introduction of Define, a collection of modular pieces used to define “third spaces.” Define is a solution meant for community spaces to provide an alternative to architectural built-ins, serving as millwork but on a furniture budget and purchase order. With less being spent on individual workspaces and more on the common collaboration areas, there is a need for more space division, branding, mobility, privacy, and noise reduction options from a product perspective. Define takes all of Waddell’s strengths as an American made manufacturer and combines them into one unit to meet the demands of how work life is changing.

GMiCompanies-Waddell Define

Define creates spaces, or microzones, to conduct semi-private conversations, promote collaborative workstations, and creates definition between public entries and more private offices or lounges. Without walls, products need to be modular and configurable. With choices of a Collaboration, Display, Bench or Planter, Define allows for definition of space and creates privacy but also is adaptable to the changing needs of the space. Comprised of whiteboard surfaces, storage, and space division, Define offers a cohesive approach to space planning. Its nearly limitless configurations and options work seamlessly in the workplace, particularly open-plan spaces. With a slim profile, angled base, and simple drawer pulls, Define works well in any space from modern to traditional. Choose from a variety of standard laminates or custom match the finish to other furnishings in the space for a seamless look. Combine units to get the right mix of colorful glassboards, acoustic panels, and shelves for display to personalize the space. The Bench unit can have cushions to match the interior, or forgo the seating altogether and replace them with plants to add in a biophilic element to increase happiness, air quality, and warmth.

>Inscape (10-1095)

Inscape: Rockit Bench Freestanding Mobile Applications

Introduced previously as a linear bench, RockIt has now evolved to include 90-degree planning with freestanding mobile applications to provide a complete workspace solution. A wide range of applications can be configured through RockIt’s simple and flexible bench platform. By rotating the surfaces 90 degrees from the linear RockIt core, and adding surface mounted privacy screens, RockIt can achieve more private workstations with a systems feel while using light-scale benching components in the open environment.

Inscape: Rockit Bench Freestanding Mobile Applications

RockIt’s accessory-driven powered core can now be unlinked from the surfaces to become a truly freestanding and adaptable spine. Along with new under core shelving, the fully mobile electric height adjustable tables offer complete control over when and where users want to work. Soft-touch surface-mounted screens provide privacy and a visual harmony. User-adjustable accessories, storage, and privacy screens simply click, hang or pop in or out of place on a multipurpose channel in the frame and leg.

>Integra (10-140)

Integra: Alpine Collection-Brighton Island Seat

Integra Seating is announcing several updates to its Alpine Collection, reflecting the enhanced maintenance and personal safety requirements needed for today’s commercial interior environments. The Brighton, Solitude and Alta Series, all part of the Alpine Collection, now feature an all-sides clean-out option. With space between the seat, the back and the sides, this feature not only reduces the time needed to clean the seat, but enables more of the entire seat and surrounding surfaces to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized as needed, since debris can easily fall to the ground without getting lodged within the seat. All chairs within the series are also available with solid surface arm caps, which are easy to clean and sanitize. The steel bar or cylinder leg options are also durable and easy to clean and maintain. The Brighton, Solitude and Alta chairs within the Alpine Collection are compliant with the Healthier Hospitals Initiative of Safer Chemicals Challenge.

>Interface (10-134)

Interface: 5th Ave Collab

Capturing the essence of the well-known Manhattan thoroughfare, with its museums, high-end retail and luxury apartments, 5th Ave Collab™ was designed in partnership with several NYC-based customers. The collection features elevated palettes of gray that range from cool to warm, plush to flat, linear to organic. With a style to complement every preference, 5th Ave Collab offers a refined balance of neutral textures to uplift any space. 5th Ave Collab features eight existing Interface carpet tile products, including one FLOR product, in eight neutral colorways: natural, black, fog, titanium, pewter, pepper, ink and indigo. 5th Ave Collab is made with recycled nylon, and like all Interface products globally, is part of the company’s Carbon Neutral Floors™ program that zeroes out the carbon emissions associated with the lifecycle of the product.

Brushed Lines™ offers a diffused linear texture in dusty hues, delivering a high-end look that stands up to everyday use. Reflecting the inherent charm of older buildings adapted for reuse and naturally weathered elements, the luxury vinyl tile (LVT) product has an understated sophistication that reflects today’s popular industrial design trend. Featuring a subtle design inspired by raw and natural motifs and a light-capturing quality that makes the flooring lightly shimmer, Brushed Lines delivers modern refinement. Its 16 colorways range from warm and cool neutrals to pops of earthy, mineral-like tones, with options that include Blush, Honey, Rouge, Celadon Teal Oxide and Eucalyptus. Launched with the announcement of Interface LVT products now containing 39% pre-consumer recycled content, Brushed Lines is both impactful on the floor and on the planet, delivering high-performance standards at no additional cost to the customer. Brushed Lines™ is certified carbon neutral through Interface’s Carbon Neutral Floors™ program and is fully recyclable through ReEntry™. And, because Brushed Lines includes Sound Choice™ backing, it offers the beauty and performance of hard surface without the noise.

Interface: Thread Story
Interface: Thread Story

Thread Story™ celebrates weaving as an artform as well as the beauty and handcrafted nature of woven textiles. Designed by David Oakey, the collection features six plank carpet tile styles encompassing timeless woven techniques and Bauhaus-inspired graphic patterns. As the texture and scale of pattern increases within the collection, so does the use of color, ranging from low contrast neutrals to higher contrast blended neutrals, and fresh but muted color that adds a sophisticated punch to the boldest pattern in the collection. Included in the Thread Story collection are a total of six products in 16 coordinating colorways. Thread Story carpet tile is made with recycled nylon, and like all Interface products globally, is part of the company’s Carbon Neutral Floors™ program that zeroes out the carbon emissions associated with the lifecycle of the product.

>J+J Flooring Group / Invision / Kinetex / EF Contract (10-118)

J+J FlooringGroup: Storyline

Storyline is a portrayal of contrasting fractured lines that flow side-by-side over a neutral canvas. The large-scale shattered rows of fresh, bold colorways create a one-of-a-kind, contemporary scenario. Storyline is a companion to the Narrative design, and comes in 12 colors, in a 12”x 48” modular carpet.

J+J Flooring Group: Narrative

Narrative by J+J Flooring reimagines the arrangement of dissipating lines of expressive color and complementing neutrals. Its loosely defined linear pattern speaks volumes for creative, modern interiors. Narrative is a companion to the Storyline design, and comes in 14 colors, in a 12”x 48” modular carpet.

J+J Flooring Group: Tweed

Tweed by J+J Flooring. The renowned appeal of this iconic and timeless woven fabric is reflected in our new tweed-inspired tile. The rugged texture and earthy colors make this enduring Donegal tweed design a classic, yet fresh and essential backdrop. Tweed is available in 17 colors, in a 12”x 48” modular carpet. / /

>LightArt (10-142)

LightArt: Coli Collection

The new Coil Collection converts waste into monochrome pendants. After over two years of painstaking internal research & development, LightArt is thrilled to finally share Coil’s distinct matte fixtures with the world. Unexpected from a fixture produced through additive manufacturing, the Coil Collection looks and feels like pottery, spun and handcrafted. The new Coil Collection addresses a central question the industry is facing: What can we do with waste? The team worked with the engineering division of parent company 3form to figure out what the base material possibilities were, and pushed the boundaries in collaboration with other polymer companies across the U.S. to tap into a collective expertise and drive for innovation. The Coil Collection is made from internal waste material, but the brand hopes to expand the practice throughout the industry over time, as the LightArt facility strives to become a manufacturer of goods that are net positive in climate, waste and energy.

>LINAK (10-100)


LINAK introduces a brand-new hand control, making the handling of complex movement in adjustable medical equipment easier than ever before. The new HB190 comes with 19 buttons, 21 LEDs and a wealth of beneficial features, all easy to navigate and control – right at your fingertips. Advanced medical equipment often includes an adjustment system consisting of several actuators and additional features. Movement patterns in, for example, operating tables or hospital beds can be rather complex, and the wellbeing of patients often depends on fast and precise adjustment of the application. The new LINAK® hand control HB190 gives the healthcare professional a quick and logical overview of the application’s multiple movement options and likely many extra features, all-in-one. The HB190 is designed to help the user navigate all the application’s possible movement patterns with a minimum of effort. Users can quickly activate the right activity and efficiently increase patient comfort as well as staff efficiency. Layout can be customized to fit your specific application.

>Luna Textiles (10-106)

Luna Textiles: Spring 2020 Collection – Mason

Luna’s Spring 2020 Collection includes a mix of high performance, sustainability minded, and yet value driven textiles. Our inspiration for this collection comes from the independent, forward-thinking solutions of off-the-grid communities from around the world. With a commitment to living without a reliance on public utilities, off-the-Grid communities have designed a lifestyle and buildings that represent their commitment to sustainability and value. This style of living allows people to be self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, and cost conscious. In this spirit, Luna designed its new collection of grid-inspired textures that pull from the principles of off-the-grid living. The collection is motivated by sustainability. Recycled and/or bio-based materials are key elements in many of the textiles. As low-cost living is a significant component of being an off-grid resident, the design team focused on creating value driven textiles, at reasonable price-points. Style, sustainability, performance, and value come together in Luna’s Metro. Inspired by New York subway tiles, this urban texture features a refined yet highly durable woven structure that is sure to hold up to any high traffic environment. Engineered for both Upholstery and Panel application, Metro is bleach-cleanable, boasts 100K double rubs abrasion, and is offered in 25 trend inspired colors. Mason is a luxuriously felted wool with a colorful grid design, taken out of sharp focus. The vibrant yarns within its construction are beautifully diffused by the felting process. Mason is comprised of 100% bio-based and rapidly renewable content, and free of added chemical finishes or backings. Offered in seven earthenware inspired color-ways, and with a matte finish, Mason is sure to add warmth and nuance to any commercial or cross-over project.


Luna Textiles: Blueprint

Blueprint We are excited to introduce the addition of 8 new colorways for Luna’s popular textile, Blueprint (launched as part of the Case Study Collection, Neocon 2019). Warm neutrals and pops of color have been added to Blueprint’s original base of cool neutrals. Soft, refined chenille resting against a rigid frame, mark Luna’s Blueprint. With a nod to the Stahl House, perhaps the most well-known of the case study homes, and an exemplar of modernist living in the Hollywood Hills, Blueprint is paired down to its essential elements for maximum utility and effect; it is elegant, orthogonal and timeless. Luna’s textile is comprised of a blend of performance and natural fibers, allowing for enduring strength, but with a residential hand. Blueprint boasts 100K double rubs abrasion rating and is finish free.

>Luum Textiles (10-1043)


Luum has pushed its new collection to September due to manufacturing facility pauses. The Second Sight collection, debuted in January 2020, was also set to be displayed at NeoCon. As we enter a new decade, opportunities and ideas emerge, encouraging new ways of seeing. Second Sight by Suzanne Tick is a collection of four upholstery textiles with a vision – exuding optimism, reflection and a focus on responsible materials like wool, silicone and recycled polyester. With clarity of intent, Second Sight celebrates the possibilities of design processes that advance environmental thought, sparking a return to purity of raw materials. Spirited use of color is seen throughout, offering vivid and nuanced colorways that when integrated into the materials, refresh our perspectives with playful simplicity. The dynamism of exaggerated, angular architecture facades and sculptural furniture inspires and elevates graphic pattern, allowing the interior environment to reflect the exterior. Through this interplay of sustainable materials, joyful color and architectural motifs, new possibilities are created, crystallizing the user experience with a revived energy and outlook for the future.

>Mannington Commercial / Amtico (10-1039)

Mannington Commercial: New Additions to Amtico Signature Collection

The Amtico Signature Collection welcomes new additions to visuals and layout patterns. The Amtico Signature Collection features an extended range of contemporary wood, stone and abstract LVT designs as well as unique laying patterns and full custom capabilities that make it simple to create a stunning floor. With the recent updates, the collection now offers:

>18 new Wood visuals, for 72 total Woods: the new Woods include a variety of Treated Grains, which celebrate the unique qualities of hand-worked timber, and Rustic Grains, evoking the tactile nature of salvaged, reclaimed woods.

Mannington Commercial: Amtico Signature Collection

>6 new Stone visuals, for 32 total Stones: the new Stones feature the Tempus design, a hybrid visual that explores the space between ceramic and stone, in 6 cool, calm colorways. Tempus is a perfect choice for clean, simple interiors.

>18 new Abstract visuals, for 59 total Abstracts: the new Abstracts include subtle watercolor Diffusion in 4 colorways, architectural Encaustic in 4 colorways, and aged plaster Stucco in 10 colorways. These textural visuals and broad spectrum of tones perform beautifully as part of a pattern, as subtle accents or flooded across a floor.

Mannington Commercial: New Additions to Amtico Signature Collection

>10 new Signature Laying Patterns, for 26 total Signature Patterns: the new Patterns range from innovative geometric designs to contemporary takes on parquet. Signature Laying Patterns are a key facet of the Amtico offering, giving spaces a bespoke look with ease. Any Amtico product can be used in these striking layouts, custom-cut into unique shapes and sizes. Customizable Motif designs are also available, adding a unique design feature to any space.

>naughtone (10-110)

naughtone: Pullman Chair
naughtone: Pullman Chair and Sofa
naughtone: Pullman Booth

Launched in February 2020, the complete Pullman Collection includes a chair, sofa, and booth. The Pullman Chair is a unique single user privacy seat that acts as an acoustic cocoon for individual working or retreating. When specified with an upholstered swiveling plinth, users are able to retreat away from disruption, even further, allowing private conversations, work or relaxation to remain private; perfect for busy work environments and open plan spaces. The integrated tablet provides an opportunity for users to work with laptops within the space for longer periods of time, as a breakaway from regular desking, or as a touch down with a notebook and pen. Power and data can be easily incorporated into the Pullman chair with legs or plinth and is positioned neatly to the right hand side of the seat, again allowing users to efficiently enjoy their time away from desks, for longer. The Pullman Sofa is a range of compact high back two and three seat sofas designed specifically for individuals to relax or work in, take private phone calls within or to have a chat with colleagues in a more informal setting. The addition of power and data and integrated tablet arms available for both the left and right hand side, further transforms the sofa into an option for private or collaborative working. The first product in the Pullman range, Pullman Booth, is an acoustic haven ideally suited for project work and small meetings away from desks, with discrete cable management hidden within the upholstery for AV integration, and a monitor arm fitted as standard.

>Nook Pod (10-1062)

Nook Pod:Nook Open
Nook Pod:Nook Open
Nook Pod:Nook Solo Open

New this year, Nook Open is a shelter in the form of a Nook Huddle, but with no seats, table or even floor. It is hyper-flexible for multiple uses, accommodating your existing furniture or quickly and easily occupied by someone in a wheelchair. Nook Solo is a single person short-use booth, providing privacy and quietness for video-calling or deep work, but crucially without enclosing people and cutting them off from the vibe of the space. What started as a safe-space for marginalized people has grown to a system of affordable ingredients to help mid-market businesses put flexibility, wellness, inclusivity and community at the heart of their changing work and learning spaces.

>Patcraft (10-160)

Patcraft: Anew (L) and Gemscape (R)

Anew is a 7.75” x 48” resilient collection directly inspired by designers’ requests for a widened plank format. Products feature modern, updated wood visuals and the incorporation of a stone look for unique installation options. Anew is fully produced in the USA and is available in both 2.5 mm and 5 mm thicknesses. The collection allows for further customization of space when choosing to add a custom rug or a soft or hard surface inset with the 5 mm style option.

Inspired by the beauty of gems and minerals, Gemscape is a coordinating collection of modular carpet tile and broadloom. The carpet tile is backed by StrataWorx®, which is a PVC-free product that is lightweight and cost-effective—a price-competitive alternative for applications that have traditionally been broadloom. Patterns feature texture and abstract geometrics with vibrant accent stripes for further customization of space.

Patcraft: Crafted Surface

Inspired by the distressed visuals of overdyed vintage rugs, Crafted Surface is a three style collection of 18″ X 36″ carpet tiles. The textural patterns incorporate a variety of colors with neutral and bright accents that can aid in branding, wayfinding and color blocking throughout a space.

Patcraft: Natural State

Designed to expand SPC (Solid Polymer Composite) platform offerings, Natural State is a high-performance resilient collection with an innovative, high-density core construction with dimensional stability, no telegraphing and resistance against indentation. Offered in a variety of thicknesses and installations, Natural State also features acoustical benefits making it a solution suitable for a variety of commercial environments.

>Prismatique Designs Ltd. (10-138)

Prismatique: Engaged Table Collection

The Engaged Table Collection, designed by Ron Fiegenschuh and Catherine Young, continues the Prismatique table tradition of offering maximum tabletop material choices in fully customizable sizes, shapes and heights for every type of office meeting space. Structural hubs provide separation and a wide range of storage, IT and privacy barrier interface. Originally scheduled for Neocon introduction, Engaged will now be launched later this summer in the new Prismatique NYDC showroom in New York (200 Lexington Avenue #1104).

>Sandler Seating / Tonon (10-1099)

Sandler Seating: Moon Chair

The Moon series is one of the newest additions Tonon Collection. Award Winning designer Mac Stopa uses organic curved lines to create a design that is out of this world. The range’s profile, based on semi-circular shapes, pays homage to the phases of the moon. The flexible seat and backrest are made of a soft touch urethane that adapts itself to the posture of the body, ensuring maximum support. Moon’s pliable shell and sturdy frame come in a variety of colors, allowing for customization while guaranteeing utmost comfort.

Sandler Seating: Flower Chair

Also debuting is Flower, a fresh, innovative design by Martin Ballendat, inspired by the petals of a flower. The ergonomic design and slightly flexible back provides the utmost comfort as well as a unique aesthetic suited for a variety of environments. The Flower range is available in two versions, a soft touch urethane or a soft padded shell that can be upholstered in a variety of fabric or leather. The soft touch urethane option can be cleaned with a broad array of disinfectants for a safer environment. A wide range of bases are available such as a rotating column base, solid wooden legs, or conical metal legs.

Sandler Seating: Inspec-Add Stool and Attach Table

Inspec is a brand new division of Sandler, offering a wide range of high end furniture designs targeting the corporate market. The craftsmanship of this collection will always be modern, and the design always essential. For example, the ATTACH table system offers limitless possibilities in terms of shape, design and size. This product brings the simplified principles of basic physics to the function of table construction. Using simple basic elements, combined with a wide selection of table top materials and a choice of colors for the legs, Sandler is offering a unique table that can be freely adapted to the specific environment. /

Sandler Seating: Inspec-Teius Modular Seating

>Shaw Contract (10-1029)

Shaw Contract: Dialogue

Exploring freehand writing, typography, unspoken codes, and sheet music, Dialogue is a collection focused on creating intimate environments that allow for personal and meaningful connection. Dialogue explores the power of communication through design and seeks to create spaces that travelers want to experience culturally and in more meaningful ways with one another. As hotels expand their public spaces to be hubs for travelers, Shaw Contract recognizes the importance of building environments that celebrate individual expression, creativity through design, and face-to-face dialogue. “Design is the language of a culture, a community, a building,” said Reesie Duncan, VP of Global Design, “and good design fosters dialogue. It can catalyze new ideas, collaboration, and innovation, and perhaps most importantly, good design builds relationships.” Hotels seek a visual “language” that grounds them in their local community. The patterns of Dialogue were inspired by exploring the different types of spoken and unspoken communication, like writing, text, morse code, and sheet music. The deep, saturated purple of Dialogue is balanced with warm beige and taupe accents, as well as a metallic copper. Dialogue is a completely custom solution for both public spaces and guest rooms, comprised of 42 patterns across multiple constructions.

>Source International (10-147)

Source International: Everwood

Everwood is a modern take on a classical wooden chair. Everwood’s curved, clean lines highlight the marriage of organic and man-made materials. Each line is continuous, making the sculptural form visually appealing from all angles. The solid ash frame gives stability to the lightweight poly seat and backrest. The minimal form can be accredited to the chair’s German designer, Andreas Ostwald. Ostwald says, “The natural beauty of the wood plays against the plastic harmoniously. As the wood sings ‘longevity,’ the plastic speaks ‘long-lasting.’ Together, the materials echo Everwood.” Scandinavian sensibilities are evident not only through its aesthetics but through its resourceful use of materials. Everwood is minimal materially, with the recyclability of its plastic seat and back making it a sustainable choice. Everwood is a multi-use chair in the traditional sense. Across corporate, hospitality, education, and healthcare spaces – the chair belongs, invites, and delights. As its wood frame gives visceral warmth, its ergonomically shaped seat and backrest provide maximum comfort. Source offers 23 finish options for the wood frame, and 6 color options for the poly seat and backrest. An upholstered seat pad is optional.

Source International: Mojo

Mojo is a small-scale multipurpose chair with a modern look that fits every space – office, home, or hospitality. At a time of uncertainty, Mojo is an easy choice, embodying “multipurpose.” The simplicity of its form brings a precise aesthetic to any working, meeting, or dining area. In one moment, Mojo grounds your focus on the task at hand. In the next, the chair embraces you comfortably at the dining table. This, in thanks to its small scale, both armless and lightweight. “The chair is a miniature architecture – a tool to create sophisticated and functional interiors…beautiful to look at and comfortable to sit in. Its slightly rounded seat, angular shapes, and cushioned shell make Mojo aesthetically an excellent item for the home office,” says the chair’s designer, Samuli Naamanka. Naamanka is an award-winning interior architect and product designer from Finland – a country heralded for beautifully designed plywood products from Alvar Aalto and his contemporaries. “As a Finnish designer, it is natural to use plywood and beautifully bent legs made as light as possible. To me, designing sustainable products is a matter of using long-lasting materials that are recyclable like iron or steel, or compostable like wood. However, the most important thing is to design products that have a long life cycle – which means well-designed products,” offers Naamanka. The chair can be specified with wood or metal legs. 23 Source International standard wood finishes are available for the wood, 16 powder-coated steel finishes for the metal. For the corporate or home office, a swivel base with height adjustment is available in polished aluminum, matte black, or dark bronze finish. The swivel base comes with either casters or glides. The fully upholstered shell allows any upholstery option, including the most cleanable or antimicrobial solutions.

Source International: Laze

Laze is a lounge chair distinguished by its beautifully angled, graceful silhouette. Laze was designed by Burkhard Vogtherr, one of the best known European designers of his time. While the relaxed back angle evokes comfort, Laze is a meeting chair. At home around a low coffee table, it’s strong frame lets users perch near the front edge of the seat and hold a meeting in an active, upright posture. Laze delights in its artful form, bringing both utility and style to casual meeting and working spaces across every sector – lobbies and private offices in corporate, hospitality, and education settings. The sled frame or stationary four-blade base can be specified in stainless steel for ultimate durability or powder coated steel with a variety of finish options.

>Studio TK (10-1041)

StudioTK: Sly Occassional Tables
StudioTK: Sly Occassional Tables

The very first collection created by Studio TK’s in-house design team, the Sly Occasional Tables are a crafted light-scale occasional table series with a simple, unbalanced approach. The designer’s inspiration was the lucky coin that he remembers his grandfather always flipping, and that he now owns. Sly’s illusory edge detailing ticks the eye and creates a sense of nonconformity to the traditional norms. Although the table surface appears to be angled, it is in fact perfectly level. Materiality of the inset top to the expansive palette of the base allows designers to create spaces fit for any scenario.

Created for the active worker, Rec Work Tables provide a high work table suited for social spaces. Harkening back to the era of the raw, rectangular work tables commonly associated with the industrial age, Rec appeals to creative types who just need to sit or stand and accomplish some solo work. The bar-height tables create an environment for people to sit or stand at the counter-style table, allowing for flexible work postures.

StudioTK: Havn Table Collection

Havn Tables is a new collection of occasional tables complementing the Havn Seating Collection, designed by Busk+Hertzog. The Havn seating and tables are created around a Scandinavian craft aesthetic. Its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic suit the contemporary character of today’s modern interiors and are ideal for a sleek home office – or living-room-turned-office.

StudioTK: Clique

Originally designed by Mario Ruiz and introduced at NeoCon 2019, Clique is a modular furniture system featuring benches with or without backs, plus sectional benches in a variety of configurations. Ranging from two to eight seats, Clique adapts transversely to any space, creating a more agile environment for mobile workers by meeting the increasing demand for multi-purpose social spaces. This year, Studio TK has released its Clique Modular Bench Collection with new power and tabletop options, raising the bar in its product category with a few simple design enhancements inspired by client feedback. New tabletop additions provide comfortably seated users with a place to put their coffee, phone or bag while they conveniently plug in and recharge themselves, and their mobile devices.

>SurfaceWorks (10-1056)

Surface Works: Dax

Dax is a new flip-top training table from SurfaceWorks. Designed by Eiji Kano, Dax is made to glide effortlessly, with ultra-light aluminum legs and silky-smooth casters. Choose from six top shapes, including rectangle, concave rectangle, trapezoid, rounded trapezoid, half-squircle, or a 30-degree arc. For any meeting, classroom, or collaborative environment Dax allows the user to find an arrangement that works for them. Make an oval, hexagon, squircle, or even a boomerang. The base has a unique finish with a polished aluminum lower leg and a powder-coated metallic silver upper leg. The sleek leg design allows tables to nest straight-on while the top flips easily with left and right release mechanisms allowing the tables to be nested and stored when not in use. Multiples tightly nest together with a mere 4” density. The optional wire mesh modesty panels swing clear when nesting. Dax also offers options for power and technology. Choose the power unit of your choice and the optional Slim Wire Raceway for effortless wire management. Additional table support maximizes table rigidity allowing the tables to be arranged and rearranged as many times as needed.

>Teknion (10-1048)

Teknion: hiSpace Quick Connect Tables-Sit
Teknion: hi Space Quick Connect Tables-Stand

The hiSpace Quick Connect Tables are height-adjusting tables have been reengineered to include savvy new features. The elevated design includes a softer profile, simple yet meaningful conveniences, brand new technologies, and an assembly time of less than five minutes. “The new design of hiSpace provides impactful user comfort and convenience features,” said Dannion Smith, Director, Product Management, Seating & Ergonomic Products at Teknion. “Technologically savvy, hiSpace can be automatically adjusted from one position to the next with a single push of a button. The best part of this table is actually what you don’t see. The table comes pre-wired with extra places to hide unsightly class collision detection system. In addition, the table is visibly fastener-free.” The hiSpace redesign includes three new features that cut the assembly time to less than five minutes and provides user convenience and accessibility. With its new “Connection Kit,” the table’s top frame comes preinstalled on the worksurface to speed up professional installations as well as remove the burden of fumbling with a big bag of screws in your home office. The table is also equipped with a Power Pak – a prewired Felt Cover Cable organizer that manages all cables and controls – which directs the control box, the switch, motor cables, and table power cord with ease so stress due to wire management is all but eliminated. hiSpace’s gyroscope-based collision detection system senses when the tabletop starts to tilt when a collision occurs and immediately stops and reverses direction. hiSpace is compliant with the BIFMA height-adjustment range from 22.6 to 48.7 inches (57.4 to 123.6 cm). Each table comes programmed to have a single push button to adjust to its memory positions as well as the ability to reconfigure both maximum and minimum height limits. The table is available in two depths – 23 and 29 inches (56 and 74cm); and five widths – 46 to 70 inches in 6-inch increments (117 to 178cm in 15cm increments). The base features three finish options in Very White, Ebony, and Platinum. Worksurfaces are available in Foundation Laminate and Seamless finishes with a choice of straight or radius edge options.

>Trinity Furniture (10-1061)

Trinity Furniture: Savoye

Inspired by Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye located just outside of Paris, France, the Savoye Collection embodies many of those same modern architectural characteristics. The design portrays a delicate floating body supported by an almost vanishing base. Both lounge and table units consist of simplified, clean forms scaled and proportioned to give a light, very spatial and minimalistic aesthetic. Savoye is proudly made in America with a 10 Year Warranty and certified under the BIFMA Level Sustainability Standard.

Trinity Furniture: Vroom

Trinity’s new Vroom seating is visually stimulating and impeccably tailored. Its cradle of molded high resilient polyurethane foam is reinforced with structural steel for superior comfort and all-day seating support. A wide selection of standard metal and wood bases are available to suit any seating requirement. Vroom is also proudly made in America with a 10 Year Warranty and certified under the BIFMA Level Sustainability Standard.

>Via Seating (10-148)

Via Seating: Nebula
Via Seating: Nebula

Nebula is the newest sofa by Via Seating’s Studio V. Its shape expands upon the sophisticated and playful curves of the Meteor chair. The compact, clean profile of the Nebula sofa widens its applications making this perfect for lobbies, lounges, suites and more. The proprietary blend of high-density, injection-molded, closed-cell, cold-cured foam ensures maximum comfort. Available to be specified with matte black or silver wire framework. Nebula can be further personalized with two-tone upholstery and emphasized stitch. Nebula will launch August 2020.

>Wolf-Gordon / Vescom (10-161)

Wolf-Gordon: Repeat Offenders-Tangled Up
Wolf-Gordon: Repeat Offenders-Vicious Circle
Wolf-Gordon: Repeat Offenders-Holding Pattern

REPEAT OFFENDERS by Ghislaine Viñas expands Wolf-Gordon’s contract wallcovering collection with bold patterns that riff on the past by presenting a tongue-in-cheek twist on colors, scales, and forms found in retro designs from the company’s own archives. The three designs – Holding Pattern, Tangled Up, and Vicious Circle – give a cheeky nod to the cyclical nature of innovation, and breaking through bad habits formed along the way. “This collaborative collection, led by Ghislaine’s bold perspective, celebrates Wolf-Gordon’s lasting influence on patterning for interior finishes by reimagining elements from our archive,” said Marybeth Shaw, Chief Creative Officer, Marketing & Design. “We have kept our library of catalogs intact since 1967 and are delighted that Ghislaine has taken advantage of it with such exciting results.” Viñas hit on the name for the collection after perusing Wolf-Gordon’s meticulous and extensive archives to find discontinued prints and colorways that she wanted to make into “repeat offenders”, a humorous spin on their modernized reappearance. Wolf-Gordon’s rich history in wallcovering design first sparked Viñas’ interest in a collaboration, alongside an exploration of vintage fashion and beauty trends from the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Viñas aimed to create a fresh take on the company’s staples by elevating or combining elements of dated stripes, dots, and repeating geometrics to achieve an upbeat, structural boldness. By subtly manipulating details, such as the uniformity of lines or conventional scale, the designer broke with preconceived expectations and reinvented classic motifs. The collection features colors that are integral to Viñas’ design aesthetic, including favorites such as greens, blues, and reds. The metallic hints created by the use of Mylar, a material new to Viñas, lend themselves to luxe interiors where a range of vintage-inspired colors and sophisticated neutrals will stand out. /

>Workrite Ergonomics (10-152)

Workrite Ergonomics: riteBEAM Power & Data Distribution Beam

The new riteBEAM Power & Data Distribution Beam is ideal for benching or free standing height adjustable workstations in various layout options. The riteBEAM allows user to easily manage power and data in place of complex and expensive changes to building infrastructure. The modular and configurable 8 wire design featuring from one to four circuits can also be set up to comply with California Title 24 power requirements.