officeinsight’s NeoConnect 2020 Product Preview: 3rd Floor

Welcome to the first edition of officeinsight’s NeoConnect 2020 Product Preview

Our world has turned a bit upside down, and so we’re turning upside down with it! As all our loyal readers know, every June on the Friday before NeoCon, we publish our NeoCon Product Preview – a floor-by-floor preview of all the new products the workplace furnishings industry has in store for us that year.

Well…NeoCon 2020 has, of course, been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After an initial throw-up-your-hands, “what are we all going to do?!” moment, those in our industry got to work, or rather – got back to work – continuing to design, develop and innovate. And the NeoCon team quickly pivoted to launch NeoConnect, an online initiative in the month of June, as a way for the design community to connect.

In the spirit of pivoting, and as a service to all the product development efforts with no place to physically launch, we present the first installment of our 2020 NeoConnect Product Preview. We’re calling it a “Virtual Walk-through of NeoCon,” expanding our coverage from one giant issue (115 pages last year) to five issues presenting one floor or a small subset of floors per issue.

Nothing can compare to walking the halls, and stairways, of theMART each June, but we offer a new experience – one that will undoubtedly make you miss the physical event – but hopefully it will also provide a chance to appreciate the magic; the design, the novelty, and everything about the process that we love about attending NeoCon.

– Here are the new product submissions we received from companies located on the 3rd floor.


>Arcadia (3-340)

Arcadia: ISO

  Iso Work Lounge, designed by QDesign, combines the comfort of a lounge chair with partitions for privacy. It provides a welcome and quiet space to sit, work and focus. Seating and panel elements can be configured together to create stand-alone modules, clusters of single-user spaces, or multi-user settings for various meeting requirements.

Arcadia: ISO
Arcadia: Scenery

  Scenery Modular by David Ritch and Mark Saffell of 5D Studio aims to define interior spaces with a relaxed sensibility, to capture the moment “from all sides.” The interior seating area offers spacious comfort for collaboration and casual conversation while a ledge around the exterior perimeter serves as a work surface or perching rest.

Arcadia: Kindred

Kindred Guest, Kindred Lounge, and Kindred Occasional Tables by Chris Carter blend classic elements with mid-century modern design, “both in the moment and forever timeless.” Lounge and guest chairs feature “an elegant wood frame, highlighted by curves in all the right places for eye-catching views from every angle.” Accompanying occasional tables, offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, further complement their seating counterparts to bring warmth, sophistication and style to any space.

Arcadia: Betwixt

Betwixt Occasional Tables by David Ritch and Mark Saffell of 5D Studio feature a geometric interplay of lines within the metal base to create the striking visual from which Betwixt gets its name. A variety of table surface options are available.

>Arper (3-346)

Arper: Adell

  Adell by Lievore + Altherr Désile Park, 2020: “Smooth like a pebble, soft as mounded moss. With low rounded curves, Adell evokes a precious keepsake from the natural world – whether in use indoors or out. With a shell made from 80% recycled polypropylene, the calming form has been designed with sustainability at its foundation, putting both body and mind at ease. Plush yet supportive, substantial yet lightweight, Adell’s gentle slopes offer a welcoming and generous place of rest.”

>Cabot Wrenn (3-367)


Cabot Wren: Alpine

Alpine outdoor collection, Inspired by Moutain getaways, features seating and tables for hospitality lodge settings. Built and finished like quality indoor furniture, but designed and engineered to perform beautifully for full-time outdoor exposure with routine maintenance. Frames are constructed of sustainably harvested plantation grown Grade A teak. Available in any graded-in outdoor fabric.

>Coalesse (3-300, 301)

Coalesse: Enea Altzo 943

Enea Altzo943, an expansion to the popular Enea family designed by Estudi Manel Molina, features a solid wood base and polypropylene seat shell in 12 colors. The collection’s warm solid oak legs and colorful, easily cleanable plastic seat shell complement a wide range of settings. Both the chairs and the stools combine the clean curves of a precision-molded seat shell with the sculptural refinement of solid oak legs. The special oval profile of the legs follows the pure curvature of the shell for a complete, harmonious design statement.

>Dauphin (3-393)

Dauphin: Bosse Series 2 Acoustic Pods and Bosse Series 4 Room-in-Room System

Bosse Series 2 Acoustic Pods and the Bosse Series 4 Room-in-Room System are designed with a sleek aesthetic and acoustic privacy in mind. All models are powered by an easy plug and play system that can be inserted into a nearby outlet. They can be moved to different locations when needed, re-assembled and ready for use the same day. Both series offer quiet ventilation systems with an air exchange rate of 50 times per hour. An integrated motion sensor automatically turns on the LED lighting and ventilation system when someone enters and powers off when unoccupied. Bosse Series 2 Acoustic Pods consist of three models: a telephone pod, dialogue pod, and collaboration pod. Interiors can be customized with a selection of 32 acoustic fabrics. Other acoustic measures include magnetic door closure, felt ceiling and carpeting on the floor. The telephone pod includes the option of an acoustically effective wall panel in a white pine with a rail system that allows the user to adjust the height of the work shelf; Integrated power and USB connections are available for the shelf. The Dialogue pod offers an optional pendant lamp and floor-mounted table base. The Bosse Series 4 system is available in four different sizes. Each unit is enclosed in safety glass with laminated sound insulation film. The frameless glass door is equipped with discrete, almost concealed hinges, magnetic door closure and an elegant handle. Bosse rooms offer high performance LED lighting with free-form lenses for optimum illumination and the ability to regulate the color temperature with “tunable white” technology. Ventilation can be adjusted by occupants and is available with an optional air quality sensor. For visual privacy or to optimize usage of space, flexible-sliding panels can be installed inside or outside the room, available as an acoustic panel, melamine, or whiteboard. Technology panels to support telecommunication devices are also available.

>Davis Furniture (3-115)


Davis: Rho Ottoman

Rho Ottoman is the inaugural lounge collection by Italian designers LucidiPevere in collaboration with Davis Furniture. Ranging from an individual single-seat to a generous lounge-height ottoman, Rho’s organic shape and variety of heights evoke imagery of the scenic Italian countryside for which this collection is named. The designers concentrated on balancing form, comfort, and versatility. Rho features a distinctive linear open chain stitch detail located at the center of each piece, which becomes an opportunity for additional styling and visual interest. The contrasting stitch is available in 20 thread colors. Rho’s organic forms presented a challenge for the Davis Design Team. How could they upholster the distinct rounded shapes of the ottomans without unnecessary seams or zippers? The Davis engineers worked to develop an innovative method of ensuring perfect tailoring with Rho’s upholstery. Here’s a hint, it involves a vacuum. The inventive solution entails shrinking the foam before stretching the cover over each frame. When the vacuum is released – voila! – the ottoman is upholstered with ideal precision.

Davis: Brace Table

  Brace Table collection, designed by the German duo jehs+laub, is the newest addition to Davis Furniture’s robust solid wood offering. Its design embraces simplicity of form and function by appealing to a sense of timelessness while maintaining an avant-garde edge. Architectural legs form a minimalist base for this statement piece. Constructed from either molded solid wood or 10-millimeter angled solid steel, this sculptural foundation creates an element that is both physically and visually strong, supporting the exquisite 28-millimeter thick solid wood top. The name, Brace, was inspired by this leg design. Ranging in size and shape from small meeting to large conference, Brace asserts itself as an anchoring visual in any interior from contract to residential. The table also illustrates a commitment to sustainable harvesting practices and craftsmanship. When designing this collection, jehs+laub began by reflecting upon the honesty and authenticity of the materials from which it is made. Available in solid wood oak or walnut, each table begins as a single-sourced trunk consciously chosen at the end of its lifecycle. Trees up to a hundred years old are selected within European forests and are aptly granted new life with this product. As the timber is harvested, two saplings are planted in order to continue the legacy of their predecessor. Once the logs are processed, great care is taken to guarantee that any unusable elements of the trunk are used in a purposeful manner to ensure a zero-waste harvest. The cut lumber is stacked in the exact formation of the original tree and air-dried. Every board is carefully monitored for two years until each piece achieves the perfect moisture equilibrium needed for Brace’s construction. After this extensive curing process, Swiss craftsmen select their material from a single tree and individually configure the timber to provide the basis for each piece of furniture. Once constructed, Brace is then finished with either a clear lacquer or linseed oil, which allows the true beauty and depth of the wood to be realized.

>Decca Contract (333)


Decca Contract: Ribbon

Ribbon, designed by Gary Lee Partners, explores the visual power of sculpture without sacrificing functionality, flexibility, and ease of use. Rounded forms and curves soften the line’s structural expression. Ribbon table bases are available in all 16 different Decca metal finishes, and tops can be specified in Decca Stone, Glass, Solid Surface, and Cambria – Decca Contract’s newest graded-in partner.

Decca Contract: Skyward

Skyward by Alyssa Coletti is designed to act as a catalyst for lively conversation and big ideas, projecting a bold yet welcoming presence. The aesthetic effect is created by the strong line of the tabletop, which meets the ascending lines of the base, creating a dynamic form with clean-cut edges that accentuate structure and craft. Skyward is fitted with concealed drawers that preserve the table’s purity of line while providing discreet wire management and access to power. Reverse knife edge top is available in wood, glass or solid surface. LED lights beneath the tabletop illuminate and accent the geometry of the table bases. Recessed base panels permit a mix of materials and finishes, including metal, wood, solid surface and lacquer.

Decca Contract: Ellipsis Collection

  Ellipsis Collection by Brian Graham is designed to be used as stand-alone piece or integrated into the setting of FrameWork or other Decca casegoods lines. Ellipses can serve as a desk, conference, or dinning/cafe table. Bringing to life Decca’s capabilities, every leg angle of Ellipsis provides visual dynamism from the hand-sanded gentle arc of the legs to the solid edge in-lay detail. This line has been expanded with the addition of the Ellipsis L Shaped Return Desk available in wood and solid surface, along with a corresponding softened wood Wall Shelf with LED lighting.

Decca Contract: Frame Work

In addition, as many companies are scrambling to find functional ways to divide and/or create space while keeping people at safer distances, Decca Contract is ramping up to promote its FrameWork product heavily in the upcoming months. Designed by Brian Graham and introduced at NeoCon last year, FrameWork is a series of individual freestanding work, collaborative, and flex spaces created to address the changing needs of the open office environment. A dual-sided structure with the ability for mix and match components, it allows configurations to be specified as a head’s down focus space on one side and/or shared space fostering collaboration on the other. Decca Contract’s engineering team has recently found a way to reduce FrameWork list pricing by 20% since the initial product launch.

>Designtex (3-303)

Designtex: Plexus

Plexus is a large-scale geometric inspired by the shapes found in and human perspectives of architecture. Whether it’s the building itself or the way light plays off the surface, angles and formations of the built environment continue to inspire. A subtly heathered, matte yarn grounds most of the patterns paired with a lustrous yarn used in the linework. Each of the five colors is composed of a warm or cool neutral ground with colored accents intended to play well with corporate palettes.

Designtex: Pixel-Cloud

  Pixel Cloud is a large-scale, textural pattern inspired by cloudlike formations seen in both the natural world and in our ever-expanding digital environment. Layers of dots and dashes mapped out on an underlying grid system create organic shapes and provide the pattern with a sense of order and structure. Pixel Cloud’s construction uses a lustrous yarn in the ground and a more dry, matte yarn in the colored accents. The variation of dots and dashes across the surface of the fabric mimics the look of an embroidered material. Available in six colors.

>Emeco (318)

Emeco: On & On

On & On, a collection of chairs and stools designed in collaboration with Barber & Osgerby, offers a circular way of thinking, combining longevity of design, durability, and the use of recycled materials that can be recycled – on and on. The starting point for the collaboration was the next generation of a simple and timeless café chair, engineered for strength and designed specifically with recycling in mind. Emeco first used recycled PET to make the 111 Navy Chair in 2010. Since then, the company has continued to engineer and improve the material for even greater longevity and durability. The On & On chairs and stools are made of 70% rPET – waste plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in the landfill, 10% non-toxic pigment, and 20% glass fiber for strength. With closed loop recycling as the ultimate goal, Emeco is currently working on a chair-to-chair program where customers can return old chairs to be recycled into new chairs. Seat material options include rPET seat versions – matching the chair and stool frames – available in six crisp, timeless colors suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as plywood seats in oak or ash, and upholstered Stools are available in two heights – bar stool height and counter height, and the chairs stack six high.

Emeco: 111-Navy-Chair

Emeco is also celebrating the tenth anniversary of the 111 Navy Chair. The classic 1006 Navy Chair® was made from salvaged aluminum for the U.S. Navy during World War II. In 2006, Coca-Cola and Emeco teamed up to solve an environmental problem – keeping waste plastic bottles out of landfills and oceans. It took four years and many work hours to upcycle the soft recycled PET into a structurally sound, timeless chair, but it was time well spent. Since its launch in 2010, the 111 Navy Chair® keeps millions of bottles from the landfill every year. Each chair is made from at least 111 recycled plastic bottles. Over the last decade, Emeco has continued to develop the recycled PET material to make it even stronger, and it is also now able to recycle the material 100% without loss of strength. This means that it can turn old chairs into new chairs, over and over.

>Encore Seating (3-336)

Encore: Faction-Swivel

Faction Swivel, designed by David Ritch & Mark Saffell of 5D Studio, “is the utility player when it comes to multifunctional seating. The sculpted back – available fully upholstered or in durable polypropylene – provides ongoing support, while its intuitive mechanism and mobility features offer the flexibility to outfit applications ranging from office spaces to training rooms, reception stations and more.”


Encore: Faction Collection

Faction Guest/Nesting, expanding on the popular executive and task series, complete the collection with a well-rounded offering of stackable, nestable and training-focused options. Available fully upholstered or in a choice of four poly-back colors, and with multiple arm selections in matching hues.

Encore: String Games

String Games, designed by Ramsey Madsen & Jim Contois, plays with forms and appearances. This collection of meeting tables is distinguished by metal accents that appear to pass fluidly through the solid wood frame with expertly crafted precision. Available in veneer, laminate or solid surface materials, it can be specified in seated- and bar-heights and features optional power capability via a discreetly concealed wire management system.

>Ethnicraft (322)

Ethnicraft: Teak Oscar Rack and Teak Oscar Drawer Unit

The Teak Oscar Desk welcomes any style or performance, with or without drawers for storage, and is available in three sizes. The Teak Oscar Sideboard features open spaces that can be used to exhibit books, plus two sliding doors and three drawers offering the option of organizing documents out of sight. The sliding doors are made of hand-carved teak – making each Oscar piece unique. The Teak Oscar Rack attracts attention with its atypical compartment division. This wooden rack is made from teak, with a black metal frame, and five hand-carved teak doors. The Teak Studio Rack, designed to bring warmth to the office while still offering a practical storage solution, is available with or without two hand-carved teak sliding doors at the bottom. The Teak Oscar Drawer Unit can easily be a stand-alone piece, or perfectly slides under the Oscar desk for extra storage. Made from beautiful teak wood with hand-carved drawers, the mobile storage unit is available with one or two drawers.

Ethnicraft: Mikado Meeting Table

The popular Mikado collection now includes the Mikado Meeting Table with wire management. A cable box underneath the center of the table allows one to run cables through it and directly connect to electric sockets.

Ethnicraft: N701

The N701 sofa is striking covered in luxurious leather. The old saddle color instantly creates a warm atmosphere for nomadic workers looking for a comfortable environment or for collaboration and connection during the day.

>Haworth (3-312) and Haworth Collection (3-121)

Haworth: Resonate

  Resonate, a design collaboration between Gensler New York and Haworth Design Studio, is a collection of contemporary, modular lounge furnishings and chairs that support the in-between time when ideas form. Based on a uniform platform structure and formed wire base, each piece plays a complementary role in creating and defining group lounge neighborhoods adjacent to work areas. With a visual lightness that relates harmoniously to today’s interior landscape, Resonate has casual, yet elegant architecture. A variety of configurations encourages employees to choose a workspace that suits them best, in a group or solo, for time to focus, collaborate, interact and socialize. Neighborhood spaces are defined using elements all within the same square dimensions (30” x 30” footprint) and height. Modular lounge elements include back only as a stand-alone chair or connector for longer sofa runs; universal corner, right- or left-handed; and no back/no arms, attached or freestanding, which can also serve as an ottoman. The collection also includes a lounge chair with no arms sized lower and with a reclined back for more relaxed lounge postures, a side chair matching the lounge chairs with standard seated height for casual collaborative meeting settings, cafés, break rooms and waiting areas; and tables, either freestanding or integrated into a run. The collection meets BIFMA standards with anticipated BIFMA level and GREENGUARD Gold certification.

>HBF and HBF Textiles (3-387)

HBF: Gubi Beetle Chair

The iconic Gubi Beetle Chair, reengineered by HBF in partnership with acclaimed Danish manufacturer Gubi, is reissued with a strengthened shell for improved performance to better withstand high traffic commercial settings. The Gubi Beetle chair was inspired by the shape, shell, and structure of the eponymous insect. Designers GamFratesi found the anatomy of the beetle captivating, the thin and sculptural outer shell providing structure, form, and protection. The design of the chair reinterprets the elements of the beetle’s body: rigid on the outside, soft within. Immediately recognizable, the chair was an instant classic on its first release. In addition to strengthening the shell, the revised design removed welts on the upholstery to create a more streamlined, minimalist silhouette. The minimal base is accented with midcentury-inspired metallic hairpin legs in a range of finishes.

  Jueki, HBF’s first collaboration with Jonathan Yoshida Rowell, is an elegant new stool collection inspired

HBF: Jueki

by its source: the humble tree. Boasting distinct, clean lines and a minimal form, Jueki is carved from solid Ash wood into a stunning, organic seat. Rowell envisioned the Jueki seat as the stump of a tree, with its four legs representing branches lithely springing forth from it. Its form reflects this, with a backless seat that has a slight curve to guarantee user comfort. Jueki’s clean frame draws attention to the natural pattern of its wood material, further calling to mind its point of inspiration. Four tapered legs descend from the seat, made from the same, solid piece of wood as to maintain an uninterrupted shape. The bottoms of the legs round slightly as they meet the floor, which lends the piece an almost ethereal, floating quality. A steel support loop further complements its shape and provides additional structural integrity.

HBF: Up Collection

  Up Collection, by Kelly Harris Smith for HBF Textiles, was inspired by the constantly changing patterns, textures, and colors of city life. “I look up a lot,” said the designer. “I’m an avid cloud watcher and architectural façade enthusiast, but I’m also looking down as I’m walking around, noticing brick patterns, seemingly unglamorous utility covers, and sewer grates.” The Up Collection’s durable, highly cleanable textiles feature upcycled polyester yarns made from recycled water bottles, speaking to how a city is constantly regenerating. All five patterns serve for both upholstery and wrapped panel applications, meeting both flame code requirements. Uptown takes inspiration from industrial patterns of a city such as tility covers, sewer grates, and chain link fences. Upstart mimics the streaks of rain on the bus windows of our morning commute. Upscale is a modern take on traffic signs, a nod to the irony of finding order within chaos. Upbeat, inspired by scaffolding mesh from different angles, is an understated tight grid with tonal, subtle layers of color that speak to the evolution of color and shadow throughout the day and the appreciation of texture up close vs. far away. Uptick reinvents the classic twill with bold stripes creating a dimensional rhythm throughout.

>Humanscale (3-351)


Humanscale: Summa

Summa, which debuted at NeoCon last year, is back and ready to order. A new executive chair from Humanscale, Summa is thoughtful design at its best, offering ergonomic support and comfort. It envelops each unique sitter with its sculpted shape, which is punctuated by smooth, seamless upholstery. This chair is made-to-order and hand-upholstered by highly experienced hands. It is available in multiple configurations, wood finishes, and chrome-free leather upholstery options that are healthy for sitters and the environment.

Humanscale: NeatUp

  NeatUp cable management seamlessly installs along the table leg and moves with the desk as it is adjusted. A six-plug power strip supports multiple devices and connections, all from a concealed source, creating a connected and tidy space. Currently compatible with Humanscale’s award-winning sit-stand desk Float and its electric counterpart, eFloat; NeatUp joins Humanscale’s suite of transformative cable management solutions that reign in cables and cords into an orderly package. It helps eliminate unnecessary visual distractions and can also facilitate daily deep cleaning and disinfecting which will become paramount as offices reopen in the wake of COVID-19. Other tools in the suite include NeatTech, a discreet, lightweight mesh basket that can safely store power strips and wayward cables just underneath the work surface, and NeatLinks, a go-to for more permanent workstation setups allowing users to create a customized system of channels suited for their space. Complementing the Neat suite of products, Humanscale also recently launched the Thin Client Holder, designed to further maximize usable work surface as it positions thin client CPU hardware directly beneath the tabletop.

>Innovant (391)

MC Workstations

MC Workstations, targeted for launch in late 2020, is a family of permanent address workstations and agile workspots based on a single mono column engineered to deliver elegant sit/stand surfaces throughout the office. Optional minimalist partitions in a variety of transparent and solid materials will seamlessly integrate with the tables to provide social distancing without compromising aesthetics.

Innovant: V4

  V4 huddle and conference tables take the intelligent technology and cabling design from Innovant’s FORm_AV table line and add newly added surface materials, new signature leg details and state of the art personal connectivity features.

>JANUS et Cie (3-310A)

JANUS et Cie: Akuu

  Akuu, a new handwoven seating group designed by Janice Feldman, is defined by signature, stylized curves. It is available in three versatile JANUSfiber hues – Bronze, Limestone, and Smoke – and its aluminum frame is finished with proprietary JANUScoat in Bronze, Limestone, or Chassis Silver to complement the fiber. Akuu Armchairs and Lounge Chairs are both stackable to four. This collection is a flexible, lightweight solution for high-traffic hospitality and commercial applications as well as active homes. Akuu’s casual, rounded forms pair well with an array of dining, café and occasional tables including the Cone II Dining Table and Capsule Side Table.

JANUS et Cie: Anatra

  Anatra, an award-winning collection by Patricia Urquiola, now includes modular seating along with two new lounge chair designs, all highlighted by expertly handwoven rope details. The new lounge elements are constructed using the same soft and inviting textured braiding as the other seating pieces in the collection, wrapping the frame gently to create a harmonious weave. Anatra’s seven versatile modular pieces allow for numerous sofa configurations punctuated by deep, relaxed cushions for ultimate casual comfort outdoors.

The Anatra Teak High Back Lounge Chair is a new interpretation of the collection’s signature open, handwoven rope and deep, rich hues. The chair juxtaposes Anatra’s naturally dark shades with a honey-toned premium teak frame that has a playful, Scandinavian form. A petite version of the classic lounge chair offers a new scale option for smaller, urban spaces such as high rise balconies. “Anatra was born from my desire to play and experiment with the scale of weaving, a technique that is very distinctive of JANUS et Cie,” said Urquiola. “I wanted to try and find the perfect balance between lightness and durability, to translate the concept of comfort into generous and embracing seating solutions.”

JANUS et Cie: Matisse Armchair

  Matisse Armchair is the latest addition to JANUS et Cie’s value-driven Matisse collection. It features the collection’s signature geometric sled frame and comfortable mesh seat and can be paired with an array of outdoor tables including Duo and Koko II. A celebration of minimalism and clean lines, the club chair, sofa and modular pieces offer flexibility and varied configurations, while the ultra-modern chaise lounge is ideal for poolside relaxation. The powder coated aluminum frame and mesh walls at the seat and back aid in keeping costs—and weight—down, while offering a dependable product for enduring the elements outdoors. For the lounge elements, special attention has been given to durability including mesh-encased reticulated foam cushions, ideal for high traffic areas. The lightweight nature of the construction allows for ease in customizing spaces for special events and occasions that require flexible seating arrangements.

>JSI (3-311)

JSI: Arwyn

Arwyn, a comprehensive collection of lounge, guest, and tables, creates spaces to collaborate or alcoves to unwind. Club chairs and sofas are offered in three back styles (cushion, cushion with quilt detail, and quilt wrap back) that can be single or dual upholstered. Warm up the room with wood legs or provide easy cleanability and a sleek profile with metal legs. Form and function go hand in hand with features like built in power, discrete clean outs, and arm caps offered in wood, laminate or solid surface. Guest, mid back lounge, and high back lounge chairs can be outfitted with wood legs, metal legs, four star base, or five star base with casters, and can also be customized with single or dual upholstery. Matching ottomans and tables round out the offering.

JSI: Ansen

  Ansen barstools and counter stools offer lush, relaxed comfort. The are available in maple wood with a variety of wood finishes and color, upholstery in single or dual tones, and with an optional scuff plate.

JSI: Millie

  Millie seating family is formulated to embody balance and precision with structured angles and graceful tapers that support stability for the long run. Millie is crafted from maple wood with a full variety of finish tones.

>Keilhauer (3–373)

Keilhauer: Ellaby Two-Seater and Ottoman

  Ellaby Sofa and Ottoman is the latest evolution of Keilhauer’s award winning Coy™ and Ellaby™ lounge chairs. Designed by EOOS for Keilhauer, the sophisticated additions feature their predecessors’ dramatic, flowing lines and iconic easel shaped, wooden base – creating an intriguing and inviting space for relaxation and conversation. The two seater sofa brings both peace and productivity into commercial environments. The high, enveloping back provides privacy and sense of cocooned protection, molded cushions provide comfort, while a slight forward posture provides multi-functionality. It encourages relaxed alertness – good for taking calls, making notes, reading, or quiet conversation. Ellaby is expected to carry BIFMA level® 2 and SCS Global Services certification for Indoor Air Quality at the Indoor Advantage™ Gold level. It is manufactured in facilities that produce zero waste to landfill, and offset 100% of electricity use with renewable energy credits.

Keilhauer: Division12 Family

  Division Twelve, a new brand acquired by Keilhauer this year, offers a colorful line of tables and seating for commercial environments that want to create unconventional meeting or luncheon areas inspired by leading hospitality trends. The initial collection of bent metal stools, chairs, tables, and bench feature the designs of Geof Lilge, Scot Laughton and Samuel Petterson. The pieces have an urban, modern design that ranges from straight-forward to sculptural. 20 powder coat colors are available to customize each piece and create impactful designs and spaces. Each year, the palette will be updated to include the latest Pantone® Color of the Year. Creatively named pieces include Resto, which has a curved back and wide seat to provide comfort for long, intense sitting sessions; Winny™, a chic stacking chair with subtle nods to the Windsor chair; Dek, with an oval seat inspired by the deck of a skateboard; and much more.

>KFI Studios (331)

KFI Studios: Ambitions

Ambitions is a new desk offered by KFI Studios in an exclusive contract partnership with Dutch design team Umage of Copenhagen. As workstations and workplaces change, the desire to create spaces with an elegantly streamlined and comfortable desk space has become a priority. Ambitions offers storage space without bulk. At just 39” across, it can comfortably fit into smaller spaces, helping users clear their minds and reduce clutter. The desk has a wide central drawer the right size for storing laptops, and the slim-tapered wing compartments can be easily accessed for hiding notebooks, pens, and other small office items. A concealed compartment at the back can hide unsightly wires and extension cords while easily providing access to electricity. Finishes include Oak and White as well as Dark Oak and White. The interplay between the wood and powder-coat materials add a soft, unmistakably Nordic feel.

KFI Studios: Midtown Bench

  Midtown Bench is a new companion piece to the popular Midtown table. Complementing a range of visual styles from traditional to transitional to modern, the bench also works as a stand-alone piece. It is suited to a wide variety of applications and areas including break rooms, co-work areas, student center landing areas, hospitality and transitional spaces. The hand-stained solid wood seat is made in the USA and is available in three finish options: Barnwood, Natural, and a rich Espresso. It is also available as part of KFI Studios’ two week upholstery program. Getting to the bottom of it, the single piece base is a 2.25” frame and is constructed of 16 gauge steel and includes poly glides to make moving easy. It is ANSI-BIFMA tested up to 500 pounds.

>Mohawk Group (3-377)

Mohawk Group: Smart City

Smart City is a Living Product Certified carpet plank system inspired by some of the world’s most connected cities, and how those systems provide human mobility and connectivity. Urban Model offers an intricate base texture presented in three distinctive hues and contrast levels, while Urban Mobility layers a metropolitan subway line pattern in six sophisticated color options. Mohawk Group collaborated with Gensler, serving as product design consultant for the Smart City collection. Explore Smart City, where the linear graphics of Urban Mobility are inspired by actual subway lines in Berlin, Istanbul, London, New York, Paris and Shanghai, while the organic base pattern of Urban Model reflects the texture and rhythm of a metropolitan mapscape. Smart City is carbon neutral, and achieves Living Product Certification from the International Living Future Institute due to its net positive impact on the following sustainable imperatives: place, water, materials, equity, beauty, health and happiness.

MohawkGroup: Owls Collection

Designed by Jason F. McLennan in collaboration with Mohawk Group, the Owls Collection captures the essence of these North American birds of prey through color and patterning. Inspired by their plumage, mottled shades of black, brown, tan and grey take flight as a distinctive, yet versatile commercial carpet plank across two 12″ x 36″ patterns – Feather and Flight. A stylized visual and simple texture create intriguing, coordinating combinations. Also produced at Mohawk Group’s Living Site in Glasgow, VA, the Owls Collection meets the stringent requirements of Living Product Petal Certification and has a net positive carbon impact through our handprinting initiative.

>Nienkämper (3–365)

Nienkamper: Cantilever Conference

The Cantilever Conference Table rises to the needs of flexible meeting spaces. Whether it is for a large formal conference room, or a casual meeting space, this height adjustable conference table effortlessly transitions from seated height to standing. The Cantilever Conference Table is supported by a secure, yet elegantly, stitched neather covered base. Discreet wire management keeps cables out of sight while the innovative cantilever design can support the weight of up to 375lbs. Electric height adjustable bases and seated fixed-height bases are available.

Nienkamper: Cantilever Media Table

The Cantilever Media Table is a first-of-its-kind floor-mounted, height-adjustable work surface, with an integrated media screen moving in sync with the tabletop to standing height – meaning there are no restrictions on how you work. The Cantilever Media Table is supported by a secured, elegantly stitched neather covered base. Discreet wire management keeps cables out of sight while the innovative cantilever design can support the weight of up to 450lbs.

Nienkamper: Jackal

The Jackal is a counter height, stacking stool with a molded 3d veneer seat and solid stainless steel wire base. Thanks to its simple form, designed by Fig40, this stacking chair has a light and slim silhouette. The overall simplicity of the Jackal design combined with organic shapes and finishes allows for this chair to be easily adapted to a variety of different interior concepts. The sleek and contemporary design is perfect for modern offices that exude a casual chic vibe. Available with and without upholstered seat cushion. The base is available brushed stainless steel or black satin powder coat.

Nienkamper: Metronome Trestle

Metronome Trestle is a collection of less formal, typically standing height boardroom tables for meetings, collaborative work and use as a touchdown station, designed by Fig40. The design premise was to design a simple but beautiful product that combines the strength of a metal frame with the softness of a wooden leg. With an expressive metal foot rail, top in either wood veneer or plastic laminate, and a central wood chimney for tidy wire management, it’s an elegant and practical solution for a variety of office environments.

Nienkamper: Patkau Bench

The Patkau Bench is comprosed of two solid wood sections which emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood variations and is separated by a central gap, interconnected with a seemingly sculptural stainless steel disc. Comfort is achieved by the gentle slope of the two angled solid wood sections resting on stainless steel hairpin legs. The minimal details and understated forms are key in emphasizing the clean geometric lines. Ideal for galleries and public spaces alike, the Patkau Bench is an icon of modern design.

Nienkamper: Patkau Cocoon

Drawing on their award winning and iconic Canadian ice warming huts, Patkau Architects has designed the Patkau Cocoon. Its organic form combined with the feeling of natural materials provides an almost poetic and sculptural presence. Each element is made of curved plywood and wood veneer, the interior is spartan: with a fixed seat and fitted with ecoustic panels to provide a quiet space for undisturbed work or conversation. The Patkau Cocoons are completely unexpected and are a welcome retreat.

Nienkamper: Patkau Twist Chair

At first glance, the Patkau Twist Chair is a deceptively simple structure. Using a patented process designed specifically for the Twist Chair, two layers of Birch plywood are “twisted” to form the complex curves that gives the shell of the chair its characteristic shape and declarative style. Due to its minimalistic form, Twist is extremely elegant, resting on stainless steel hairpin legs, creating a chair that is visually light with a strong sense of timeless style.

>Stylex (337)

Stylex: Dela

Combining the playful aesthetic of Danish mid-century design with 21st century appeal, Dela is a simple, modern chair with plenty of verve. Dela seamlessly fits into any environment with an industrial, tubular design that offers visual contrast against the chair’s plush, inviting surfaces. Its name stems from the Delaware River Valley where Stylex is located, and where many of the U.S. steel manufacturers still exist today – a testament to Dela’s heritage and inspiration. Dela is versatile, with seven variations ranging from lounge chairs to stools and task options for customization.

Stylex: Still Screen

Still Screen, designed by Fig40, offers the functionality of a traditional panel system with an extra touch of tailored elegance, providing privacy and separation in open plan environments. The collection is as much an interior element as a thoughtful intervention, increasing productivity by removing visual distractions and creating partially- to fully-enclosed spaces. It also can direct traffic flow and help reduce noise, as well as enforce greater social distancing. Endlessly flexible, Still is designed to address the evolving needs of the office, hospitality, education, and healthcare environment. Still panels come in a variety of widths and heights, with options to stand solo or in layers to achieve a desired look and different levels of privacy. Integrated power supports audio-visual conferencing and touchdown work. Upholstery options allow for further customization, with options ranging from refined woven textiles to bleach-cleanable fabrics for high-contact areas. Still is BIFMA- and LEVEL-certified.

>Tarkett (3–380)

Tarkett: Fabricate

Fabricate is Tarkett’s new commercial carpet developed in partnership with menswear designer Jhane Barnes. Barnes developed Fabricate to effectively hide soil and coordinate easily with other flooring selections in the space. Using an innovative design technique she developed and Tarkett patented, Barnes flipped and rotated a series of tiny repeating modules, creating an almost-solid visual. Each six-foot repeat includes more than a thousand rotating motifs, making the overall pattern impossible to find. To complete the design, Barnes created a palette of today’s most dependable neutrals, plus some bright pops of color. The Fabricate pattern and color palette were designed to complement Barnes’ other products in the Tarkett portfolio, especially the Blockade and Soundblock series, which use the same color names for easy pairings. Fabricate is available in Powerbond®, the industry’s only hybrid resilient that is completely impermeable to moisture, wall-to-wall.

Tarkett: Vellum
Tarkett: Bindery

Tarkett has also launched two new modular carpet designs – Vellum and Bindery. Through crisp pattern detail, color contrast and lustre variation, these complementary patterns draw on the rich tradition of book binding and impart the handcrafted patinas of early papermaking, enabling architects and designers to craft a story through interior spaces. Vellum and Bindery marry geometric and organic themes with clear and crisp color separations by using the same eight gentle colorways across the two colorways. A hand-drawn feel carries through both patterns, with linear striations coming and going in the background. The styles are bold and refined, yet their abstract nature warms commercial interiors with a soft elegance. Vellum and Bindery offer the highest total appearance retention rating (TAR) in the industry – making them the perfect blend of value, performance, and style.

>Tuohy Furniture (3–123)

Tuohy: Pleat-Trumpet
Tuohy: Pleat, Wire

The Pleat Collection is an array of seating pieces based on an organic, molded seat form that is ergonomic, adaptable, affordable and brilliantly detailed. The design is well suited to a wide range of interiors environments, from group conference and private office, to lobby and hospitality settings. It is offered with a wood leg base, a 4-star base with foot pads, a 5-star base with casters, a disk base, and a wire frame base. Pleat seating may be adjustable in height, with a low-profile swivel-tilt mechanism. It is also available with casters or foot pads for stationary use. The molded bucket shell is fully upholstered with the signature pleat detail at the center-back.

>Watson (3-341)

Watson: C9 Meeting Tables

C9 Meeting Tables work across the office without boundaries. Fusing function and beauty, the slender profile fits neatly into the modern aesthetic of today’s working spaces. Wherever teams gather, the fixed-height tables can handle seated, counter, and bar height worklife with plenty of power options.

Watson: C9System – New Screen and Light

  Watson will also introduce new updates to its popular C9 System. The C9 System now includes a new desk screen with steel sides for work tools. And the Neighborhood LED Light has aunched with a dimmable control switch.

Watson: C9 System + Olli Work Trolley

  Olli, the new C9 Work Trolley, seeks to establish a deep personal connection with the user. As the work companion and home to belongings, Olli brings rich functionality to personal storage. A steel work tray lifts up and out to reach the desk surface in one fluid motion. And Olli’s full of useful surprises just waiting to be discovered, like the hidden tray box or the handy bag hook.

Watson: Tia Meeting Table

TIA Meeting Tables also have new top shapes, designed for the changing organization – one that is not hierarchical, but flat and where work style becomes a shape-based choice. Height-adjustable, the expertly crafted steel lifting columns balance beauty and strength. Tia is available in rectangle, boat, super ellipse and riverstone shapes.