Best of NeoCon 2017 – Part 2 – Seating and Healthcare

Seating Category Winners

Seating: Barstools

-GOLD: Tia Barstools by Gunlocke: Designed by David Mocarski, Gunlocke’s new Tia seating collection explores and celebrates elegant simplicity and the heart and soul of traditional woodcraft. Tia is driven by profile, silhouette and proportion. Its wooden frame embraces and cradles the continuous seat. Pitch and tapered legs bring a subtle elegance. Gunlocke also won a Gold Award in the Seating: Guest category for the Tia Guest chair.

Seating, Barstools: GOLD: Gunlocke – Tia Barstool

-SILVER: Smart Barstool by Andreu World: The Smart barstool is balanced in its form, ergonomic and possesses strength and lightness that makes it an ideal solution for all types of installations. It is made of solid beech wood and with oak or upholstered seat.

Seating, Barstools: SILVER: Andreu-World – Smart Barstool

>Seating: Benches

-GOLD: Weda by Davis Furniture: Weda is an elegant solid wood bench collection by Daniel Wehrli. It is distinctly linear with gentle angles which slope together with old-world craftsmanship at every joint. The upholstery is precise and geometric with a soft cushioned seat and backrest.

Seating, Benches: GOLD: Davis – Weda

-SILVER: Catia by Bernhardt Design: The Catia bench incorporates a sleek, yet substantial cushion, which creates a streamlined silhouette. Light and airy in appearance, the bench features an elliptical fin base combined with a gently curved top. The upholstered seat is accented with a welt around the perimeter and a saddle stitch through the center of the seat on leather and non-railroaded fabrics. The seat is seamless when fabrics are railroaded. Catia can be selected with a frame in solid American walnut or solid American maple and is available in any fabric or leather from Bernhardt Textiles or the customer’s own material.

Seating, Benches: SILVER: Bernhardt Design – Catia

>Seating: Conference

-GOLD: F4 by Stylex: The F4 chair by Fig 40 (consisting of the team of Terry Woodside and Lee Fletcher) offers intuitive conference seating in a harmonious design. Beneath its seat is a curved, upside down aluminum arch that effectively supports the seat while establishing a clean, airy feeling that still offers real movement. It was also engineered to greatly reduce its raw material footprint.

Seating, Conference: GOLD: Stylex – F4

-SILVER: Rapt by The Senator Group: Rapt is a range of executive and conference seating designed in partnership with Jonathan Prestwich. Rapt has a bold, minimalist form. Reflective of status, it creates a prestigious presence in a room. The chair is available as a high-back or mid-back with a 4 and 5 star polished aluminum base, with swivel and return mechanisms.

Seating, Conference: SILVER: Senator – Rapt

>Seating: Ergonomic Desk/Task

-GOLD: Taper Chair by Herman Miller: Taper Chair from Geiger offers both comfort and performance. The complex contouring of its upholstered backrest strategically focuses support in areas important for musculoskeletal balance, while the natural motion of the tilt and internal suspension of the seat work together to provide immediate and lasting comfort.

Seating, Ergonomic Desk/Task: GOLD: Geiger – Taper Chair

-SILVER: VINTAGEis5 by Interstuhl: VINTAGEis5, featuring stitched fluting and fine punched leather, is “engineered for excellence.” It received the German Design Award “Winner 2017” for design excellence.

Seating, Ergonomic DeskTask: SILVER: Interstuhl – Vintage is 5

>Seating: Guest

-GOLD: Tia Guest by Gunlocke: See description of the Tia seating collection in Seating: Barstools, above.

Seating, Guest: GOLD: Gunlocke – Tia Guest

-SILVER: Saint Tropez by Calligaris: Saint Tropez, distinguished by the ‘quilting’ decoration on is shell, offers soft shapes and generous dimensions. The polycarbonate shell is available in four transparent tones and four matte colors, and is mounted on either a base with four legs in metal or wood, or on an aluminum base with four or five casters. The four-leg version is stackable.

Seating, Guest: SILVER: Calligaris – Saint Tropez

-INNOVATION: Katachi High Back Lounge Chair by JANUS et Cie: Katachi High Back Lounge Chair is inspired by classic Japanese design concepts, which lead to the piece’s signature curves. The sculptural seating features an aluminum frame with a proprietary architectural grade finish and four new, variegated synthetic fiber hues.

Seating, Guest: Innovation: JANUS et Cie – Katachi High Back Lounge Chair

-EDITORS’ CHOICE: Calia by Gunlocke: The Calia chair is a high design, solid wood guest option for both contract and residential markets. It is offered in Gunlocke’s wide variety of standard finishes with either single or dual upholstery.

Seating, Guest: Editor’s Choice: Gunlocke – Calia chair

>Seating: Sofas & Lounge

-GOLD: Capri Lounge by Andreu World: Capri is a new lounge chair focused on comfort and a high-end aesthetic. It aims to conveys solidity, stability and harmony from an essential design. The piece’s upholstery, its most outstanding feature, can be customized from a large catalog of fabrics according to the specifications of each project.

Seating, Sofas and Lounge: GOLD: AndreuWorld – Capri Lounge



-SILVER: Mozaik by Allermuir: Mozaik is a new modular system of soft seating, storage and accessories designed by Mark Gabbertas. The range is made up of geometric pieces that progress in height to create a variety of landscapes. Its seating family is made up of three principal shapes: A small soft square stool and soft rectangular bench available in two heights, and a large low soft square stool. The upholstered units sit in a lightweight, powder coated steel frame, giving the impression that they are floating above the ground. The storage family includes a high level soft square unit and a low level soft rectangular unit.

Seating, Sofas and Lounge: SILVER: Allermuir – Mozaik

>Seating: Stacking

-GOLD: Reed by Davis Furniture: Reed by Jehs+Laub is a practical and sturdy multi-use chair with a striking silhouette. Made of solid wood and plastic, it combines natural materiality and clean design. It is offered in an array of harmonious colors and finishes to fit any interior.

Seating, Stacking: GOLD: Davis Furniture – Reed

-SILVER: Lake by Andreu World: Lake’s apparent simplicity is the result of an exhaustive work on the value and timelessness of wood. It is a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic chairs developed from the work of cabinetmaking; a piece that combines lightness, constructive quality and durability. Its backrest is specially designed to provide ergonomics from a minimal gesture: with only three bands of wood offering comfortable support. The plywood seat evokes classic Scandinavian designs, essential and clean. The upholstered seat provides both comfort and a sophisticated appearance.

Seating, Stacking: SILVER: AndreuWorld – Lake


Healthcare Category Winners

>Healthcare Fabrics & Textiles

-GOLD: Biophilia Collection by Designtex: The Biophilia Collection features nine coated and woven upholstery textile designs that employ colors, shapes, patterns, textures and algorithms that utilize biophilic principles and engage the user though connections to nature. Specific biophilic principles utilized include biomorphic forms and patterns, visual connection to nature, and complexity and order. A careful study of patterns found in nature inspires the density, arrangement, and variations seen in each design.

Healthcare, Fabrics: GOLD: Designtex – Biophilia

-SILVER: Renewal Collection by Mayer Fabrics: Designed by Kimberle Frost, the Renewal Collection features a new twist on recycled solution-dyed nylon performance fabrics. All woven with 100% recycled solution-dyed nylon and milled in America, its six patterns reflect Ms. Frost’s talent for creating textural effects through the use of color and weave: Lotus, an organic pattern layered with subtle weave effects; Rejuvenate, a modern leaf-and-vine embedded ottoman; Suna, referencing ornamental exploration with its vector like illustration; Sutra, a geometric grid of classic weaves that emerge as elements of faille, twill and crepe in a large-scale check; Vipassana, featuring a grand ornamental floral design with an ombre effect; and Zazen, an exquisite interpretation of a double ikat in a large yet useable scale.

Healthcare, Fabrics: SILVER: Mayer – Renewal Collection

-SILVER: Genie Copper Mesh by Via Seating: Genie Copper Mesh is a copper, antimicrobial, mesh back 24/7 task and conference chair specifically designed for clinical areas. In designing the chair, via used Cupron® technology to infuse it with antimicrobial benefits; Cupron® technology is EPA registered and provides an antimicrobial barrier while inhibiting the growth of a broad spectrum of microorganisms. This technology is based on environmentally friendly, recycled, non-soluble, and natural mineral copper.

Healthcare, Fabrics: SILVER: viaSeating – Genie Copper Mesh

>Healthcare Flooring

-SILVER: Ensemble Healthcare Collection by Tarkett: Ensemble Healthcare Collection offers coordinating product formats across hard and soft surfaces, from carpet tile to homogeneous sheet vinyl. The colors and patterns were designed to work in concert for today’s connected, humanizing healthcare spaces.

Healthcare,Flooring: SILVER: Tarkett – Ensemble Healthcare Collection

>Healthcare Guest/Lounge Seating

-GOLD: Surround by Steelcase Health: Surround Collection is a one-seat, two-seat, and a three-seat sleeper application. It supports the family, friend, and patient experience by offering a place to spend time with one another, rest and relax, be productive, host other guests and communicate with clinicians.

Healthcare, Guest Lounge Seating: GOLD: SteelcaseHealth – Surround

-SILVER: Valayo Collection by Integra Seating: Valayo offers a combination of striking design with superior strength and comfort. Chairs have both wall-saver and clean-out design elements with replaceable or recoverable components. All units have a 2000 lb. static capacity and a 1000 lb. drop capacity. Three chair widths and three bench sizes comfortably accommodate all users and are available with arms or armless. The collection includes coordinating tables with a durable wood top option or solid surface tops.

Healthcare, Guest Lounge Seating: SILVER: Integra Seating – Valayo Collection

>Healthcare Patient Seating

-SILVER: Hug by OFS Brands: Hug’s authentic design embraces the idea that beauty is in the details. Soft beveled upholstery details blend with chamfered wood elements to create a feeling that is crafted and modern, while providing support and comfort to patients and their guests along the way.

Healthcare, Patient Seating: SILVER: OFS Brands – Hug