Best of NeoCon 2017 – Part 4: Lighting, Technology, and Accessories

Lighting, Technology, and Accessories Category Winners

>Lighting: Decorative

-GOLD: Linear Wood LED Lighting by West Elm Workspace with Inscape: With sleek silhouettes, Linear Wood is an integrated LED lighting collection featuring wood and brass components. It includes a pendant, task lamp and floor lamp.

Decorative Lighting: GOLD: West Elm Workspace with Inscape – Linear Wood LED Lighting

-SILVER: PipeLight by Barbican: The PipeLight System is a high efficiency, modular LED lighting system. Horizontal and vertical components are available in one-foot increments up to 10 feet, and can connect to one another to provide long uninterrupted runs. Curves and corners allow for creative and dramatic displays that dip under ceiling infrastructure, run parallel to existing piping or change direction from ceiling to wall to floor mounting. Each PipeLight component offers seamless construction, reducing light leak effects, and lit from end to end using a 6-sided internal board and heat sink system to produce an even, ethereal glow.

Decorative Lighting: SILVER: Barbican – PipeLight

>Lighting: Task/Desktop, Furniture-Integrated

-GOLD: Splitty Desk Lamp by Koncept: Splitty Desk Lamp gets its name from its joint design, which makes this lamp one of the most flexible lights in the Koncept collection. When illuminated, the wide LED head casts an even glow thanks to the fully diffused light panel. It performs as a radiant ambient light as well as a functional task light. A small, indented button near the joint on the LED head turns the lamp on and off or dims the brightness with just a touch. Concealed by the base joint is a USB port to power any USB-compatible device. An optional occupancy sensor is available.

Task/Desktop Lighting:GOLD: Koncept – Splitty Desk Lamp

-SILVER: Infinity by Humanscale: The Infinity LED task light embodies performance, beauty and superb user experience in a sleek design. Illuminated indicator lights appear when the user approaches, and after selecting preferred brightness out of nine available levels, the indicator lights disappear to reduce visual clutter. Constant torque ā€˜forever hingesā€™ allow for seamless adjustment, so the user can position the light to suit personal ergonomic preference. Cables are hidden from view and run internally throughout the length of the precision machined aluminum arm.

Task/Desktop Lighting: SILVER ;
Humanscale – InfinityTaskLight

>Office Accessories

-GOLD: HOVR by Active Ideas: HOVR was developed with the support and validation from the Mayo Clinic and the University of Illinois at Chicago to incorporate NEATā„¢ (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). It introduces physical movement into the workplace without reducing productivity as the user engages in multi-directional leg movement while sitting. Two models are available ā€“ one that attaches to the underside of the desk and one with an independent stand. It also has activity tracking capabilities to monitor calorie expenditure via Bluetooth.

Office Accessories:GOLD: Active Ideas – HOVR

-SILVER: Zones Easels, Storage Carts, Food Trolley and Accessories by Teknion: The Zones furniture collection is expanding to offer new products that promote new planning paradigms. The enhancements include freestanding screens, soft seating, casual tables, new worksurfaces and lighting that allow users to create more casual settings. New accessories include Tech Easels, Coatcheck easels, desk-edge screens, collaborative storage and food trolleys that integrate well with existing Teknion systems. The enhancements help designers add warm, soft, residential elements to the workspace.

Office Accessories: SILVER: Teknion – Zones Easels, Storage Carts, FoodTrolley and Accessories

>Plumbing Fixtures

-GOLD: Verge with WashBar Technology by Bradley Corp.: Verge with WashBar Technology is a completely touchless all-in-one hand washing system. The unit integrates the Verge basin along with the WashBar, a chrome-plated stainless steel fixture that houses soap, water and dryer in a single component. LED lighting and icons help orient the user. Engineered to balance airflow and noise for a better user experience, the dryer and bowl were designed to work together to ensure that water stays in the basin without splashing onto the floor or walls. The Verge basin is made with Bradleyā€™s Evero Natural Quartz, a resilient natural composite material thatā€™s easily molded into seamless shapes. Its non-porous surface does not support microbial growth and is easy to clean.

Plumbing: GOLD: Bradley Corp. – Verge with WashBar Technology

>Signage & Wayfinding

-SILVER: Applaud by Takeform: Applaud is a flexible display system designed for recognizing individuals important to an organization, such as honorees, members and donors.

Signage: SILVE: Takeform – Applaud

>Software for Specifications

-GOLD: Visual Interactive Studio by Mohawk Group: VIS provides 2D floor perspectives, 3D room scenes, and high resolution renderings of a designer’s flooring creation, culminating in a fully immersive virtual experience.

Software: GOLD: Mohawk Group – Visual Interactive Studio

-SILVER: Snowsound Analysis Software by Snowsound USA: Snowsound Acoustic Analysis Software is a proprietary acoustic simulation tool designed to help architects and designers specify and present accurate acoustic solutions and recommendations to their clients.

Software: SILVER : Snowsound – Analysis Software

>Technology-Integrated Solutions

-GOLD: Falcon Low Voltage Power and Lighting by Falcon: Falconā€™s Caruso Acoustic Panels combine with Nextek Power Systemsā€™ technology to deliver both acoustical solutions and fully integrated low-voltage LED lighting and controls. Falconā€™s ceiling hung, wall mounted and free standing solutions maximize the acoustics of any space and feature an open cell foam with a 3-dimensional structure that allows sound waves to dissipate within the material. Nextekā€™s LED lighting creates ambient light that enhances visual appeal and is inexpensive, safe and easy to install.

Technology Integrated: GOLD: Falcon -Low Voltage Power and Lighting

-SILVER: Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex: Casperā„¢ Cloaking Technology is an architectural film for glass that obscures digital screens to outside view. It acts as a smart shield to ensure data privacy, while providing visual transparency in the built environment. The Casper product offering also includes a suite of graphic patterns that provide an additional layer of subtle visual privacy. The cloaking technology can either be used on its own or combined with a Casper Graphic layer.

Technology Integrated: SILVER & INNOVATION: Designtex – Casper Cloaking Technology

-INNOVATION: Casper Cloaking Technology by Designtex: See above.

-INNOVATION: Networked Locking System by Gantner Technologies: This is said to be the marketā€™s most powerful electronic locking solution for employee lockers in flexible office environments such as activity-based-workspace, hoteling, benching or hot-desking. Rather than requiring mechanical keys or combinations, the system uses pre-existing employee-id cards, mobile phone or wearables as locker keys. It includes web-based locker management software.

Technology Integrated: INNOVATION: Gantner Technologies – Networked Locking System

>Technology Support

-SILVER: Arc by SBFI North America: ARC is a new monitor support arm for single or twin screen applications. It allows precise monitor positioning and can be tailored for any weight between two kg and 10 kg simply by turning the adjuster. Every adjustment and attachment is intuitive and entirely tool-free.

Technology Support: SILVER: SBFI North America – Arc

>Workplace Technologies

-SILVER: SnapCab Pod by SnapCab featuring CorningĀ® GorillaĀ® Glass: SnapCab Pod S (1-2 people), Pod M (2-4 people), and Pod L (4-6 people) deliver quiet, private spaces for phone calls, video conferencing, meetings, focus time and more. These units are designed for assembly within 90 minutes and offer a short lead time for building out or converting vast spaces in tight time frames. Electrical and ventilation components come assembled for a simple plug-and-play installation.

Workplace Technologies: SILVER: Corning – SnapCab Pod